Skandamata Navdurga, Dhyana Mantra & Spiritual importance

Skandamata is the fifth aspect of Navdurga Goddesses worshipped during Saran Navratri Durga pooja. Skanda mata puja 2014 date is April 4 & September 29.

Spiritual importance of Skanda mata Navadurga pooja:

Skanda mata is the fifth form of among nine tremendous aspects of Durga worshipped during Saran Navratra. On this day, Yogis and other dedicated devotees stay their mind in Vishuddha Chakra. Skanda Mata represents Visuddha Chakra. Skanda as a child in the lap of Skanda mata represents the devotees dedicated and concentrated state of mind. Vishuddha Chakra indicated that the Yogi is in calm and completely submerged in Shakti worship.

Sometimes, Skanda mata appears as seated on a lotus. Skandamata seated on lotus is called Padmasa Skanda mata.

Dhyana Mantra of Skanda mata Navdurga:

Simhasanagatha nityam padmashritha kara dwayaa
Shubhadaasthu sadaa devi Skandamaata yashaswini

The above Dhyana sloka or stotram is recited on the fifth day (Skandamata puja) in Durga Navrati pooja. Chanting the stotra of Skanda mata on Lalitha Panchami or Upang Lalita Pancham makes the devotee free from all his sorrows and keeps him happy forever.

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  1. Skandamata is worshipped on the sixth day of navrathri and not the fifth day, isnt it?

  2. Not exactly… this year due to tithis (Hindu calendar), She is worshipped on Maha Sashti…. every year Skandamata is worshipped on Panchami or the fifth day of Navratri….

    ।। देवीसहस्त्रनामावलिः ।।

    1. ऊँ महाविद्यायै नमः ।
    2. ऊँ जगन्मात्रे नमः ।
    3. ऊँ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः ।
    4. ऊँ शिवप्रियायै नमः ।

  4. mantras and stotras for devi skanda mata in hindi

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