Rashi and Nakshatra, Which Nakshatra belongs to which Rashi

Rashi or Zodiac sign (Moon sign) of the native is categorized based on the Nakshatram or Janm Nakshatra of the native. Every Nakshatra has 4 padas. Some Nakshatras are partly categorized under two different Rashis.

Some Hindu Astrology concepts calculate a native’s Rashi based on his date of birth whereas other calculate based on the Janm Nakshatra of the native.

Here is a list or table of Nakshatra and Rashi and Nakshatra which belong to its corresponding Rashi:

  1. Mesha Rashi or Aries Moon sign:   Ashwani Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatram, Krittika Nakshatra 1st pada
  2. Vrishabha Rashi or Taurus Moon sign: Krittika Nakshatra 2, 3, and 4th padas, Rohini Nakshatram, Mrigasira Nakshatra 1, 2 padas
  3. Mithuna Rashi or Gemini Moon sign: Mrigasira Nakshatra 3, 4 padas, Arudra Nakshatram, Punarvasu Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 padas
  4. Karkataka Rashi or Cancer Moon sign: Punarvasu Nakshatra 4th pada, Pushyami Nakshatra, Aslesha Nakshatram 1,2,3,4 Padas
  5. Simha Rashi or Leo Moon sign: Magha Nakshatra, Pubba Nakshatram or Purva Falguni Nakshatra, Uttara Nakshatra 1st pada
  6. Kanya Rashi or Virgo Moon sign: Uttara or Uttara Falguni Nakshatra 2, 3, 4 padas, Hastha Nakshatram, Chittha Nakshatra 1, 2 padas
  7. Tula Rashi or Libra Moon sign: Chittha Nakshatra or Chitra Nakshatra 3, 4 padas, Swathi Nakshatram, Visakha Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 padas
  8. Vrischika or Scorpio Moon sign: Visakha Nakshatra 4th pada, Anuradha Nakshatra, Jyeshta Nakshatram 1, 2, 3 padas
  9. Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius Moon sign: Moola Nakshatra, Purvashada Nakshatram, Uttarashada Nakshatra 1st pada
  10. Makara Rashi or CapricornMoon sign: Uttarashada Nakshatram 2, 3, 4 padas, Shravana Nakshatra, Dhanishta Nakshatram 1, 2 padas
  11. Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius Moon sign: Dhanishta Nakshatram 3, 4 padas, Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Purvabhadra Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 Padas
  12. Meena Rashi or Pisces Moon sign: Purvabhadra Nakshatra 4th pada, Uttarabhadra Nakshatram, Revati Nakshatra

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  1. Date of Birth :27-12-1978
    Time Morning Between :9 to 9:30
    Which Nakshatra belongs to which Rashi


  3. Name : Vijayalakshmi

    Date of Birth : 28-08-86

    Birth Time : Afternoon 1:28

    Nakshathra : Rohini

    Rasi : Vrushabha / Taurus

    Which god I pray to and where

  4. I want know my rashi and nakshathra.
    Date of Birth: 22-03-1976
    Time 7.30 AM

  5. how is the future of my daughter dob 28/3/1995 ,how will she study?

  6. Dear sir,

    i am working in construction feild and date oof birth is 13.09.1971 time 05.45 am
    Midhuna rasi,Arudra Nakstarm.
    i want to take a plot.which direction is the best according to my aarudra naksatram.
    And my daughter born on 27.12.2004 at 10.15am how she will study and how their life prosper.pl reply

  7. DOB: 3-10-1977 ,birth time 2.45 am, I would like to know what is the suitable name for this date of birth as my name is not matching with my DOB.

  8. my name is prema my DOB 07.06.1982 10.05 pm ,moola nakstaram, makara lagnam, i want to marry a guy who is rishab rashi rohini nakstaram , please suggest about marriage life

  9. My name is roopashree DOB 12/11/1985 2:20PM ,THULA RASHI and vishaka nakshtra .I want to marry a guy who DOB is 29/3/1981 Dhanssu rashi and purvashada nakshtra .Is tat marriage is preferable or not.Please replay for my meaasge

  10. My name is roopashree DOB 12/11/1985 2:20PM ,THULA RASHI and vishaka nakshtra .I want to marry a guy who DOB is 29/3/1981 timing is 10:10 am Dhanssu rashi and purvashada nakshtra .Is tat marriage is preferable or not.Please replay for my meaasge

  11. goutham . DOB 14-10-1987. makararasi. arudra nakshatram. when i will get promotion

  12. DOB: 22-10-1973.Puram 3rd padam shima rasi,please tell me about my carrier ,i will get promossion ,get good name in the company ,

    born at 6.45 pm monday 1973

  13. my date of birth date 14 april 1985 12.45 pm in night.pls tell me my future when i get govt job plssssssssssss

  14. 1/11/1981, Vrischika Rashi,10:30pm, which nakshatra for this raashi??

  15. i would like to the rasi & natchatirum for the below :

    D.O.B : 3 APRIL 1971
    TIME : 5.09 A.M.
    Country : MALAYSIA

  16. my DOB 3 April 10.00Am pl tell me my future from wen in my life happy days ll start.

  17. please suggest gem stone for utthara nakshathra,shathabhisha nakshathra and ashwini nakshathra.


  18. Name is Nagashree, date of dirth:26-09-1989 ,Time:8:47am i want to know rashi nakshatra and pada.

  19. time–8.45 AM

    gender : Male

    DOB :22/11/11

    boy baby name list request

  20. my dob is 12/10/1966
    time is 11.17pm
    week day was wednesday
    i want to know my rasi & nakshtram along with the resp stotram

  21. Hai.. Myself tejaswini.. My dob is 25 april 1986.. Want to know my future n esply abu my job relatd..

  22. Till to date I dont have any issues (dob 31/03.1966, 8 years after marriage)……. reasons …….? pl ans……

    DOB 27.09.1959

  24. DOB- 4/3/1981
    Timing- 1:30pm
    My name is Shylaja.N and my husband Name is Venugopal there is a lot of misunderstanding between us

    Case is going on so further what happends idont no and we will be together in further or not.

    please reply

  25. Dear Sir,

    My Birth name is : Yashawanth & after changed as Sandeep.
    DOB : 26/10/1976




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  27. my birth date is 12-sep-1969 is i can continue in petrol bunk business

  28. my name is raj kumar my wife name shylaja. my wife name belongs to which rasi

  29. Hi sir,
    my name is Ravi kumar and my dob is 01/04/1988.please tell me about related my job that which type of job meet in my life gov. and private.i try many time in private job but some problem come in my life than i leave this job.after that i m try other job than i do very struggle for new job.pls tell me what i do.
    thank you

  30. Respected sir,
    My name is Gopal chattaraj and my Dob:13/05/1984; Birth time:2:15am.I want to know my rasi.

  31. i want my new born son rashi date 21-5-2012 time 4:57 pm

  32. dear sir my baby girl was born at 12.45 a.m date 14.06.2012 in tiruttani I want know rashi and suitable names

  33. Dear sir, My name is Gajanana and birth date is 17 august 1969 hastha nakshtra chaturta charana . I want to know time of birth. my birth place is chikmagalur ( karnataka )

  34. My DOB is 17-9-64 at Kolkata. Makar rashi, Uttarashada nakshatra. On 26-8-12 a fire broke out in my warehouse resulting in considerable loss. Can I overcome this unfavourable situation?

  35. born on 18th sep 2012 , mid night 11.47
    need nakshatra and rashi.
    for naming which letter should be starting . please suggest

  36. Hi,

    my name sunitha mine is makar rasai ,sarvan nakshtram
    Iam intrested to buy property shall i ill buy in this year 2012/2013 please tell me

  37. name likith kumar
    dob 14.9.1995 4.15 pm thursday
    belongs to which nakshatra and my rashi

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  139. mera beta paida huaa 18/03/2013 (15:45) me usaka kya nam rakhu aur usaki kya rashi kya nakshatra hain usaka kisamatr kaisa hain bhagya kaisa hain.

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  185. MY SON DATE OF BIRTH 26/11/2012 10.26 PM (NIGHT0
    please suggest which nakshrata & sutable name

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    Name: Ilavarasi.k
    D.O.B: 11-Oct-1987
    Time: 5 A.M
    Place: Egmore (Chennai)

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  267. time -8:37 pm

    gender : female

    DOB : 1/4/2013

    ple sent rashi or start name abcde etc,

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  297. baby born in april 4th 2013 which rashi is that

  298. marriage compatibility of two similar rashis and nakshatras

  299. which letter is good for makara rashi 2 charana

  300. rashi and nakshatra of the people who born on 3 march 2013 at mumbai

  301. my date of birth is 10 10 1971 what is my nakshatra

  302. female baby name in tamil for d o b 3 4 2013 10 00am

  303. which rashi i belong to for the date may 5th

  304. whom to pray for danishta nakshatra pada 2

  305. my dob is 1/8/1990 anuradha nakshtra may i know my raasi

  306. wich rasifal is good to marry to kanya rasi

  307. bet to buy plot or villa rohini nakshatra

  308. what is meaning of taurus rashi murgasira nakshatra

  309. what are the nakshatrams that come under the simha raasi

  310. according to telugu name of girl born on friday on 22-03-2013

  311. hindu baby names for girl born on 28 april 2013

  312. father horoscope when first baby boy is with magra avittam nakshatra

  313. My nakshaktra is rohini and i am born in october then that is my zodiac sun sign moon sign

  314. how can know malayalam rashi from my birthday

  315. mrigasira nakshatra mithuna rashi and chitra nakshatra tula rashi

  316. kanya rasi uttara nakshatra men in govt business

  317. which are the rashis which come under purvabadranakshatra

  318. anuradha rashi vishakha nakshatra with swati nakshatra tula rashi marriage

  319. tula rashi 2013 telugu which type of ring

  320. what is rashi and nakshatra on morning of 6-4-2013

  321. names starting with letter a falls under which telugu rasi

  322. what is the janma nakshatram for name sandeep according to sanskrit

  323. rasi number for hastham star guy for his two wheeler

  324. what is the birth rashi on 21 july 2013 as per gujarati calendar

  325. My Date 17.12.1986, Wednesday 4.35pm, raashi Mithuna raashi, arudha nakshathra , which god i should pray and wen i will get marry please tell me

  326. what is my nakshatra and rasi and gothra

  327. my baby girl birth date is 7th march 2013 n time is 4 25 am what will be here raashi ans what type of personality will she have

  328. Whats the nakshatra of people born in february according to telugu rashee?

  329. Scorpio rashi born on february 5 power full god

  330. what is the rasi and nakshatram of person born on 31st december 1992

  331. rashi of person born on 16th feb 1979

  332. how do i know exactly my babys rashi and nakshatra

  333. what is d nakashtra for baby girl born on 7th march 2013

  334. rashi of a boy born on march 23 at 5:48pm

  335. july 12 born babies belongs to which rasi

  336. astrology moola nakshatra dhanishta rashi birth year 1969

  337. swati nakshatra and tula rashi baby girl names

  338. Latest on makar lagna swati nakshtra mesha rashi

  339. problems for mesha raasi bharani nakshtra born in 1966

  340. parvathi name comes under which nakshatra and rasi

  341. 21 march 2013 boy birth rashi with name suggest

  342. i need to know my rashi and nakshatra according to telugu calendar

  343. telugu baby girl names for aarudra nakshatra 3rd padam

  344. i am mesha lagna and tula rashi chitra naxtra

  345. list of kanya rasi uttara nakshatra famous people

  346. tamil starting letter names for girl based on nakshatra and rasi

  347. what is rashi for today born baby at 10 15am

  348. for meenam and tula rashi parent what will be there baby rasi

  349. rashi based on date of birth and time

  350. thula rasi swathi nakshatra (girl)and thula rashi vaishakam nakshatra(boy) marriage compatibility

  351. nakshtra and pada by using using date of birth

  352. rashi for chitra nakshatra at 7 30 a m

  353. July 7 1985 time 8 25am whats d moon sign nd nakshyatra

  354. should we wear gemstone according to nakshatra or rashi

  355. moola nakshatra 4th pada belongs to which raasi

  356. Wat nakshatra and rashi comes under birth date 3rd april 1992

  357. how to find your rashi name as per telgu calender

  358. how to know date of birth vrishabha rashi mrigasira nakshatram padam 1

  359. rasi details for those born on 30th march 1988 at 10 15 am

  360. 7th september 1985 born male child nakshatra tithi in kannada

  361. wiich rasi do i belong according to telugu calendar

  362. which rashi i belong to according to telugu calendar

  363. how to know my padam & rasi & nakshathra with my date of birth and time with telugu calander

  364. chittha nakshatra kanya rasi which stone ring is suitable

  365. march 8th 1975 telugu calendar uttarashada nakshatram rasi

  366. Rasi of the person belong to month march

  367. what is my rashi according to telugu panchangam

  368. people born in june come under which raasi

  369. born on 15 may 1976 at 7 30 am which star and raasi

  370. september 2 born people belongs to which raasi in telugu

  371. telugu panchangam 2013 taurus horoscope krittika nakshatra nalugo padam

  372. my name is rohini what is my rashi

  373. Rashi ratna for makara rashi dhanista nakshatra pada 2

  374. need to know my rashi in telugu calender

  375. names starting from sha belongs to which nakshatra

  376. how do i find my nakshatra padam? nakshatra is hasta and my birth date is 04-01-2013

  377. my birthday is on 16 march 1971 and my rashi is tula

  378. types of names for vrishabha rashi mrigasira nakshatra

  379. ayurvedic gemstones with nakshatra and rashi from india

  380. can purvabhadra nakshatra girl marry sravana nakshtra boy

  381. what rasi for people born on 28 march 1991

  382. what are the rashi of different nakshatras chart

  383. june 1st 1990 is simha rasi uttara nakshatra or not

  384. rashi for date of birth 25-03-2013 at 4 10 AM

  385. My baby birth today how to find rashi?

  386. will moola nakshtram girl be lucky to dhanishta nakshtram boy

  387. boys name according dhanu r ashi 2nd pada

  388. born on 22 april will come under which raashi

  389. purva bhadrapada / puratathi meen rashi date of birth 1988

  390. on which letter name comes for baby boy born on 25-03-13

  391. what is the charcter of the boys born on 11/11/2002 and what is there rasi

  392. the rashi in 10th april 1978 at 9:30 a m

  393. show the rashi for which person was born on 13/04/1978

  394. vrishabha lagna kanya rashi chitra nakshatra 2013 horoscope

  395. Find nakshatram in telugu calander based on date of birth and time

  396. why karka rashiborn in ashlesha nakshatra is always suffering

  397. telugu calendar rasi and nakshatra based on date of birth

  398. on which year purathathi nakshatra and Kumba rasi falls

  399. gem s stone for pisces with adidra nakshthra mithuna rasi born on march 16th 1989 morning 6 am on thursday

  400. tulam lugna and mesha rasi born in 1969

  401. I was born on 1991 march 20 morning what is my zodiac signs in telugu

  402. Telugu baby boy names revati nakshatram in 1st padam

  403. list of nakshatra and rashi comes to it

  404. PDF name list of baby girl for dhanishta nakshatra

  405. pushya nakshatra dates between 10 october to 15 october in 1990

  406. baby rashi on 14 april 2013 at 3:30 a m

  407. aquarius sathabhisha nakshtrsm woman and capricon makara raasi shravana nakshayra 4 paadam man marriage compatability


  409. krittika nakshatra vrishabha rashi male and magha nakshatra simha rasi female compatibility

  410. rashi and nakshatra people born in month of December 11th 2013

  411. My name is Yatin my date of birth is 22-Sep-1993 what is my sunsign?

  412. revati nakshatra meena rashi match with purvabhadra dhanu rashi

  413. is west direction good for dhanishta nakshatra kumbha rasi male

  414. my star moola & dhanu rashi love marriage 2013

  415. moon sign scorpio nakshatra swati is it right?as per 25th july 1985 9:30 pm

  416. kataka rasi ayilyam nakshatra boy matching girls magara rasi uthradam nashatram

  417. if my birth nakshatra anuradha 4th padam then what is my marriage date

  418. child born on december30 come under what rasi in horiscope

  419. lucky time for people born on 27th dec 1978

  420. apr 5th born date belongs to which rashi

  421. Which nakshtram find for november 29th 1993 7 30am

  422. what an all nakshatra comes under simha rashi as per kannada calendar

  423. what are the nakshatras present in the saggitarius rasi

  424. revathi nakshathra pisces moonsign belongs to which rashi

  425. tamil rashi and natchathiram on june 4th 1992

  426. poorvashada nakshatra 3rd paadam which rashi and name should start with

  427. baby letters for kumba rasi and avittam nakshatra

  428. gujarati names for girls with makara rasi 3 va padam names

  429. what is the rashi of d o b 4/11/2000

  430. time calculator for the person born on 3rd of september with makam nkshathram

  431. shimma rasi magha nakshatra 3rd padam what gana rakshasa

  432. rashi of newborn baby boy on 15 april 2013

  433. Which nakshtram for find november 29th 1993 7 30am

  434. which rasi and nakshatra will suit simha rashi for marriage

  435. does uttharashada nakshatra 2nd padam male persons are jovial or not

  436. baby girl names vrishabha rashi krithika 2 pada

  437. how to know which malayalam rasi you belongs to

  438. mesga rasi belongs to which nakshathra in india

  439. tamil rasi for kid born on 2009 mar 23 5 53 am

  440. what is rashi and nakshatra for baby boy on 17th april 2010

  441. punarpoosam nakshatra boy names which door suits to live a house

  442. effects of lunar eclpise on tula rashi swati nakshatra

  443. dhanush rasi moola nakshatra 2 pada mithuna lagna

  444. in telugu calendars whch nakshatram in which month

  445. i want to know my rasi and nakshatra free in telugu

  446. raasie name for hindi baby i know date and time

  447. Girl born on april 5th with bharani nakshatra is she lucky to her husband

  448. person born on 29 october 1987 8:30 PM what will the nakshatra

  449. kumbha rasi dhanishta nakshatra and mesha lagna person

  450. 12-6-1983 morning 7 to 8 which rashi and nakshatr will come

  451. 12-06-1983 morning 7 to 8 which nakshatra and rashi will come

  452. find my rashi by birth date if I am in Malaysia

  453. chitta nakshatra and tula rashi which month has these in the year 1986

  454. names of swati nakshatra 4th padam (13 -9-2013)

  455. todays tithi rasi nakshatra in telugu time 2:45 pm

  456. which birth stone should kanya rashi utthra nakshtra people wear

  457. what is the tithi & nakshtra on 22nddecember 1984

  458. what will be rashi for newborn on august 29th 2013

  459. baby boy born on 13/04/2013 rashi and janamkundli

  460. March 21 /10 p m 1989 year i was born what my raasi telugu astrology

  461. 16/03/2013 my child boy birth and bharani star

  462. :what is the nakshatram and raasi on 5th october 1976

  463. 2013 astrology for rashi pisces nakshatra uttrabhadra rushabha lagna

  464. makara rasi dhanishta nakshatra comes under which gana

  465. raashi of new born baby acc to indian

  466. person who belongs to kumbh rashi and take birth on 26feb 1991

  467. mine lagna is simha and my rashi is meena na janma nakshathra is uttarabhadra want know my janma kundali and bhavishya freely

  468. about chitta nakshatra in kanyarashi by telugu astrologers

  469. What are all the lucky nakshatra for me according to my date of birth

  470. what is the rasi for 1983 born at 7 30 am 5th october

  471. Which rashi comes under uttarabhadra nakshatra in telugu calendar

  472. baby born on 16 4 2013 at 4 pm what hindu name should i give according to his rashi

  473. which stone is better for revati nakshatra meena rasi and simha lagna

  474. date of birth 05 aug 1986 my rashi is

  475. date of birth 05 aug 1986 my rashi in telugu

  476. i want know my rashi in telugu without date of birth

  477. there is any effect of chandragrahanam to swathi nakshtra people

  478. mine is libra swathi nakshatra my husband rasi is meena


  480. my baby born i 25-03-2013 10:03 what naksitra and raasi

  481. what will be the rashi and star of a person born on 16th december 1984 at 8 30 pm

  482. dhanishta nakshatra kumbha rashi math with mithuna rais or arudha nakshatra

  483. she is bharni nakshatra and im anuradha nakshatra can we marry

  484. magha nakshatra 2nd padam belongs to what rasi

  485. my rashi is libra swathi nakshatram my husbands rashi is meena revathi nakshatram how is our future

  486. i am married to vrishabha rashi female and mithun rashi male

  487. which nakshatra matches dhanista 3rd step for marriage

  488. what is rashi of boys born on 25 march 2013 in india

  489. how to analyse nakshatra sitting in one rasi

  490. i born aug 8 which rashi i belong

  491. thula & vrishabha rashi chitra and mrigashira nakshatra but same

  492. how do i know my rashi & naksh

  493. i want to know my rashi and nakshatra for the baby born on 26th june 1978

  494. husbands of vrischika raashi vishaka nakshatra 4th padam

  495. which stone is best for kataka rashi pushya nakshtra kannada pdf

  496. gods for different sun signs and rashis in hinduism

  497. todays rashi for newborn baby on 3pm april 2o13

  498. my date of birth 11-03-1971 what is my rasi

  499. mrigasira nakshatra rashi leo in hindi language 2013

  500. start letter for kids who born on shravan nakshatra and makara rashi

  501. 1980 october telugu calendar with nakshatra padam and rasi

  502. luck birth stone for dhanu rashi and nashatra uttraashada

  503. simha rasi magha nakshatra compatibility makara rasi avittam nakshatra

  504. Will kumba rashi people suffer during sade sati

  505. lunar eclipse pariharam for kanya rashi hastha nakshatra

  506. born on june 5th morning 4 40 am which rashi

  507. what is birth rashi for born on 21st july

  508. simha rasi 2013 -magam padam 4 – kumba janma lagna

  509. 2013 horoscope for virgo born on 16th sept 1969 at 11 47 am

  510. What would be the nakshatra and rasi of a person born on 6 9 1985 at 22 06 PM

  511. Is it possible to arrange a marriage for male thula rasi simma lakna and female kumba rasi simma lakna

  512. how to find rashi by name in telugu

  513. what is the meaning of kausalya belongs to rashi thanusu

  514. what nakshatram on 25 december 1978 as per hindus

  515. born on 30/03/2013 whats my rasi and natchathiram

  516. baby born on 15th august comes under which nakshatra

  517. what is the rasi for the person born on 21 march 1987

  518. telugu astrology for thula rasi swathi nakshatramcompatibility with meena rasi revathi nakshatram

  519. 11-08-1988 what is my nakshatra and rashi as per indian astrology

  520. Rohini nakshtra me paida baccha ka bhaivshay hindi

  521. how to know rasi and nakshatra according to telugu panchangam

  522. hindu raashi of baby born on 5th march

  523. oriya panjika on dt 21 4 13 graha nakshatra effect on birth child

  524. effect of lunar eclipse effect on vrishtika rashis on april 2013

  525. rashi of person born on kritika 1 29 -04-1984

  526. whole profile of virgo sign as per hindu nakshtra

  527. kanya rashi hastha nakshtra vs uttarabadra nakshata meena rashi compatibility

  528. lunar eclipse dated 25 april 2013 for kumbh shatatarka nakshatra

  529. kumbha rasi purvabhadra want to get good wife

  530. if i am born in january & i am kanya rashi waht is my sign?

  531. birth date 24th jan 1978 & time 2 45am what is rashi

  532. nakshatra of a new born baby on 26th april at 4 pm at kolkata

  533. born on 23 june 2010 their rasi and nakshatra

  534. www astrology to the date of birth 8 august 1991 for komala

  535. my baby is born on 23rd april 2013 she belongs to which rashi


  537. future of scorpio rashi born on 27 dec

  538. September 26 1983 what is nakshatra rasi on this day

  539. swati nakshatra tula rashi born on october 12 2007

  540. Person born in 21 june belong to what indian rashi ?

  541. april 10th morning 6 10 am tell me nashithram

  542. tula rashi date 26/4/2013 time 6 45 rashi and name

  543. according to hinduism rashi of february born people

  544. 28 april 2013 time morning 4:15 what is the rashi

  545. kanya rashi hastha nakshatra 1987 may comes on which date

  546. what nakshatra was there on 31 may 1989 morning 7 30 am

  547. what is the rashi who is born on 4/11/2000

  548. what is the related rasi for dhanishta nakshatra in the calendar year 1989 october 11

  549. what is the nakshatra for the girl who born on june 1st 1990 at 6 30 pm

  550. names starts with tula rasi and vishaka nakshatra for boy

  551. moon rashi of a person born in september 1969

  552. sravana nakshatra 3pada boy names in telugu sanskrit

  553. what is the difference between anuradha nakshatra 1 and 4 padam

  554. In odia calender 1990 july 27 in which rasi and which nakshyatra

  555. what are the rasi falls under chitra nakshatra

  556. what will be the rashi if i am born on 12 may 1974 by hindu calender

  557. why april born utara nakshatra kanya rasi people are suffering so much

  558. will hastha nakshatra kanya rashi match to poorvashada nakshatra dhanu rashi

  559. what will be the nakshatra of kumbh rashi

  560. Bharani nakshtra boy DoB28/10/1985 aswni nakshthra girl marriage match

  561. 16 /august/1967 is belongs to which rashi and nakshatra

  562. panchangam for kanya rashi chitra nakshatram in year 2013

  563. what is the raashi on 28th june at 10 to 10:30

  564. what will be nakshatra of a person if rasi is mesh

  565. telugu panchagam 2013 today at 9:30 pm which nakshatram will come

  566. find the maraige compatability between nakshatras of telugu people

  567. guru peyarchi for kumbha rasi sadhayam natkshatra 2013

  568. hasta nakshatra kanya rashi and simha lagna boy baby names

  569. can capricon persons go to usa if in his kundali 22/10

  570. indian baby girl names suggestions born on 6/4/2013

  571. find nakastharam rasi lakanam and year of hindu

  572. chitta nakshara 2 nd pada which rasi comes

  573. Tula rashi aur mera bhagya 2013 yearly according to month in hindi

  574. this year for kanya rashi chitra nakshatra 2 padam

  575. kanya rashi hasta nakshatram man and tula rasi swathi natchathiram women

  576. first letter for new born baby as per rashi and nakshatra

  577. i belong to shravana nakshatra which metal i should wear

  578. what is the nakshatra for april 3rd born boy baby

  579. modern hindu baby boy names with vishaka nakshatra pdf

  580. what will be my baby boys rashi born on 26th april at 9:30 pm at guwahati

  581. can a girl of punarpoosam nakshatra kataka rasi marry a boy of punarpoosam nakshatra mituna rasi

  582. baby girl names for swati nakshatra 4th padam

  583. birth time for nakshatra hasta dated 17th july 1983

  584. mrigasira nakshatra 1st pada belongs to which zodiac sign

  585. what would be the nakshatra and rashi from the person born on march 9th 1987

  586. Marrage life of man Vrishik Rashi Vishaka Nakshtra & women of Dhanu rashi Mula nakshatra

  587. to which rashi do people born on 21 12 1994 belong

  588. horoscope boy leo zodiac sign and magha nakshatra with girl chitra nakashtra and tula raashi macthcing

  589. what are the difference types of rashi and nakshatra

  590. marriage kundali as per hindu nakshatra and rasi

  591. dhanu rashi purvashada nakshatra 2013 new born girl name

  592. in 1984 when moon was in virgo rashi

  593. how to find out the rashi nakshatra born on 24th july 1965

  594. predictions about husband and wife relationship magaram raashi uthiradam and mesha ashwini respectively for 2013 may onwards

  595. want to know rashi & nakshatra of my new born baby as son

  596. compare two people rashi and nakshatra for marrage in telugu

  597. hasta nakshatra kanya rashi female born on 13 march 1990

  598. mera janam 12/06/1983 ka hai mera bhagya kaisa

  599. i want to know my nakshatra and rashi and tithi

  600. how to calculate to find rasi nakshastra in karnataka

  601. good days for adidra nakshatra in may 2013

  602. what is my raasi if am born on june 29

  603. how to find the suitable nakshatra and rashi from birthdate

  604. nakshatras in each rasi and how they predict

  605. punarvasu nakshatra 3rd pada female marriage age birth on october 1987

  606. horoscope match between revathi boy and pushyam girl as per telugu calender

  607. date of birth may 2 12 25 am 2013boy give astrolagy

  608. to find the gana and characterestics of born nakshathra with birth date and time

  609. how many types of rashi in bengali language

  610. 8 45pm on wed 1st of may rasi palangal

  611. rashi thula nut we want to know the nakshathra

  612. tula rashi prediction based on date of birth

  613. list the names in tula rashi and swati nakshatra

  614. hindu names to start with rashi or nakshatra

  615. anirudh date of birth 25 06 1992 mesha rashi swathi nakshathra

  616. what will be the rashi of person born on 7th june 2012

  617. what will be the rashi of person as per DOB

  618. astrology about girl born with sagitarious has born rashi with moola second padha has nakshathram and scorpio according to born date of nov 12

  619. astrology about girl born with sagittarius has born rashi with moola second padha has nakshatra and scorpio according to born date of nov 12

  620. Which nakshatra sign up at about 5-5 pm

  621. rashi and nakshetram of a kid born on 14 nov 1982

  622. which stone should kumbha rasi with satabhisha nakshatra

  623. makar raasi dhanishtha nakshatra matching with kumbh raasi shatataraka nakshtra

  624. sravana nakshatra yuktha mithuna lagnam in telugu vocabulory

  625. how would a baby born under uttharashada nakshathra benefit to parents

  626. www nakshatra in u s a on 24 11 2011 com

  627. i have a new born baby tell me the rashi name? date:07 may time 05 45am

  628. meena rasi uttarabhadra nakshatra 2013 starting letters names

  629. people who is born in april will come under which rashi

  630. names for girls for revati nakshatra and meena rashi

  631. Do swati nakshatra thula rasi gets matched with revati nakshatra meena rashi

  632. hindu rashi for people born on may 25

  633. second august- two thousand -nine moola nakshtra first pada simha lagna


  635. how is vrishchika lagna dhanishta 3rd padam kumba rasi

  636. auspicious day to purchase two wheeler for vrishaba rashi rohini nakshatara

  637. which rashi and nakshatra is prefered for kanya rasi uttara nakshatra people for marriage

  638. i want to know nakshtra rashi of my baby

  639. nakshatra of girls born at 5 pm on 07 05 13

  640. vishaka rasi- leo sun sign- anuradha nakshatra horoscope

  641. which raasi can suit to marry for makha nakshatra

  642. star pada and rasi based on date of birth

  643. search the rashi name heera lal meena in hindi

  644. april 28th 1981 find does she belongs to which raasi phalam

  645. in tula rashi which nakstra n all will come

  646. which rashi will be there if she born on 1st april

  647. dhanu rashi poorvashada nakshatra match with kumbha rasi avittam nakshatra

  648. what is the rashi of born on 21 july 1992

  649. rishaba rasi job opportunities 2013 k p vidyadhara

  650. 2004 month of march panchanga litha 27th kuja rashi

  651. Rasi karthika calculating as per date of berath

  652. how to find baby nakshatra on base on time and date

  653. is engineering best for atula rashi chitra nakshatra girl

  654. future of rohini nakshatra rishab rashi born in 15th sept 2013

  655. what kind of rings to wear based on rashiin telugu

  656. hindu baby name kanya rashi nakshtra uttara charan 2

  657. Name-Ankit birth date-16-7-1994 day -saturday rashi-kumbha (aquarius) i want to know about me@my future

  658. search the rashiof person borh on 22nd august1967

  659. name starting letter based on date of birth

  660. mrigasira nakshatra 1st pada male features for 2013

  661. shravana nakshatra makara rasi march 14th 1988 8pm

  662. To Which rashi a man belong whose date of birth is 14th July 1993 and birth timing is 3:25am and the day is Wednesday?

  663. naming a new born baby boy hasta nakhatra and kanya rasi

  664. which rashis are raja jotoka with libra man

  665. tula rashi boy and kumbha rashi girl marriage

  666. 29 march 2013 at 9:11 pm newly born baby nakshatram and padam rasi

  667. rashi and nakshatra based on date of birth

  668. which nakshtra & rashi is best suited for moola nakshtra dhanur rashi for marriage

  669. what are all the nakshatras comes under simha rasi

  670. Which nakshatra sign up 14-5- 2013 at about 12-2 am

  671. under tula rashi which all nakshatra does fall

  672. simha rashi pubha nakshatra who is the ruler

  673. baby girl names for uttarashada nakshatra 2nd padam

  674. people born in revati nakshatra meena rashi guru graha are belonging to which gothra

  675. 05/07/1982 time 8 to 9 p m rashi and nakshatra

  676. date of birth 20 august belongs to which rashi

  677. boy name according to uttarashada nakshatra 1 padam

  678. Horoscope of aries 22 march bharani nakshathra likith

  679. what nakshatra comes for baby born today at 15:45 IST

  680. taurus raasi with rohini nakshtra born people should pray to

  681. under which rasi and details comes if a person born on 25th may midnight between 12:00am to 1:00am in 1981

  682. avialibility of plots in orissa according to dhanu rasi

  683. rohini nakshatra will be belongs to which rashi

  684. rashi gothra and padha for 30-11-2012 born baby

  685. free compatibility karkata and kumbha moon sign 2013

  686. astrology in leo at today 20 may 2013in hindi letter

  687. uttarashada nakshatra makara rashi comes when june 2013

  688. can we know the future for moola nakshatra 2 padam evening 6 20 jan 18 1985

  689. which boy baby names comes under meena raasi revathi nakshatra padam 2

  690. in which nashaktra does dhanu rashi falls indianastrology 2000

  691. Can i get a job my rashi-kumbha satabhiksha naxatra 24/11

  692. date of birth of my child is 6/4/2013 give the horoscope

  693. what is rashi in hindu malayalam astrology and may 8 in which rashi

  694. kanya rashi hastha nakshatra 1st padha horroscope 2013

  695. match pushya cancer woman with mrigasira tarus man

  696. need telugu calender year of 1978 with raasi start

  697. nakshatra of a person born on february 6

  698. what business suits for vrishabha rashi krittika nakshatra 2013

  699. if boy belongs to tula rashi and the girl belongs to mithun rashi are they compatible for marriage?

  700. makara rasi shravana nakshatra court case in 2013

  701. girl baby names first letter sadayam star kumba rasi

  702. Mesha rashi panchangam born baby girl 9:30 am india time

  703. what is the rasi for 12-12-2011 born baby

  704. related gem stone for a girl of revathi nakshathram 4th padam

  705. under vrishabha rashi how many nakshatras will come

  706. marriage compatibility between scorpio lagna anuradha nakshatra male and kumbha lagna ashlesha nakshatra female

  707. find nakshatra and rashi according to date of birth

  708. What Is Rashi Of 28 May 2013 Born Baby At 10:30pm

  709. compatiblity of kanya rashi girl with tula rashi boy moon sign

  710. Horoscope of makara rashi danishta nakshatra of june 4th 1991

  711. mrigasira nakshatra 4th pada mithuna rasi girls career

  712. dhanishta nakshatra kumbha rasi female born in 1971

  713. what is the rashi and nakshatra of a person born on 2nd july 1983

  714. fortune for today virgo rashi & chittha nakshatra

  715. baby names for kanya rashi uttara palguni nakshatra 4th padam

  716. My rashi is tul My star is swati How wil be my maried life if i jmarry vrushik rashi man belonging to anuradha nakshatra

  717. what is rasi of born on 7 th apiril 1983

  718. future of ardra nakshata people with lagna singh

  719. which rashi and nakshatra is best for kumbam sathyam

  720. tamil ezhuthu for new born baby for kumba rasi

  721. which letter falls in the mnth of august as per rashi

  722. dob of peolpe born with moola nakshatra and dhanusha rashi

  723. birth horoscope and names initial for newborn babies

  724. jathakam for kanya rashi according to janma nakshatra

  725. man born in 12-12-1987 comes under which rasi

  726. find nakshatra and rashi from date of birth

  727. how many pada for tulam rasi and meena rasi

  728. hw to know newborn baby natchatra and raasi

  729. vrishabha rashi krittika nakshatra 2013 name starting letter

  730. boy born in makayiram at mesha rasi and girl in vishaka at thula rasi is it compatible

  731. when is punvarsu nakashatra day in the month of july 2013

  732. ashwini nakshatra padam at 2:27 pm on june 5th

  733. Poorvashada nakshatra charan-1 of female native in astro detail 2013 future

  734. girl is visaka nakshathra 4 pada can she marry ayilyam boy

  735. www nakshtram and rasi on febraury 01 1994 com

  736. difference between moon sign scorpio people and sun sign scorpio people in detail

  737. star uttaradam in dhanus rasi 2013 jupiter transit

  738. the name start with dha girl name belongs to which rashi nakshatra

  739. are diamonds good for kataka rasi poosam nakshatra 2013

  740. which nakshatra comes under magara rasi in tamil

  741. born on 21 feb 1984 chitta nakshatra tula rashi horoscope

  742. 1965 february fifth which nashatram this date ofbirth

  743. Rashi about girl whose birthday is in September

  744. rashi names for baby girls born on 12 06 13 at 6 25 am

  745. 27th feb 1986 9:45 pm zodiac sign according to hindu calendar

  746. what is the rasi for a person born on 26th november 1984 at 9:30pm

  747. vishnu sahasranamam malayalam 4th pada punarvasu mp3 download

  748. kanya rashi hastha nakshatra 1st padam mesha lagna

  749. compatibility between dhanu rashi poorvashada nakshatra and tula rashi swati nakshatra

  750. 26th november birth time 4 10am which raasi it belongs

  751. what is the janma rasi for uttarashada nakshatra 3rd padam

  752. hindu maratha rashi on date of birth date

  753. tamil rasi palan magrma lakanam dhanur rasi palan free 2013

  754. suitable girl rashi and nakshatra for marrying makara rashi uttarashada nakshatra

  755. mrigasira nakshatra female compatability with rohini nakshathra male

  756. information about nakshtra avittam or danista in malayalam

  757. baby girl names for mrigasira nakshatra 3 padam

  758. can i know the nakshatra and rashi of 28 february 1971

  759. kolkata born male lagna is tauras and rasi is virgo how is 2013 for this person

  760. compatibility of purvashada nakshatra dhanu rashi with mrugashira nakshatar mithuna rasi

  761. Wil i get a good husband dhanista nakshatra makar rashi

  762. features of a baby girl born on swati nakshatra 2 padam

  763. marriage astrology for libra visaka nakshatra redava padam

  764. kanya rashi chitra nakshatra boy and vrishabh rashi rohini nakshatra girl

  765. Gender Female Tithi SASHTI Rashi Sagittarius Nakshatra PURVASHADHA

  766. date of birth 04th june 2013 wich rashi

  767. the person who is born in january which rashi does he belongs

  768. odia baby boy names using rashi nakshatra pada

  769. which nakhshatra birth by this time 12 45 pm female baby

  770. can mithuna rasi boy marry a kumbha rashi girl

  771. Name : D.Vijaykumar,
    Date of Birth : 02.03.1982,
    Birth Date : (Night) 10:15 pm,
    Nakshatra : Rohini,
    Rashi : Taurus,
    At what age and when will i get married.

  772. horoscope for vishaka nakshatra 21 feb 1995 born 9:30 pm

  773. lucky years of born 1april 1981 indhanishtha nakshtra

  774. in born june month wht a rashi for that person

  775. per son born on 7th april 1984 what rasi and nakshtra

  776. name of the 12 rasi and their stars

  777. person born 12 june 2013 what nakshatra and rashi will come

  778. to find rasi and nakshatra and charana/pada through ist

  779. person born on jan 9 1963 what rasi and nakshatra

  780. how to calculate the rashi for punarvasu nakshatra

  781. name of boys belong to vrishabha rashi born on 7-6-2013 at 14:41pm

  782. my date of birth 20 march 1995 name Rajasri i want to know about my libra astrology

  783. 20-6-2013 prediction moon sign at about 12-11 pm in which nakshatra rashi

  784. Baby Zodiac Sign Finder – Find BirthAstrology of New Borns

  785. show the zodiac sign and nakshatra and gotra

  786. does pubba 1padam and purvabhadra 3 padam match for marriage

  787. can i wear stone according to janma nakshatra

  788. girl from hasta nakshatra and boy from chitra nakshatra the marriage is preferable or not

  789. kumba rasi avitam nakshatra compatiblity with rishaba rasi rohini nakshatra

  790. mithuna raasi & mrigasira nakshatra names start with

  791. telugu satyanarayana rasi phalalu in maa tv dt 23 6 13

  792. chithra 4padam date of birth 18-06-1986 through astrology when marriage

  793. Character and career for naktra under karka rasi 2o13

  794. rashi bhavishya in year 27 august 1983 time 4to5 am between

  795. which rashi according to astrology belongs to a woman whose date of birth is 21/12/1991

  796. hindu baby names table for rashi and nakshatra

  797. date of birth rashi nakshatra lagna in tamil name

  798. punarvasu nakshatram 3 padam man marriage life with her wife uttara nakshatra 2 padam women

  799. to know rashi by date of birth according to telugu calander

  800. compatibility between guy of meena rashi and revathi nakshatra with a girl of dhanu rashi and moola nakshatra?

  801. moola nakshatra dhanu rashi female with anuradha nakshatra male compatability

  802. baby girl birthday 3rd Jun 2013 which nakshetra and rasi?

  803. tula rashi vishakha nakshatra 2013 in telugu youtube

  804. according to zodiac the date 21/12 which excellent careers they are opted for

  805. details in video for telugu janma nakshatra tula 4 pada

  806. arudra nakshtram 2pada which rudraksha to be wear

  807. baby boy born on swathi nakshtra 3 rd padam

  808. will the Mrigasira nakshatra vrishabha rashi boy match with the sagittarius rashi moola nakshatra girl

  809. 22 september 1980 time of birth 8 45 am which rashi

  810. what is rashi of baby boy? It was born on 13th sept 2009 at 8 30pm

  811. Speciality of person having star scorpio who born at febrauary 23

  812. Vishnu sahasranamam perfect for which rashi and lagna jatika

  813. astrology for birth lagna kumba & nakshatra 1st pada punarvasu nakshatra

  814. which gotra for vrishabha rashi and rohini nakshatra

  815. what is the astrology of people who born in mrugasira nakshatra 1st padam

  816. astrology of 2013 kumbh rashi with nakshatra shatataraka in marathi

  817. jem stones to be worn for makara rashi uttarashada 4th pada

  818. what is the rasi for the date of birth june 27 2013

  819. pubba naksthra 15th october 1990 what is pada

  820. struggles faced by born in Rohini nakshatra IIIrd Makra lagna people

  821. kanya janam raashi in sadhe sati by astrologer kuber

  822. girl with which rashi and nakshatra are not preferred

  823. thulam rasi vishaka i want pray with god

  824. how to know nakshatra and pada from date of birth

  825. Jyestha nakshatra 4th pada people which god should they pray

  826. kundli match of mesha rashi1/1 boy and meena rashi 27/12 girl

  827. sushma name astrology for marriage kumbha rashi shathabhishitha nashatra

  828. Baby born on 26 feb 1983 belongs to which paada of Magha nakshatra or Star?

  829. which facing plot or house is not suitable for vrushabha rashi

  830. Leo rashi horoscope July base moon in Marathi

  831. uthara nashatram pada one to which rasi does it belong

  832. A person born in 1991 what its rashi

  833. if i was born in mirgshira nakshtra then my rashi will be

  834. what is the difference between rashi and nakshatra

  835. nakshatra and padam as per birth time for telugu baby

  836. which is the bengali birthday 25 june 1985 at 10:30 p m is free suggest calendar

  837. date of birth nakshatra padam in telugu language

  838. rashi and nakshatra for children born on 11 august 1994

  839. names hindu boys in makar rashi avittam birth on 6/4/2013

  840. kannada astrology find nakshatra padha as per birth time

  841. compatibility kanya rashi hasta nakshtra with kanya chita nakshatrarashi

  842. names for girls mula nakshatra dhanus rasi tula kanya

  843. starting letters for female child meena rashi nakshatra 2

  844. swathi nakshatra thula rasi bhavishya 2013 by sachidananda babu

  845. my name hari tell me my rashi and nakshatra

  846. rasi nakshatra and padam for man born on 15 july 1993

  847. hindu belief in rasi and natchatra as at child birthday

  848. I was born 20/03/1989 what is my rashi at day india karnataka

  849. meen rashi purvabhadra nakshatra and tula rasi swathi nakshatra

  850. want to know the rashi nakshatra and gotra

  851. for kadaka rasi which direction plot is suitable

  852. name starts with sha which rasi does it belong

  853. how to know my rasi nakshatra and gotra

  854. to get husband for krittika nakshatra 4th pada vrishabha rashi

  855. best baby girl names from rashi and nakshatra

  856. my dob is 23-01-1989 which one is my rashi

  857. hindu rashi and nakshatra on 3rd march 1982

  858. Horroscope 2013 of tula moon sign kanya lagna nakhstra

  859. july birth baby rasi base name of girl

  860. swapna puram name suits to date 8 april 1989 as per numerology

  861. telugu baby boy names kanya rashi chitra nakshatra

  862. my birthday date is4/11/1989 my feature in telugu rasi palalu

  863. the girl born in uttrashada nakshatraand the date is 30 april 2005 what is the pada she is in

  864. birth date 14-06-1974 which rashi he belong ?

  865. about marriage 20 3 for tula rashi as per date of birth

  866. horoscope of vrushabha rasi mrigasira nakshatra 4th padam female

  867. names in makar rashi for baby boy in Shravan nakshatra 2nd Charan

  868. free horoscope for virgo born in february 20 1984 in chitra nakshtram

  869. born on may 13th 1982 raasi and nakshatra

  870. anvesh is my sons name mesha rashi kartika nakshatra how wil he study?

  871. can any astrologer tell me that makara rasi uttarashada nakashatra guy marry vrishabha rasi mrigashira nakashatra girl

  872. husband anuradha nakshatra wife uttara phalguni- simha raashi

  873. Information of natives born on Sunday 10:08 pm belonging to rohini nakshatra

  874. if my rashi is leo and nakshatra is megha

  875. telugu marriage compatibility table based on raasi and nakshtra

  876. tamil rasi nachitiram year 1959 month july date16

  877. god to be prayed for kumbha rasi dhanishta nakshatra

  878. which horoscope one belongs in indian astrology if the person in born on 5th september 1984 @ 2 45 am

  879. find rashi and nakshatra by date of birth

  880. vrishabha rasi rohini nakshatra husband vrishabha rashi krithika nakshathra wife

  881. name pratiksha date of birth 2 november 1980 i want my bhavisa

  882. 27-07-1987 kannada rashi for this date of birth

  883. what are the stars belong to mithuna rasi

  884. rasi and star for a baby born today at 3:13 pm

  885. can hasta nakshatra kanya rashi girl marry a uttaraashada nakshatra makar rashi boy?

  886. my name is swati so whats my rashi in english

  887. what was the nakshtra of the person who was born on 31 march 1992 at 4 15 pm

  888. zodiac details for tula rasi vishaka nakshatra with kanya lagna

  889. does punarvasu nakshatra padam 4 matches with tula nakshatra padam 3

  890. malefic planet works bases on rasi or nakahatra

  891. swathi name belongs to which rashi nakshatra padam

  892. how was the mrugasira 2 step for 2013-14

  893. nakshatra & rashi of baby born on 30th june 2013

  894. divyanshi parashar is indian girl she is pregnant after weddig she is with her husband tell me her and his husband featre what is her husband name

  895. making a chart of nakshatras and rasis in excel

  896. when a baby born on 29/7/2013 than whats is his rashi

  897. 1961 august 27th what nakshathram /star according to malayalam /tamil calander would have come ?

  898. wil swati nakshatra matches mula nakshatra for marriage

  899. what rasi would be if the person name is rajkumar

  900. kumba lagna mesha rashi ashwini nakshatra 3 pada people prediction

  901. kanya rasi hasta nakshtra 1st padam girl child names

  902. hindu modern baby girl names with starting swati nakshatra tula rashi

  903. which are the nakshatras comes under makara rasi

  904. search hindu baby name by born date n time with padam

  905. pooram natchathiram and simha rasi on april 1987

  906. wich one is first later in leo rashi

  907. does a kumbh rashi purvabhadra nakshatra girl match with a karkataka rashi ashlesha nakshatra boy

  908. what are the nakshatras for the mithuna rasi

  909. utharashada nakshatra makara rashi matches with ashlesha nakshatra kataka rashi?

  910. i want to know about kanya rashi 13/6

  911. my rashi 2013 letter kamini date of birth 07 aug 1991

  912. poonarpoosam star sign has two rasi how to calculate which rasi we belongs to

  913. krittika 1st charana boy and uttarabhadra nakshatra 2nd charana girl

  914. www heroscope of makra rashi utharashada nakshtra born on 1974

  915. kundli &rashi name of of newborn baby in hindi

  916. aadi month for kanya rasi hastha 4 thpada

  917. what is rashi and nakshatra for baby born on 15th July 2013 at 8:30 AM

  918. meena rasi uthratadhi nakshatra 2013 in tamil vara rasi palan

  919. names based on krittika nakshatra and mithuna rasi

  920. baby names by date n time n padam

  921. how to find nakshatra padam from date of birth in telugu

  922. zodiac signs satabhisha nakshatra and kumbha rashi 1982

  923. which is the direction and nakshtra of a would be spouse of a revati nakshatra born female

  924. Whats the indian rashi of new born baby on 18/07/13 at 03 08 pm

  925. what time baby is born then its mesh hindu rashi

  926. how is uttaraphal pad 2 nakshatra for virgo

  927. can mithuna rasi and ardra nakshatra buy south facing plot

  928. dhanishta 1st pada makararasi day falls in the month of august 2013

  929. tula lagna and kumba rasi 2013 in kannada

  930. 8-7-2013 on monday born girl baby indian details her nakshatra titi rashi name

  931. find rasi and nakshatra from date of birth in tamil in malaysian time

  932. rasi naksh tram padalu in telugu panchangam 2013-2014

  933. to which of the raasi do i belong

  934. magara rasi names starting letter with uthradam natchathiram

  935. Person who born on 21-12-1991 his life according to Numerology

  936. How is the future of a person having uttarashada nakshatra dhanasu raashi kanya lagna

  937. baby girl names with matching tula rashi and swati nakshatra

  938. how will be status for dhanur rashi of nakshatra

  939. tamil alphabets for magaram rasi and uthiradam natchthiram

  940. Horoscope of makara rashi danishta nakshatra ondane pada 4th june 1991

  941. nakshatra and rashi of people born on monday 16 oct 1978

  942. names for boys according to purvashadha 3 padam nakshatram

  943. Suggest a name for hindu baby boy who took birth on 23-07-2013

  944. Rashi of baby born on 24/07/2013 evening as per Hindu Calendar

  945. nakshra and rasi at 10 to 11 am today

  946. rasi palan in tamil 2013 for kumba rasi avittam nachatra

  947. 26th july 2013 which nakstra & rashi comes

  948. sathabhisha nakshatra kumbha raasi woman and sravana nakshatra makhara raasi man love compatability

  949. avittam nakshathra heroscopy and astrology in26 th july 2013

  950. kanya rashi hasta nakshatra 1st pada for females

  951. rashi and nakshatra for my baby born 17-6-2013

  952. How to confirm which nakshatra and pada do i belong

  953. pubba nakshatra 4th pada meena lagna in simha rashi s character of a person

  954. my baby girl born today at 4:10 am what is rashi?

  955. in 1977 month of may when will come rohini nakshatra

  956. to whom shall mithunam rasi person pray to

  957. 24-02-1992 born at 3:50am what will be rashi and nakshatra

  958. kataka rashi boy and mesha rashi girls compatability

  959. letters for names asper hindu panchagam for libra raashi

  960. moon sign of a petson born on 5th august1979

  961. kanya rashi 2013 by omkar z tv kannada

  962. find rasi and star for Indian baby born in Sydney Australia time

  963. detail abt compatiblity brtween Rishab rashi n kumbh rashi

  964. gem stone for mithun rashi in punarvasu nakshatra

  965. baby girl names for krittika nakshatra padam 2

  966. concept of nakshatra and rashi in indian astrology

  967. aug 15th born people fall under which raasi

  968. swati nakshatra tularasi 3 50 am 20november 1987 which pada

  969. which nakshatra if one born on 12th july at 8 45am

  970. modern tamilbaby bous name with meaning and numerology dhanishta (avittam) magara rasi

  971. how is my time according to my jaataka mine is mesha rashi ashwini nakshatra 2nd paada

  972. rashi of birth on 9th august 2013n aug 2013

  973. krittika nakshatra sun sign of male baby born on 27 07 2013 at 12:11pm

  974. arundhati and vasishta having which star anizham and makayiram


  976. how to see present situation in this year 2013 according to nakshatra

  977. nakshtra and rasi for jul 9th 1986 time between 6:30 pm -8:00pm

  978. shatataraka nakshatra belongs to which nadi of moon sign aquerious

  979. my son is born 4pm of aug 1st 2013 i want to know tithi nakshatra of my son

  980. baby gal was born on july 25th 2013 what is the rashi and nakshatra

  981. rashis with rakshasa gana according to kannada panchanga

  982. name with rashi date 30/07/2013 time 11:10am wath name or rasi girl

  983. find rasi and nakshatra from date of birth in orissa

  984. horoscope for vuthara bhadra born in march 8th 1981

  985. rashi and nakshatra for boy born on september 20 1983 at 12 pm

  986. kannada astrology swathi nakshatra thula lagna-what are all latters for name

  987. todays nakshtram and padam after 4 p m

  988. whatis the chavithi naktram in sravana masam in 2013 starting and ending time

  989. a plot facing which side will suit for birth star of pooram and aswini to buy in chennai

  990. whats rashi when baby was born on 3rd august 2013 in the morning 12:27pm

  991. boy born at 2 12 on 5-8-13 it should be which rashi

  992. list of kumbha rashi baby hindu girl name born in july month

  993. rashi of birthdate 15 may 2014 as per hindu calendar

  994. date of birth 24/11/2011 how to know about rashi

  995. may 5 comes under which rashi of telugu

  996. revati nakshatram meena rasi taurean 21st april the best direction for house

  997. swati nakshatra 4th pada 2013 name baby girl

  998. marriage between rohini nakshatra girl and swati nakshatra boy

  999. conform the rashi based on date of birth

  1000. me and my husbands nakshatra is pushyami but different padam

  1001. how to know my rashi nakshatra lucky and destiny

  1002. naksatra rashi for makar rashi born on 23 november friday 10am

  1003. whats the rashi people born on 23rd of march

  1004. what alphabet city name is lucky for mithun rashi

  1005. What is my rashi if my name starts up with k?

  1006. good nakstras time for all rashis as per astrology pdf

  1007. boy names list to rohini nakshatra 4 padam

  1008. list of baby names in tamil kumba rasi

  1009. horoscopeof tula rashi lagna rashi kanya chitra nakshstra charan 4

  1010. gana of girl born in vishaka nakshatra tula rasi

  1011. what will be the gana of baby girl born in vishaka nakshatra tula rasi

  1012. birth on 29 may 2013 time 4 15pm tell the rashi and nakhatra

  1013. vrishabh lagna kanya rashi chitra nakshatra janma kundali

  1014. horoscope 2013 by date of birth 1991 3 june 4 12pm

  1015. as per telugu calender what is the nakshatram on 23 aug 2013

  1016. according to simha raashiwhat name should be kept to girls according to astrology

  1017. chitra nakshtra belongs to which gana of kanya rashi?

  1018. what is the effect of gulika associated with moon in karkataka rasi

  1019. preferable boy baby name with respect to rashi and nakshatra

  1020. matchmaking of meena rasi boy with meesa rashi girl

  1021. poorvabhadra and ardra compatibility nakshatra for griha pravesh

  1022. kumbha rasi purvabhadra nakshatra born at 4 pmgemstone

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