Sashti Viratham March 2012, Sashti Fasting dates in March 2012

Sashti Viratham or Sashti fasting is an auspicious vratham dedicated to Lord Muruga, who is also known as Subramanya, Kumara swamy, Shanmuga, or Skanda. In March 2012, sashti dates are: March 14 & March 28. 28 March 2012 is known as Sashti Viratham and 14 March is just Sashti thithi on which some devotees observe fasting.

Normal Shashti tithi & Shashti Viratham fasting in March 2012 fall in Panguni masam. The Sashti tithi which falls in April 2012 is the last and final one in Khara Tamil year (2011–2012). And Shashti Viratham of March 2012 is the last one in Khara Year.

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