Polala Amavasya 2014, Poleramma Vratham in Andhra Pradesh

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Polala Amavasya is an important vratham dedicated to Goddess Poleramma. It is observed on Shravana Amavasya, No Moon day in Shravana masam in Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, Polala Amavasya date is August 25.

Married women observe Polala Amavasya vratam for better health and longer life of their children. Goddess Poleramma or Pochamma is known as the protector of children.

Women draw an image of ‘Pochamma Temple’ at puja place and offer shodashopachar puja to the Goddess. Gauri Astottaram (108 names of Goddess Gauri), Bhavani Astakam, Durga stuthi, and some other mantras or prayers of Goddess Shakti are chanted during the Puja.

‘Raksha Thoranam’ or ‘Raskha daaram’ (sacred thread) is also worshipped during the puja. Women tie Raksha daaram to her children. Polala Amavasya vratam is very much similar to Sheetal Saptami puja observed in North India and Shital Sasthi of Orissa.

In 2013, Polala Amavasya date was September 5.

In 2012, Polala Amavasya date was August 17.

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