Andhakasura’s Story

Andhakasura’s Story is mentioned in Matsya Purana and many other Scriptures. The story of Andhakasura Vadha and Chandika Devi goes like this… Originally a darling boy of Devi Parvati, Andhakasura bacame a menace to the Universe. In a playful mood, she closed Shiva’s eyes and the perspiration on the latter’s forehead created a boy of muscular […]

Yayati Katha, Story of King Yayati

Yayati Katha, Story of King Yayati is explained here.. In the lunar dynasty, there was born a powerful king named Nahusha. He married Viraja and they had six sons named Yati, Yajati, Samyati, Ayati, Yati, and Suyati. Yati became a hermit. So although Yayati was not the eldest, he was crowned king after Nahusha. Yayati […]

Maha Vishnu, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, Ksirodakasayi Vishnu: 3 Aspects of Lord Vishnu

lord vishnu vishwarupam

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, the Sātvata-tantra largely describes three totally different aspects or forms of Lord Vishnu as initially as Mahā Vishnu, then as Garbhodakaśāyī Vishnu and next as Kṣīrodakaśāyī Vishnu Vishnu (Paramātmā). This is mentioned in Gaudīya Vaishnavism that belongs to the school of Vaishnavism. It is to be noted […]

Hindus exhort all Ohio schools to start the day with yoga like Newark elementary

Hindus have commended Ben Franklin Elementary School (BFES) of Newark City Schools (NCS) in Ohio for reportedly launching the school day with yoga, calling it a step in the positive direction. Pupils at BFES reportedly undertake yoga every morning, which it is claimed, prepared them for their time in school, changed their attitude and readied […]

University of Maryland study reveals yoga may help in back pain

“A new study by scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) has concluded that yoga may be helpful for low back pain”, according to a University of Maryland release. “We found that the practice of yoga was linked to pain relief and improvement in function,” said the study’s lead author Dr. L. […]

Hindus rated “fairly warmly” in USA, survey reveals

Most religious groups in USA rate Hindus fairly warmly, according to “polling and analysis” posted by Washington DC headquartered Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank, on February 15. Asked to rate a variety of groups on a “feeling thermometer” ranging from 0 to 100, Americans’ feelings toward Hindus have shifted from relatively neutral place […]

Bank of England refused to withdraw beef-laced banknotes

Hindus worldwide are upset over Bank of England’s blunt refusal to withdraw £5 polymer banknotes which reportedly contained traces of tallow, despite the serious concerns raised by the Hindu community. Bank of England (BOE) detailed statement, issued on February 15, said: Bank has concluded that it will not withdraw the current £5 polymer banknotes from […]

TTD Budget for 2017-18 is 2858 Crore Rs

TTD Budget for 2017-18 is 2858 Crore Rs.. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) on Tuesday (13 February 2017) approved its annual budget for the year 2017-18 with an estimated budget of Rs.2858.48crores. Some Highlights of the annual budget of TTD: ➢ TTD expected to receive Rs. 1110crores from capital funds (as kanuka) from devotees, which […]

Missouri Catholic hospital offers free yoga to prevent osteoporosis

Missouri Catholic hospital offers free yoga to prevent osteoporosis.. Mercy Hospital Washington (Missouri) is offering free yoga for people over 60 “aimed at preventing osteoporosis and other health issues that affect many seniors”. Announcement says that anyone aged sixty or more, “who is interested in increasing their strength and flexibility”, can enroll in this free […]

Peddagattu Jathara in Nalgonda district of Telangana, One of the biggest fairs in India

Peddagattu Jathata, also known as Lingamanthula Jathara, is held once in two years at Durajpalli in Nalgonda district of Telangana. In 2017, Peddagattu Jatara is being celebrated from February 12 to February 16. It is celebrated at Lingamanthula Swamy Temple at Durajpalli prior to Maha Shivaratri in Magha masam as per Telugu calendar. This Jatara is […]