Rohini Vrat 2017 | Rohini Vrat Upvaas

Rohini Vrat is an auspicious Vrat in Jain community. Rohini Vrat is observed on Rihini Nakshatra in each month. Rohini is the fourth Nakshatra among 12 Nakshatras as per Hindu astrology and Jain calendar.

Benefits of observing of Rohini Vrat

It is mainly observed by women for the good health and long life of their husbands.

Those who observe Rohini Vrat will get rid of poverty and live their rest of life with wealth and prosperity.

It is also believed that those who perform Rohini Vrat will get marital bliss and lead happy family life.

Rohini Vrat Vidhi & Rohini Vrat Udyapana

Rohini Vrat is observed during Rohini Nakshatra and Parana during Mrigashira Nakshatra. It is observed continuously for three or five or seven years. Most commonly devotees observe it for 5 years 5 months.

Udyapana is performed after 5 years and 5 months of Rohini Vrat.

Rohini Vrat 2017 dates..

10 January 2016 – Rohini Vrat  (Tuesday)

6 February 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Monday)

5 March2016 – Rohini Vrat (Sunday)

1 April2016 – Rohini Vrat (Saturday)

29 April 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Saturday)

26 May 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Friday)

23 June 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Friday)

20 July 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Thursday)

16 August 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Wednesday)

12 September 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Tuesday)

10 October 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Tuesday)

6 November 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Monday)

3 December 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Sunday)

31 December 2016 – Rohini Vrat (Sunday)

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