Purva Phalguni Nakshatra | Pubba Nakshatram Astrology Predictions

Purva Phalguni nakshatra or Poorva Falguni nakshatram, also known as Pubba nakshatram, is 11th nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations. Purva phalguni nakshatra belongs to Simha Rasi or Leo zodiac. If you are born in Purva Phalguni / Pubba Nakshtra or birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

Physical Features:

As you are a Leo, you are attractive and your appearance draws people towards yourself and makes friends easily. You will have a sweet speech. Talkativeness, simple and slim figure of yours easily attracts others towards you.


You, Purva falguni nakshatra native, are an honest person and you have a dignified behavior. You will react immediately if you watch any illegal activity. You have a daring attitude. One of your very good qualities is ā€“ you act after thinking.

Education and Profession:

You, Poorva Falguni nakshtra native, are very dedicated towards your education. You strive for your ambition. There is an opportunity for you to study abroad. You are very suitable for criminal studies, investigative research and for public administrative studies.

Careers Ideally Suited for You:

As you are honest, you will do wonders in the legal affairs field. You are also suitable for law enforcement. As you are creative, you are suitable for sports, music and other performing arts industries. Other suitable sectors for you are ā€“ transport, automobile, hotel and government services.

Family Life:

You, natives of Pubba nakshatram, will enjoy good married life. You will become a good parent. As you are caring and affectionate, your family members and relatives love you very much.

Health Problems:

As you are a native of Poorva Phalguni birth star, you will enjoy a good health. Occasionally, you may suffer from dental problems and abdominal complications. Ailments like Asthma, Blood Pressure and heart disorders may trouble you.

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  1. Shashi kiran bandari says:

    Hi sir my dob 13_04_1984 4.00am which business suitable for me

  2. P.GANESH KUMAR says:

    HI SIR MY D.O.B.1980/09/09.2.30 a.m. WHICH BUSINESS I WILL START . pls tell me wat i want do……..

  3. mohan says:

    Hi . My DOB 12-07-1986 Midnight 12:35 am. I got a good job. But I am worried about my marriage. When will my marriage settle? Please inform me.

  4. names for Purva phalguni

  5. sujata says:

    Poorva falguni nakshtra,not satisfied with my life e.g. health,wealth and no peace.

  6. Mounika says:

    Please kindly let me know details regarding my job life and marriage life whether it is love or arranged marriage

  7. Madhuri says:

    Hi sir/madam my DOB: 13-12-1987,TOB: 1:55 PM, POB: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Can you please give me solutions for below questions?

    When will I get the job?
    What job suits me ?
    Will I go to USA ?
    When will I get married?
    Is it love or arranged ?
    How will be my future ?

    Thanking you sir,

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    i shaik shakira (female)my dob is 25-08-1987 ,purva phalguni(pubba 2 padam) simha rasi .i born at 2:20pm tuesday.
    i want to know which gem stone i want to wear for all aspects marraige & job. plz send me mail soon.

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    Birth chart of the date 27/12/1980 according to calender

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    my name is manoj ,from 2009 i m suffering from lot of problems ,so pls tell me any suggestion.my dob is 26-6-1993

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    Hi, I born on 21st June, 1988 at 0.23 A.M. I have not got any job and not yet married. Please tell my future.

  184. Sarvani says:

    Hi, I am born on Oct 2nd,1986 – 4:20AM; I got married 1 – 1/2 yr back. I got into a good family but we are always having disturbances at home because of some or the other reasons. Please tell some thing about my future..

  185. VANDANA says:

    I vandana,my uncle name is sri hari dayal he was born on 09/11/1955.from past 6 year he keep hiding every think from the family.he used to qurrel with his wife for silly reason and blaming others.

  186. MADHAVILATHA says:


  187. Sharath says:

    hi Mallika, Anita, Please wear 11 face rudraksha and pray to Lord hanuman,
    Shravanthi, u have chances to go abroad : Very bright, go for it !
    All love and gratitude to you for giving this opportunity,
    I also belong to pubba nakshatram !

  188. shravanthi says:

    i am shravanthi my D.O.B is 7-1-1980 i am unmarried

    my nakshtram is pubba.Tell me some thing about my future

    will i have chances to go abroad

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