Somvar Vrat Katha, Story of Monday Vrat

Somvar vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Chandra deva. It is observed on Mondays to please Chandra Bhagavan (Moon God) in order get blessed with great mental health.

Here is the Somvar Vrat Katha, the story associated with this vrat…

The Somvar Vrat Katha is dedicated to the worship of Chandra Deva or the Moon. Once there lived a wealthy merchant who worshipped Lord Shiva religiously and observed fast on every Monday to have a son. One day when Lord Shiva and Parvati were in the temple, this merchant happened to pass by and overheard them speaking.

During which Lord Shiva said to Parvati that this merchant would have a son, but he would live only for 12 years. The merchant though was happy to have a son, was also worried about his short life span. He did not reveal this to anyone and behaved normally. He started observing the Monday fast with even more interest and worshiped Lord Shiva regularly.

By the age of eleven , his son grew up to be a handsome boy and the merchant’s wife started asking him to get the son married. However since the merchant knew about his son’s short life span, he avoided this and sent him to Kashi pilgrimage along with his brother in law. He asked them to distribute alms all along the way and arrange devotional gatherings and distribute clothes among the poor people.

On their way to Kashi, they halted at the capital of a king who was conducting his daughter’s marriage. The bridegrooms party was upset with the fact that he had only one eye and to avoid public embarrassment  they decided to replace him with a handsome young boy. Their eyes fell on the merchant’s son and they managed to convince the merchant’s maternal uncle to agree for this.

Thus the boy agreed for the temporary marriage. But after the ceremony he handed over a letter to the princess in which he described the events that had lead to the marriage. On seeing this, She refused to go along with the one eyed bridegroom and the marriage party returned without the bride.

After this they reached Kashi and continued performing the puja. The merchant’s son approached his last days and he felt severe pain in the chest and passed away. The merchant’s family was filled with grief and Lord Shiva and Parvati was overcome by compassion on seeing this that they had performed the vrat with so much devotion. Hence Lord Shiva decided to return his life.

Then the young boy along with his troop started their journey homeward and on their way back, they came to the capital city again.This time the King recognised the young boy and arranged for his daughter to be sent along with the boy with lots of wealth. The merchant and his wife were eagerly awaiting the return of their son. They were very happy to see him come along with a suitable wife.

This vrat katha is read every Monday while observing the Somvar Vrat.

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