Shani, Ketu Conjunction in various houses | Saturn, Ketu in Same house

Shani Ketu Conjunction in various houses, Saturn Ketu in same house, effects of Shani Ketu conjunction in various houses are explained here.

During this combination, both planets will be benefic and Saturn will decide the fate of the native during mid life. When either of the planets are malefic, Ketu will be twice malefic. The native will have good progeny. Whenever any third planet joins them, the effect of all three will get afflicted.

Effect of Saturn Ketu Conjunction in 6th house

The native will have a long life till 70 and both planets will give good results.

Effect of Saturn Ketu Conjunction in 8th house

This combination will be extremely beneficial and the native will be kind hearted and will be protected from death.

Effect of Saturn Ketu Conjunction in 9th house

Both planets will give excellent benefic results and the native will have a large family and royal wealth and good progeny.

Effect of Saturn Ketu Conjunction in remaining houses (1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house, 4th house, 5th house, 7th house, 10th house, 11th house & 11th house)

In these houses, both Saturn and Ketu will give their own results as per their respective disposition.

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  1. Micky says:

    My name is Anirudh dob is 27th Jan 1985 , 4:40 pm dehradun .many pandits have told me few good things after going through my jana patri but it didn’t happened , even me dreams got thrashed , my bank account is nil and I’m unemployed , making short will I be able to resettle abroad ? Plz do answer.

  2. jagadeesh says:

    mine is mesha rashi, kumbha lagna, lagnadhipati is shani. in birth chart shani is in tula rashi (exalted) is with ketu. what are the effect of this? is he yogakaaraka?