Phooldol Gyaras in Vrindavan Temple

Phooldol Gyaras is celebrated on Kamada Ekadasi (Shukla Paksha Ekadasi in Chaitra month) at Vrindavan Banke Bihariji Temple (Lord Krishna Temple). In 2015, Phooldol Gyaras date is March 31.

It marks the beginning of Phool Bangla Utsav which lasts for more than 3 and half months. In 2015, Phool Bangla Utsav starts on March 31 and ends on August 14.

On Phooldol Gyaras, the idol of Lord Krishna and the entire temple of Banke Bihariji is decorated with various types of flowers and garlands.

In 2014, Phooldol Gyaras date was April 11.

In 2013, Phooldol Gyaras date was April 22. In 2012, Phooldol Gyaras date was April 3.

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  1. how to do dampatya ashtami vratam

    By Prutha at November 14, 2014 at 3:18 pm