Oriya Panji 2013: Download Oriya Panji, Oriya Calendar 2013 for free

Oriya Panji 2013, Download Oriya Panji 2013, Oriya Calendar 2013 for free download, Odiya Calendar 2013 PDF for free from the link given here. Oriya Panji 2013, Download Oriya Panji, Oriya Calendar 2013 for free.

Oriya Panji or Oriya Calendar is here for free download. You can easily download the Odiya Panji in PDF or html format.

And some other links are also provided for online monthly calendars. All these links are given in public interest for sensible usage.

Oriya calendar cum Oriya Panji 2013 in PDF format:

This Oriya calendar 2013 cum Odiya Panji is provided by Oriyanari in PDF format. You can download a single file for the whole calendar 2013. Click here for download.

Oriya Calendar 2013 cum Oriya Panji 2013:

This particular Panji is provided by Fullorissa. You can download monthly calendars or Panji. Separate links are given for different months of 2013. Click here for Free Download.

Online Oriya Panji 2013 cum monthly calendar 2013:

Online Oriya Panji cum monthly calendar 2013 is provided by Orissaindia. You can read and know the particular dates and timings of shubh muhurta and festivals by this calendar.Click here to download.

It is to note that there are six Panji in Oriya, Asali Khadiratna Panjeeka, Biraja Panji, Bhagyadaya Panji, Kohinoor Panji, Gaudiya Vishnava Panjika and Madala Panji.

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