Shiva Manasa Puja MP3 Download, Shiva Manasa Pooja Free MP3 Audio Download

Shiva Manasa Puja MP3 audio download is here for free. Shiva Manasa Pooja, a prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a unique stotra compiled by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

It is believed that Shiva manasa pooja is performed by devotees who offer their mind and heart to Lord Shiva. It is one of the important stotras or prayers chanted during Shivaratri Puja.

Shiva Manasa Pooja is in the form of a prayer by a devotee who imagines in his mind all the offerings and rituals prescribed in a pooja and offers them to lord Shiva with faith and devotion.

Shiva Manasa Puja is an eye opener to those who are fanatic about rituals as it clearly shows that faith and intentions are more important!

Here you can download Shiva Manasa Puja MP3 Audio for free

Watch Shiva Manasa Puja video on  YouTube Hindupad Channel is looking for the official website or the official link to download it. Once we get it, we’ll publish it here.

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