Shikhar Shinganapur Chaitra Purnima Utsav, Chaitra Poornima Mela in Shambhu Mahadev Temple

Chaitra Utsav or Chaitra Purnima Utsav, also known as Shambhu Mahadev Chaitra Mela, is one of the major temple festivals held at Shikhar Shinganapur Shambhu Mahadev Temple in Satara district of Maharashtra. Chaitra Mela is held during Chaitra Purnima, the Full Moon day in Chaitra month as per Marathi panchang. In 2013, Chaitra Purnima date is April 25.

This temple is one of the ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per the historical data, Shivaji Maharaj used to visit the temple frequently.

Shikhar Shinganapur Shambhu Mahadev Chaitra Purnima Mela attracts thousands of devotees from all over Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. While returning from the Mela, all most all the devotees visit Tuljapur Tulja Bhavani Temple.

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