Sankashti 2013, Sankashti Chaturthi 2013 dates, Sankatahara Ganesha Chaturthi 2013 Calendar

Here is the calendar of Sankashti 2013 dates or Sankashta Hara Chaturthi 2013 schedule. Sankashti Chaturthi is the most auspicious vrata dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Sankashti vrat is observed on Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in every Hindu month.

The list also includes the list of Angarika Sankashti Chaturthi dates in 2013. It also includes the Chandrodaya Time on Sankashti day in 2013 (Monthly Ganesh Chaturthi dates and Moonrise timings in 2013)

Sankashti Chaturthi in January 2013: 1 January, Tuesday- Angaraka Sankashta Hara Chaturthi (Angarak Chaturthi). Moonrise Timing: 9.20 PM.

Sankashti in January 2013: January 30, Wednesday. Moonrise Time: 9 PM.

Sankashti Chaturthi in February 2013: There is no Sankashta Hara Chaturthi in February 2013..

Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi in March 2013: March 1, Friday. Moonrise Time: 9.40 PM

Sankashti Vinayaka Chavithi in March 2013: March 30, Saturday. Moonrise Time: 9.30 PM

Sankashti Chaturthi in April 2013: 28 April, Sunday. Moonrise Timing: 9.25 PM

Monthly Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi in May 2013: 28 May, Tuesday (Angarika Chaturthi). Moonrise Time: 10.05 PM

Monthly Ganesh Chaturthi in June 2013: 26 June, Wednesday. Moonrise Time: 9.31 PM

Sankashtahara Chaturthi in July 2013: 25 July, Thursday. Moonrise Time: 8.55 PM

Sankatahara Chaturthi in August 2013: 24 August, Saturday. Chandrodaya Time: 9.00 PM

Monthly Vinayaka Chaturthi (Sankashti) in September 2013: 22 September, Sunday. Moonrise Time: 8.15 PM

Sankashti Chaturthi in October 2013: 22 October, Tuesday (Angarika Chaturthi). Moonrise Timings: 8.30 PM

Sankashti Chaturthi in November 2013: 21 November, Thursday. Moonrise Time: 8.45 PM

Sankashti Chaturthi in December 2013: 21 December, Saturday. Moonrise Time: 9.10 PM

Read the Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat katha or the story of Sankashtahara Chaturthi here. The importance of Sankashti Vrata is given here.

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  1. Sankashti 2013 Sankashti Chaturthi 2013 dates Sankatahara Ganesha Chaturthi 2013 Calendar « Hindupad

  2. Please post the sankashti chaturthi story which is to be read after the sankashti chaturthi vrat. Also explain the reason for doing the puja

  3. Can we perform the sankashti chaturthi fasting during periods. I do not do the puja on these days but i want to continue the fast , please advice

  4. Thank you for providing the sankashti chaturthi 2013 dates. Here in Australia, it is difficult to find a priest on most occasions and there are no temples nearby , so based on the dates provided we do the sankashti chaturthi vrat at home and recite the sankashti chaturthi story in the evening along with family.

  5. sankashti chaturthi puja is very good for the worship of lord ganesh and if you cannot do the sankashti chaturthi vrat at home, you can go to any ganesh temple on that day and do the worship of ganesh. If possible try to do fasting on sankashti chaturthi and listen to the sankashti chaturthi story and it will give full benefits of the puja

  6. Can you please provide the complete sankashti chaturthi vrat. i want to do fasting on sankashti chaturthi and i need the details for doing the vrat.


  8. Dear Sir/Madam

    kinndly remind me two days in advance as and when monthly sankataharachathurthi occurs

  9. Sankashti Chaturthi of July 2011 is not Angarika Chaturthi… It falls on Monday, 18 July 2011. It is considered as Sankashti when Chaturthi falls during afternoon..

  10. Please rectify the date for sankashti in July its 19 july 2011 instead of 18th July 2011…..also it is angarika chaturthi on that day

  11. After smashing the coconut, we need to keep it as naivedyam to God and need to distribute it among family members and other devotees..

  12. when doing coconut smashing at home, what are we to do with the coconuts after their smashed, and can we do this in our yard or in the house?

  13. Sir,
    What is the significance of sankashti & how to offer prayer on that day? Please enlighten me..
    Please remind me before 2 days.
    Thank you.