Narasimha Jayanti at Bangalore ISKCON Temple

Narasimha Jayanti at Bangalore ISKCON Temple is a jubilant occasion to visit the temple (Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple). In 2017, Narasimha Jayanti date is May 9 (as per Sri Vaishnava & ISKCON calendar).

There would be some special sevas on Narasimha Jayanti at Bangalore ISKCON Temple. The sevas are…

Chandan Seva

To keep the Deities cool from the scorching heat of the summer sun, the devotees will apply sandalwood paste over the deity of Lord Narasimha Deva.  You can also support for this seva.

Tulasi Archana Seva

Skanda Purana states
“…When the tulasi leaves are offered in devotion at the lotus feet of Krishna, there is the full development of love of Godhead.”
Tulasi leaves are offered thro’ out the day to the lotus feet of the deities and they are also offered to the Lord while offering of bhoga or naivedyam, offering of food stuffs. Besides, all the deities are offered special tulasi garlands on festivals. By rendering tulasi seva you get to support the most important aspect of deity worship in the temple.

Annadana Seva

Lord Krishna states (Bg 17.13) that “…any sacrifice without distribution of prasadam is in the mode of ignorance.”

The temple receives lakhs of visitors a month. Every visitor to Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Mandir of ISKCON Bangalore is served simple prasadam, after the darshana of the Deities. The average monthly expenditure for the same is Rs. 2,35,000/-. You get to support this seva by donating for Annadana Seva.

Narasimha Swamy at ISKCON Temple

Narasimha Swamy at ISKCON Temple

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