Guruvar Vrat Katha in Hindi | Brihaspati Vaar Vrat Katha in Hindi

Guruvar Vrat Katha in Hindi, Story of Brihaspati Vaar Vrat in Hindi is explained here along with the Brihaspati Bhagavan Katha. वृहस्पतिवार (गुरुवार व्रत) कथा प्राचीन समय की बात है– एक बड़ा प्रतापी तथा दानी राजा था, वह प्रत्येक गुरुवार को व्रत रखता एवं पून करता था. यह उसकी रानी को अच्छा न लगता. न […]

Bhaidooj Pujan Katha in Hindi, Story of Bhaidooj

Bhaidooj Katha in Hindi, Bhaidooj Vrat Katha in Hindi is given here.. भाई दूज कथा भाई-बहन के अटूट प्रेम और स्नेह के प्रतीक का पर्व भाई दूज की कथा इस प्रकार से है- छाया भगवान सूर्यदेव की पत्नी हैं जिनकी दो संतान हुई यमराज तथा यमुना. यमुना अपने भाई यमराज से बहुत स्नेह करती थी. […]

Ashwamedha Yagya by Sri Rama

The story of Ashwamedha Yagya by Sri Rama is also mentioned in Padma Purana’s Pathala Khanda. Sri Rama requested sage Agastya to tell about the means by which he could become liberated from the sins of killing brahmins. Sage Agastya advised him to perform Ashwamedha Yagya. He also described the rituals of performing Ashwamedha Yagya — […]

Story: Rukmini and Krishna, Why Krishna kidnaps Rukmini?

rukmini krishna story

The story of Rukmini and Krishna tell us why Krishna kidnaps Rukmini and the relationship between Rukmini Devi and Lord Sri Krishna… Maharshi Parashara narrated the story of Devi Rukmini’s abduction by Krishna. Both of them were fond of each other and desired to wed together. But, Rukmi the brother of Rukmini hated Krishna and was […]

Story of Sage Vishwamitra and Lord Indra

Many years ago, there was a terrible drought. There was no food to be had. The sage Vishvamitra had come to the banks of the river Goutami Ganga with his disciples. Vishvamitra’s wife, children and disciples were all hungry. The sage therefore sent his disciples out to look for food. They searched everywhere, but could […]

‘Chaturvyuhas’ of Lord Vishnu (Four Aspects of Manifestation)

According to the Pancharatra or the Bhagavata, that largely preaches the cult of Vishnu-Narayana. This particular cult has put forward the theory that Vishnu who is considered as the Supreme Lord has four aspects of manifestation. They are the supreme which means the Para, the emanation which means the Vyutha, the incarnation which means the […]

Story of Ganesha and Agastya Maharshi

Lord Ganapathi

What is the story of Ganesha and Agastya Maharshi? The story about Lord Ganesha and Agasthya Muni revolves around the Kaveri River (Cauvery)… Here is the full story of Ganesha and Agasthya Muni…. To celebrate the auspicious wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati all the gods and goddess gathered at Mount Kailas, the Himalayas. […]

Elinati Shani | 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit | Sadesati | Ezharai Sani

Elinati Shani (Sadesati Shani) is the 7 ½ years of Saturn Transit period which has greater significance in any native’s life. Saturn transits 2 years and 6 months in every sign. It takes 7 and a half years for Saturn to transit from the 12th sign to birth sign and to move out of the […]

Ashtama Shani | Effects of Sani in 8th House

Ashtami Shani is having Shani (Saturn) in 8th house either from Lagna chart (Natal chart) or Rashi (Moon sign). Among the 12 houses, the 8th house is known as highly inauspicious and brings utter distress to the native. 8th House denotes Longevity, comfort, insult, property through relatives after their death, life insurance, sorrow face, death, difficulties, […]

Famous Shani Temples, Temples dedicated to Lord Sani

Here is the list of famous Shani temples in India. Among all, Shanishingnapur Temple in Maharashtra, Tirunallar Shani temple in Tamil Nadu, Mandapalli Shani temple in Andhra Pradesh are most popular temples dedicated to Lord Shani. It is to note that regular Saturday (Shanivaar), Shani Trayodasi, Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti are the best or […]