Payo Vratham | Vishnu Payo Vratham in Phalguna Masam

Payo Vratham is a vow dedicated to Lord Vishnu especially observed in some regions in Andhra Pradesh during Phalguna masam. Payo Vratham is observed for 12 days which starts on Phalguna Shukla Padyami and ends on Phalguna Shukla Dwadashi. It is mentioned in Shri Bhagavatham.

In 2017, Payo Vratham will start on February 27 and end on March 9.

Lord Vishnu is offered Ksheerannam or the rice boiled in milk during the vratam. It is believed that by observing the vratam, Aditi Devi has got Lord Vamana as her son. Go Daanam (donating cow), Dhanya daanam, and vasthra daanam are highly meritorious deeds to perform in Falguna masam.

Payo Vratham in Previous Years

In 2016, Payo Vratham will start on March 9 and end on March 20.

In 2015, Payo Vratham will start on February 19 and end on March 2.

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  2. V M P says:

    Dears if somebody can help me.. i have to do this Payovratham, there is no details in the Sreemath Bhagavatham How to do payo vretham and what is procedure of Payo vratham

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