Punarvasu Nakshatram: Punarvasu Nakshatra Astrology Predictions

If you are born in Punarvasu Nakshatra or Punarvasu birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following astrology predictions for personality and characteristics. 1, 2, and 3 padas or charans of Punarvasu nakshatra belong to Mithuna Rashi or Gemini zodiac sign and the fourth pada or 4th charan belongs to Karka rashi (Cnacer zodiac sign). Punarvasu is the nakshatram of Lord Sri Ram. The natives born in this nakshtram are extremely determined towards their goal. Here are some astrology predictions for Punarvasu natives.

By nature you, natives of Punarvasu nakshatra, will be tolerant and quiet. You will face the difficulties in life with patience and confidence. You will have all the luxuries in life and will never lack wealth. Your complexion will be fair and you will be extremely good- looking. Luck will always favor you. You will keep making efforts to help and serve the needy and the grief-stricken people of the society. You will have many friends and sons.

Your character and behavior will be excellent. But sometimes out of frustration you might do something petty. You will be an ambitious person and will feel bad if success would not come your way. But ultimately you will satisfy yourself. You will be prone to several diseases. You will be very sexy.

You, Punarvasu nakshatra natives, will be a learned person and will face and solve the problems in life easily and intelligently. Your wealth and luxuries will make you famous and respectable in your society. You might become a good writer. Your social circle will be wide and you will be very popular among your friends. Charitable by nature you will give donations to the needy people. You will be the owner of a lot of jewelry and land properties.

You, Punarvasu nakshatram natives, will lead a happy and comfortable life with wealth and luxuries. You will have faith in God and religion. Many people will be pleased and satisfied by your virtuous deeds. With hard work and labor you will earn a lot of money. You will own lot of jewelries. You will perform all the rituals sincerely and regularly.

Some of you may belong to Karkataka Rashi or Cancer zodiac sign. Your birth in Cancer sign indicates that you will be slim and lean. You might have some disease connected to the head. You will do all your work cleverly and skillfully.

Your life will never be short of wealth or luxuries. You will be chivalrous by nature. You will have a pure soul and will make all the dealings honestly. Everyone will be appreciating you for your intelligence. But you will have a nasty temper, which might lead you to some miseries in life.

Your friends will be genuine and sincere. You will be skilled in many fields of work. You will have average physical strength. You will have no attachment to your home. You might even split from your people and start staying separately.

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