Stop Slaughter, not Jallikattu sport – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Jallikattu ban

Stop Slaughter, not Jallikattu sport – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Jallikattu ban..

Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev of Isha Foundation slammed pseudo secular people, who are fighting to get Jallikattu banned. Sadhguru says, country has already lost various aspects, which portray its cultural richness and heritage.

Jallikattu was a sport, in which Indian Bulls are groomed to participate. Young Tamilians, who participate are dynamic, agile and preparing for Jallikattu keeps them away from Alcohol and other bad habits.

Sadhguru dares pseudo secular’s, who want Jallikattu to be banned to let know 1 instance, where a bull is killed. Forget being killed, even 1 instance where bull is injured. These secular sectors support cow and bull slaughter, which takes life out of animal and in case of cultural sport like Jallikattu. They get it banned citing cruelty. This is what could be the highest degree or level of double standards, one can ever show.

Check out the video here..

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  1. Sonu Negi says:

    dear great so called yogi, why dont you advise your agile, brave young tamilians to join the indian defense armies to display or test their valour and strenghth. he is really enlightened man with heaps of ignorance and false rationales. god knows how he got the sadguru.

  2. Sonu Negi says:

    what a great statement…. or is it? this is called double standard. Is harassing animals, that too the ones sacred to hindus, which is pure torturing, called a sport. shame to him who advocates this as a sport. it is worse than slaughtering. i feel ashamed that he calls himself a shiva devotee. first he dosent beleive in hindu rituals than on the contrary he does all pooja viddhis at his ashram. that is the reason why no real god believers are his followers. only the confused lot flock around him.