Pavagadh Kalika Temple, Mahakali Shakti Peeth in Pavagadh in Gujarat

Pavagadh Kalika temple is the renowned Mahakali Shakti Peeth near Vadodara in Gujarat. The temple is located near Champaner, ancient capital of Gujarat. It is one of the famous three Shakti peetha temples in the state. As per the legend of Shakti Peetha (Daksha Yagna – Sacrifice of Sati Devi and Rudra thandava of Lord Shiva), Sati Devi’s left breast is believed to have fallen here in Pavagadh. Navratri festival attracts millions of devotees. Pavagadh got its name because of the single hill surrounded with greenery all around.

It is believed that Sage Viswamitra was installed the idol of Kalika Mata in Pavagadh. Local people believe that the area is filled up with the power and shakti of Viswamitra Maharshi. In Pavagadh temple, Kalika Mata is worshipped as Dakshina Kali with tantric methods of puja.

Pavagadh temple is located at the height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). Devotees can also reach the temple through ropeway.

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