Ram Navami Puja 2014 Time, Muhurat for Ram Navmi Pooja


Ram Navami Puja 2014 Time, Muhurat for Ram Navmi Pooja on 8 April 2014. Sri Rama Navami Puja Muhurtham 2014, Auspicious, best time for Ram Navami Pujan in 2014..

Ram Navami Puja is an auspicious occasion to observe Sri Rama Puja. Here, you can know Ram Navami puja time in 2014 or Muhurat for Ram Navmi pooja. Devotees observe fast for half day, morning to evening, and after perform puja and take tirtha and prashad and break their fasting or upvaas. In 2014, Ram Navami date is April 8, Tuesday.

During Sri Ram Navami 2014, Ashtami ends at 3.08 AM on 8 April and then Navami begins. The time during afternoon is very auspicious for Rama Navami Puja as Lord Sri Rama was born in the afternoon (Madhyana Kaala).

Ram Navami puja Shubh muhurat on April 8, 2014 is from 11 AM to 1.30 PM.

Here is the Panchangam of Sri Ramanavami 2014..

Sun Rise 06:13 Sun Sets 18:44
Moon Rise 12:04 Moon Sets 00:43

Today’s Panchangam
Tithi Sukla Ashtami Ends at 27:08
Vaara Somavara
Nakshatram Ardra (Arudra) Ends at 07:07
Vishti (Bhadra) Karana Ends at 13:57Bava Karana Ends at 27:08
Atiganda Yogam Ends at 19:56

North Indian Hindi calendar – Chaitra Month (Purnimant)

Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada & Telugu Calendar – Chaitra Masam (Amavasyant)

Malayalam calendar – Meenam Month

Tamil Calendar – Panguni Month

Bengali Panjika – Chaitra Month

Auspicious Time
Abhijit: 12:04:30 - 12:52:30

Time to Avoid
Varjyam Kalam 07:01 - 08:48 Duration: 01:47
Rahu Kalam: 07:46:52 - 09:20:45
Gulika Kalam: 14:02:22 - 15:36:15
Yama Gandam: 10:54:37 - 12:28:30
Durmuhurthams: 12:53:32 - 13:43:36
Durmuhurthams: 15:23:44 - 16:13:48

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