Shravana Masa Vrata | Sawan maas Vrat | Rituals & Pujas to perform in Sawan month

As the Shravan maas vrat is the most auspicious vrata to observe. Shravan maas is the best time to worship, praise, please Lord Vishnu and as well as Lord Shiva. Pujas and other procedures of pleasing God in Shravan month work better than any other month.

To observe the Shravan maas vrat, there is no hard and fast rule or code to follow. But there are some niyama or rules that followed by most of the devotees during the vratam.

Rituals and Customs during Shravan month or Shravana masa Vrata Niayama – Rules and Codes of Shravan Masa Vratam:

1. Follow Eka Bhukta Bhojan (Taking meal for single time in a day) or Naktha Vratam (keeping fast during day time and taking Prasad or fruits or light meal at night). Eka Bhukta Bhojan or Nakhta Vratam is highly meritorious.

2. Performing special pujas to please Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva is fruitful. Performing Abhishek to Lord Vishnu and Shiva is most fruitful during Shravana masam.

3. Avoid taking non-vegetarian food.

4. Observe maun-vrat if possible. Chant stotras of Vishnu and Shiva all the time.

5. Observe Sawan Somvar Vrat or Shravan Somvar Vrata during Mondays in Shravan month. Worship Lord Shiva and observe fasting during Shrvan Somvar Vratam.

6. Observe Shravan Mangalvar vrat or Sawan Mangalvar Vrata during Tuesdays in Shravan month. Worship Goddess Gauri or Parvati during Shravan Mangalvar Vratam.

7. Observe Sawan Sukravar Vrat or Shravana Shukravara Vratam (Vara Lakshmi Vratam) during Fridays in Shravan month. Worship Goddess Lakshmi or Vara Laxmi during Shravan Shukravar Vratam.

Apart from the above popular Vrat and Pujas, there is a list of some not so popular Vrat to be to performed in Shravan Month such as Ardhashravnik Vrat, Avyang Saptami, Ashoonyashayan Dwitiya, Dadhi Vrat, Dashaphal Vrat, Durga Vrat, Ayudh Vrat, Nanda Vrat, Rudra Lakshavarti Vrat, Rohini Dwadashi, Bilvalaksh Vrat, Panchamaha Papanashan Dwadashi, Papanashini Saptami, Putraprapti Vrat, Pushpashtami, Ananga Pavitraropan, etc,.

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