Navratri Vrat Niyamas, Rules & code of Navaratri Vrat

Durga Navratri, any Navratri Puja has some vrat niyamas, basic rules, codes to follow. Those who follow these rules during Durga Navratri will be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

Here is a list of rules or code which can give you an idea on Navratri vrata niyamas:

  1. Maintain neatness in puja place.
  2. Avoid eating non-vegetarian food during Navratri vrat.
  3. Make a timetable for puja and follow that.
  4. Avoid entertainment and other recreational activities as much as possible.
  5. Avoid Maithuna (Sexual activities) during Navratri.
  6. Charity is the main aspect of Navratri. Do charity and donation as much as you can.
  7. Food charity is the main thing of this puja. Kumari Puja, Suhasini Pooja and Brahmin santarpana has to be performed during Vrata. Atleast a single Kanya or suhasini should be fed.
  8. Spend as much as time in Devi prarthana (in chanting devi stotra).

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  1. Are there any specific rules to break the fast as well ?

    What i understood from this article is that fasting is very much related to detoxification of the body & health due to changing climate during Navratri period..

  2. You can break your fast on Navami. Before breaking the Upavas you should perform Devi Udwasana Puja and chant Devi Apada Uddaraka stotram.

    Devi Apadoddaraka stotram’s main purpose is to pray the Goddess to forgive us for any faults that we have done during the fast and puja.

  3. I wan to know how to break the fast, I mean what pooja should I perform to break he fast on the 9 day. and please let me know when should I break the fast is it on navami or astami?