Sony urged to portray Hindu gods with respect in video-game “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”

Concerned about trivialization; Hindus are urging Sony Corporation and its subsidiaries to depict Hindu deities, temples, traditions and concepts with respect and accuracy in video-game “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”; when it is released on August 22. This action-adventure video game is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, both Sony subsidiaries, for […]

Kandarpa Navami

Kandarpa Navami is an auspicious day falls in Ashada Month as per Hindu calendar. In 2017, Kandarpa Navami date is July 2. It is observed on Shukla Paksha Navami in Ashada Month. It is observed as Bhadali Navami in North India and Central Indian parts like Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and some parts […]

Shani Amavasya – 24 June 2017 | Arudra Nakshatra Amavasya

June 24, 2017 is Shani Amavasya. Shani Amavasya is a No Moon day which falls on Shanivar, Saturday. This is Jyeshta Amavasya as per Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu calendars and Ashada Amavasya in North Indian Hindi calendars. This Shani Amavasya is even more significant since it falls on Arudra Nakshatram (Thiruvathira Nakshatra). Arudra Nakshatra […]

Gopalkala 2017 or Dahi Handi celebrations during Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Gopalkala Dahi handi

Dahi Handi (Gopalkala) is the major celebrations in Maharashtra, and Gujarat states during Sri Krishna Janmashtami festival. In 2017, Gopalkala or Dahi Handi date is August 15. It is celebrated on the next day of Janmashtami. This festival attracts thousands of enthusiastic people from all over Maharashtra to Mumbai and Pune where the celebrations reach their […]

Kaliyadalana Ekadashi 2017

Kaliyadalana Ekadashi is one of the famous Ekadashi festivals celebrated at Puri Jagannath Temple, Odisha. In 2017, Kaliyadalana Ekadashi date is August 18. Kaliyadalana Ekadashi is observed in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada Month as per Odiya calendar. This Ekadashi coincides with Annada Ekadashi (Aja Ekadashi) in North Indian Purnimant Panchang and Amavasyant calendars followed in […]

Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples?

Shaving head in Hinduism

Why we Hindus shave our head in Temples? Devotees who visit the Tirupati temple donate their hair as offering at the shrine. Also, in India there is a tradition of shaving off one’s head when a dear one passes away. Why is this so, and what does shaving off one’s head have to do with […]

Aghora Chaturdashi 2017 | Aghora Chaturdasi Puja

Aghora Chaturdashi is observed on Chaturdashi day in Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month. In 2017, Aghora Chaturdashi date is August 20. It falls in Krishna Paksha of Shravan month as per Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu calendars. Aghora Chaturdasi is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva and Maa Kali. This day is very auspicious for Tantrik […]

Mahalaya Durga Puja 2017 | Beginning of Devipaksha

goddess durga bengali

Mahalaya, Mahalaya Amavasya is the last day of Pitru Paksha. In 2017, Mahalaya date is September 19. On this day, In Bengal, Durga Puja is started. Devotees welcome Goddess Durga or Mahishasura Mardhini to their homes on this day. The six-day long Durga Puja celebrations will be started on Mahalaya. In other parts of India, people observe […]

Pithori Amavasya 2017 | Pitori Amavas

Pithori Amavasya or Pitori Amavas is the festival observed on the Amavasya (No Moon day) during Bhadrapad month or Bhadra month. In 2017, Pithori Amavasya date is August 21.  As per Marati Calendar, Pithori Amavasya, also celebrated as Pola, falls on Amavasya in the Sravan month. Pithori Amavasya is an observance performed by married woman […]

Yathi Mahalaya 2017 | Sanyasi Shraddh

Yathi Mahalaya, Sanyasi Shraddh, Yateenam Mahalayam, Yathi Dwadashi Shraddh falls on Dwadashi Shraddh. In 2017, Yathi Mahalaya date is September 17. It is an auspicious day to offer Shraddh rituals to Yathis (Saints, Sadhus, Sanyasis, Rishis, etc). The holy people those who involved in writing, compiling, and structuring of Hindu scriptures are offered tharpan, pinda daan and […]