Samba Dashami 2016, Samba Dasami or Surya Puja in Orissa

Samba Dashami vrat, also known as Surya Puja, is observed on the 10th day in Shukla Paksha in Pausha month in Orissa.

In 2016, Samba Dashami date or Surya Puja date is January 19. This festival is dedicated to Surya Bhagwan, mainly observed in Orissa.

Legends or Samba Dasami vrat katha say that Samba, the son of Lord Sri Krishna, was affected by leprosy. He performed a severe penance for Surya Bhagwan and was cured. On this day, mothers perform Surya Puja to please Surya Bhagawan and to keep their children healthy.

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