Mundan dates in 2017-2018, First Haircut for Baby, Chudakarana Ceremony, Kesha Kandana Muhurat 2017-2018

Mundan ceremony is one of the Shodasha Sanskar (Solah Sanskar – 16 Vedic sanskars) in Hinduism. It is the eighth Hindu ritual of 16 Sanskara.

As per the ‘Grhya Sutras’ Mundana ceremony should take place at the end of the first year of before the end of third year. If missed, baby’s first haircut should be done in seventh year.

Nowadays, most of the Hindus performing Kesha Kandana or Chudakarana sanskar during child’s 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th years. The even years like 2nd, 4th or 6th years should be avoided for Keshakhandana ceremony.

The list of auspicious dates, days and muhurats for Mundan in 2017-2018

Mundan Muhurat in January 2017

19 January 2017, Thursday – Chitra Nakshatra (Auspicious Time)

23 January 2017, Monday – Jyehsta Nakshatra, Ekadashi

30 January 2017, Monday – Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Mundan Muhurat in February 2017

3 February 2017, Friday – Ashwini Nakshatra

8 February 2017, Wednesday – Punarvasu Nakshatra (Auspicious Time)

9 February 2017, Thursday – Trayodashi

15 February 2017, Wednesday – Ahoratri (Auspicious Time)

20 February 2017, Monday – Dashami, Jyeshta Nakshatra

24 February 2017, Friday – Trayodashi (Auspicious Time)

Mundan Muhurat in March 2017

1 March 2017, Wednesday – Tritiya tithi (Auspicious Time)

2 March 2017, Thursday – After Bhadra, Ashwini Nakshatra

8 March 2017, Wednesday – Before Bhadra (Auspicious Time)

Mundan Muhurat in April 2017

21 April 2017, Friday – Before Bhadra

Mundan Muhurat in May 2017

8 May 2017, Monday – Trayodashi

18 May 2017, Thursday – Saptami

22 May 2017, Monday – Revati Nakshatra, Ekdashi

29 May 2017, Monday – After Bhadra

Mundan Muhurat in June 2017

19 June 2017, Monday – Before Bhadra

26 June 2017, Monday – Pushya Nakshatra

Mundan Muhurat in July 2017

3 July 2017, Monday – Dashami tithi

There is no auspicious Mundan Muhurats in August 2017.

There is no auspicious Mundan Muhurats in September 2017

There is no auspicious Mundan Muhurats in October 2017.

Mundan Muhurat in November 2017

20 November 2017, Monday – Jyeshta Nakshatra

There is no auspicious Mundan Muhurats in December 2017.

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  1. Vedartham Chakrapani says:

    Please provide the auspicious dates in November 2015 for the Kesakhandan of my grandson

  2. Krishna says:

    Hi, My son’s date of birth is 25/08/2015, We are planning do his first mundan on 19th august 2015 in Muzaffarpur Bihar. I am asking this question as I can not see any date on August 2015 in the website…/ So above date would be good or not. One more question: What are disadvantages if mundan are not done is the shubh muhurth. Thanks A lot in Advance. Please let me know Thanks Krishna

  3. ashish patel says:

    My son DOB 11/06/2014 time, 10:50hrs & place ofbirth is anjangaion surji dist amravati maharashtra.I am kindly requested that the dates & time for Kesha mundane.

  4. Puttaraju says:

    My son DOB 23/08/2012 time, 17:50hrs & place of birth is Davanagere.
    I am kindly requested that the dates & time for Kesha mundane.

  5. Pushpa says:

    My son date of birth is 03/24/2009 at 1:32 noon. Please kindly tell me the muhurat for mundan of my son in 2015.

  6. Binode Kripalani Numerologist says:

    can anybody give me auspicious date for first hair cut.during the year 2014 and 2015 before march .please sms at 09322902281 . anybody wants numerology help for naming the baby call me

  7. Monika says:

    My daughter born on 27 oct 2013. we want to perform mundan during Sep or oct 2014, I saw there is no auspicious days available in those months. Can i perform mundan in Navarati starting from 25th sep 2014

  8. Limit View says:

    Hi, My daughter's date of birth is 03/10/2013, We are planning do her first mundan on 29th june 2014 in Tirputhi Bala ji. I am asking this question as I can not see any date on june 2014 in the website So above date would be good or not. One more question: What are disadvantages if mundan are not done is the shubh muhurth. Thanks A lot in Advance. Please let me know ASAP Thanks Anudeep

  9. Saketha says:

    auspicious days in august 2013 for hqir removal ceremony

  10. Manthan says:

    according to telugu panchangam shall we cut the hair on sundays

  11. Manjulika says:

    according to hindu religion when we go for mundan of baby

  12. Savi says:

    muhurat for mundan in 2013 according to north indian calendar

  13. Vibhut says:

    good days in august 2013 for head shaving for baby

  14. Ahilya says:

    suitable muhurtham for first time haircut in tirumala

  15. Suprabha says:

    date of mundan sanskar for baby for 2013

  16. Vidhesh says:

    subh muhurat in august 2013 for mundan sanskar

  17. Nishant says:

    mundan sanskar for boys right month in jyotish

  18. Latakara says:

    auspicious days for mundan in august september october november 2013

  19. Narayanan says:

    hair cutting is suitable during which malayalam month?

  20. Harper says:

    mundan for baby can be performed in navami

  21. Vairinchya says:

    kesha khandana on which month perform for the first time for a boy

  22. Pankaja says:

    good mahurat kesh kandan aug to december 2013

  23. Nissim says:

    muhurat for mundan in august 2013 as per indian calendar

  24. Keemaya says:

    subh muhurat for hair cut in july 2013 in hindi

  25. Virikvas says:

    best time for newborns first haircut in hindu

  26. Sunirmal says:

    auspicious days in 2013 for first hair cut

  27. Rudra says:

    auspicious days in nov 2013 for baby head shave ceremony

  28. Gajaadhar says:

    28th July 2013 a good day for Mundan

  29. Vishva says:

    good days for newborn baby in july 2013 in telugu

  30. Marsha says:

    mundan ceremony shubh muhurat on july 17th 2013

  31. Vishwankar says:

    auspicious days for baby first haircut in 2013

  32. Priyaranjan says:

    according to banarasi panchang which date is the auspicious for mundan sanskar

  33. Aarini says:

    muhurat to be followed for daily shave or haircut

  34. Samarjit says:

    what is the auspicious time for tonsure ceremony hinduism

  35. Onella says:

    auspicious day to tonsure for baby in the month of aug 13

  36. Radha says:

    shub mundan dates in hindu darm july 2013

  37. Shukra says:

    when to do mundan for baby boy in2013

  38. Mukund says:

    on which month first haircut done for girl in india

  39. Vidip says:

    mundan dates in august 2013 according to indian calendar

  40. Abhik says:

    in aashada masam can we remove first hair of baby

  41. Rajshri says:

    good days for kesa kandanam for first time for baby

  42. Purohit says:

    find auspicious mundan sanskar dates in kashi panchang

  43. Vasudev says:

    what should be the name for a baby boy if born on 28th june 2013 at 10 41am

  44. Amshu says:

    dates of mundan ceremony in month of july 2013 as per astronomy

  45. Hansin says:

    good time / day for kesha khandan in sept 2013

  46. Chandrika says:

    asper astrology for babies hair cutting can be done on which age & which day

  47. Syum says:

    mundan sanskar days in july north indian calendar

  48. Vrisan says:

    in hindus when should baby girl get first haircut

  49. Nayakan says:

    can mundan take place in month of shravan

  50. Kanupriya says:

    when to do mundan of baby boy in 2013

  51. Gursharan says:

    auspicious day in july for mundan ceremony 2013

  52. Rewa says:

    kesha mundane in 2nd year for child according to vedic

  53. Kerani says:

    Cutting hair good date in panchangam this year

  54. Manda says:

    Muhurtham dates for first hair cut gor babies in july 2013

  55. Arshad says:

    how many months boy baby first hire cut panchang 2013

  56. Ashwabha says:

    auspicious date for baby mundan in july 2013

  57. Vishodhan says:

    mundan sanskar 15th july 2013 in hindi sait

  58. Shiven says:

    can girl mundan be on first week of july

  59. Talish says:

    auspicious day for baby first hair cut in 2013

  60. Kameshvari says:

    shubh muhurat for bringing new born baby back

  61. Devguru says:

    good day to hair cut for the 9 months baby girl

  62. Banwari says:

    mundan ceremony dates of baby born on 12 may 2013

  63. Rima says:

    chudakarma muhurat for karka rashi child in 2013

  64. Hemraj says:

    can a babys mundan be done on a saturday

  65. Sudama says:

    where can i do my babys mundan in pune

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    can I do mundan of a five months old baby girl

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    kannada panchanga good day for haircut for girl baby

  68. Supriya says:

    mundan ceremony dates in october and november 2013

  69. Shameena says:

    date of mundan in 2013 june & july

  70. Hiral says:

    good date to shave baby hair in the month of july 2013

  71. Bhrigu says:

    hasta milap muhurat in new jersey on october 26th 2013

  72. Mahalakshmi says:

    good day for house seramany in july 2013

  73. Devkumar says:

    auspicious days in june july 2013 tonsure head

  74. Minal says:

    mundan sanskar is in aug and sep 2013

  75. Ishir says:

    in hinduism which nakshatra can we do haircut

  76. Jagdish says:

    auspicious days for hair tonsuring for the first time

  77. Vishvamitra says:

    mithil mundan is on bhadra day is possible

  78. Karuna says:

    my baby date of birth 30/07/2012 what was mundan date acording hindus

  79. Vajrabaahu says:

    best dates of hair cutting of newborn boy in 2013

  80. Arshi says:

    auspicious days to shave baby head on 2013

  81. Shaligram says:

    hindu auspicious dates 2013 for baby shaving head

  82. Laxmi says:

    baby first hair cut muhurut from 16 august to 16 september

  83. Balaji says:

    Andhra calender 2013 auspisious day to do hair removal

  84. Ghalib says:

    auspicious days for girls mundan ceremony in 2013

  85. Vasupati says:

    gud day for baby headshave in july 2013

  86. Sanvi says:

    auspicious date for mundan in 2013 baby born 10th october 2012

  87. Bhuvi says:

    goodday for baby hair cut in month july 2013

  88. Mahamaya says:

    auspicious time for shaving babys head in 2013

  89. Bhupendra says:

    auspicious day in july and august 2013 for first haircut

  90. Vitaharya says:

    auspicious day for mundan of girl in 2013

  91. Vikram says:

    hindu good muhratam for first hair cut for kids

  92. Chandramauli says:

    shubh divas for first time hair cutting of new born baby

  93. Birju says:

    auspicious days for baby mundan in june 2023

  94. Raman says:

    first hair cut for hindu boy – odd or even month

  95. Anasuya says:

    in which month should we do mundan for baby girl

  96. Poornima says:

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  97. Vritika says:

    auspicious days for removing birth hair of children in june 2013

  98. Dewansh says:

    Mundan muhurat in 2013 according to mithila panchang

  99. Hasmukh says:

    2013 good date in oct for mundan of boy

  100. Malank says:

    hindi calender subh muharat for mundan in june 2013

  101. Subal says:

    2013 auspicious dates in august for mundan ceremony

  102. Nidhi says:

    2013 auspicious days and dates for mundan of child

  103. rupali says:

    can you please respond back when would be a good time for chudakaran for a boy baby born on 29th June 2012.thanks-rupali

  104. Sachit says:

    auspicious day for haircut a baby boy hair for the first time

  105. Rampratap says:

    head tonsure ceremony good dates in june 2013

  106. Upada says:

    north indian hindu calendar 2013 for mundan dates

  107. Subal says:

    IS june 15th auspicious day for head shave

  108. Satya says:

    muhurt of mundan sanskar in the month of june 2013

  109. Ekaa says:

    best muhurat injuly 2013 for new baby cermony

  110. Tanzil says:

    suitable date & time in the month of june 2013 of mundan sanskar in haridwar

  111. Skandajit says:

    which day is good for upnayan sanskar in june 2013

  112. Koshin says:

    is agoood day on 13 of june for hair cut

  113. Abhira says:

    auspicious days to have a haircut in jUne 2013

  114. Pushkal says:

    best day in june for hair cutting of baby girl

  115. Kamalesh says:

    what are the good muhurat for baby boy mundane

  116. Manojavaya says:

    upcoming muhurat for mundan ceremony in june 2013

  117. Phalgun says:

    auspicious time for baby hair cut in 2013

  118. Rajnish says:

    muhoorthams in june 2013 to conceive a baby boy

  119. Saffar says:

    muhurat for baby function in june 2013 in telugu

  120. dharmendra srivastva says:

    good day for first mundan before 16 june 2013.

  121. Nilasha says:

    good days for 1st mundan in june 13

  122. Shaila says:

    auspicious day for baby first haircut (mundan) in 2012

  123. Jitendra says:

    It seems like from the above chart that there is no date for mundan after July-2013. Is there any other dates available in 2013?
    Hope to see your reply.

  124. Vaikuntanath says:

    muhurtham for hair removing ceremony in june 13

  125. Sudhakar Shukla says:

    my sons date of birth is 21 July 2009 time 13:55 pm. can you please tell me his mihurt for his Mundan

  126. Divyendu says:

    kesh kandana subh muhurat july to decmber 2013

  127. Ikshita says:

    head shaving function at navami day is acceptable?

  128. Smera says:

    when to do baby girls first haircut andhra pradesh

  129. Nand-kishore says:

    best days to remove hair per hindu calendar

  130. Karnajeet says:

    can we do mundan ceremony in dhanur maasa?

  131. Malank says:

    natchathiram and zodiac sign for date 29 05 2013 time 8 55 a m

  132. Vaidyanaath says:

    mundan for baby boy in navi mumbai temple

  133. Aadi says:

    auspicious mahurth for mundan in june july 2013

  134. Mridul says:

    mundan dates as per mithila panchang in 2013

  135. Suvarnarekha says:

    is 29th may is a auspicious day for mundan

  136. Suyamun says:

    auspicious days for mundan ceremony in may 2013

  137. Shriyadita says:

    which date is good for my child mundan

  138. Saesha says:

    kesha kandana muhurthams in june 2013 in telugu

  139. Harshal says:

    shubh muhurat for jawal ceremony in may 2013

  140. Supriti says:

    can we do mundan for 5 month ol baby

  141. Vinay says:

    best day for hindu girl to get a haircut

  142. Jwalant says:

    baby girl mundan ceremony we can do ashada masam

  143. Ishwarya says:

    auspacious dates for mundan as per hindu in 2013

  144. Sannigdh says:

    good dayinjune 2013 for 11 months baby hair cutting

  145. Srijan says:

    best date for mundan in may and june 2013

  146. Karmendra says:

    boy babys first hair removal ceremony on which nakshatra

  147. Nivedita says:

    auspicious time for mundan for girls in 2013

  148. Anushka says:

    mother will perform mundan ceremony in uttar pradesh

  149. Lochan says:

    possibility for mundan date on 31st may 2013

  150. Sriansh says:

    auspicious dates for mundan in may and june foe 10 month old boy

  151. Mihika says:

    what is the best time and date to shave by pachangam

  152. Nirahankara says:

    how to find out muhurat for baby shower in june 2013

  153. Abhirath says:

    auspicious day for mundan of child in may 2013

  154. Chandrapushpa says:

    dates for mundan in month of may 2013

  155. Jignesh says:

    can we perform mundan ceremony is ashada masam

  156. Shrivas says:

    mundan mhurat for baby born on august 6th 2012

  157. Venu says:

    where in New York can i get my sons hair mundan

  158. Sumitra says:

    best mahurat for hair removing ceremony in October 2013

  159. Makhesh says:

    according to hindu calendar mundan sanskar dates in year 2014

  160. Supti says:

    Auspitious date time of 2013 according to hindus for mundan ceromony

  161. Dharm-mitra says:

    good date in telugu june 2013 for hair offering

  162. Rupi says:

    in hinduism best time to cut hair for growth 2013

  163. Rohtak says:

    auspicious days in june 2013 for head shaving

  164. Sashreek says:

    what is the best time today 15 th may 2013 in usa st louis according to hindu calender

  165. Lakshaki says:

    shubh muhurat in june 2013 for mundan according to mithila panchang

  166. Tharisha says:

    mundan dates in 2013 nov by hindu calendar

  167. Surush says:

    auspicious time for mundan on 15 th may

  168. Pranali says:

    auspicious day in may 2013 to shave a childs hair

  169. Imani says:

    good dates in may for kids hair removal ceremony

  170. Arjuni says:

    mundan ceremony in date in 2013 baby girl hindu calendar

  171. Kanchanprabha says:

    muhurat in may 2013 for hair removal of baby

  172. Shray says:

    subha muhurtham days in may 2013 for hair offering

  173. Sumay says:

    is 26th may a good day for child mundan

  174. Ramya says:

    can boys mundan ceremony be performed in 8th month

  175. Manendra says:

    jawal first babies hair cutting meaning in english

  176. Chunni says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 for baby first haircut

  177. Jinadev says:

    good days for cuttin hair vedic astrology may 2013

  178. Samvrita says:

    what if we missed auspicious dates for mundan in the first year

  179. Rukmini says:

    can you do mundan ceremony on akshaya tritiya day

  180. Deepesh says:

    auspicious time on may 15th 2013 for mundan ceremony

  181. Samen says:

    shubh muhurat for mundan on 15/05/2013 in india

  182. Daaruk says:

    auspicious dates for baby first haircut (mundan) in 2013

  183. Tapomay says:

    where i can see the date about mundan

  184. Mrigankasekhar says:

    subh muhurthams for seemantham in june 2013 in hindupad

  185. Charumati says:

    mundan ceremony at vaishno devi muhurat in may 2013

  186. Rakesh says:

    subh din for traveling of new born baby on 13 may

  187. Sourish says:

    auspicious time for mundan on 13th may 2013

  188. Tusya says:

    subh mundan tithi & time in may 2013

  189. Kumar says:

    11 may an auspicious day for mundan ceremony

  190. Sohil says:

    best day for mundan between 31st may or 3rd june 2013

  191. Raajyashree says:

    auspicious day for hair tonsure for my baby

  192. Veerottam says:

    hindupad 2012 mundan dates first haircut baby chudakarana ceremony kesha kandana muhurat

  193. Shivansh says:

    auspicious time on 13th may 2013 for mundan ceremony

  194. Komal says:

    dates for mundan ceremony for baby boy in may

  195. Vardhan says:

    is 2 may is shubh muhurat for mundan in 2013

  196. Abhyudaya says:

    hair remuval ceremony for babies in temples at banglore

  197. Parvat says:

    can mundan be done on akshaya tritiya if he is born on tritiya

  198. Chandragupt says:

    child mundan dates for the month of may

  199. Dhananad says:

    good day to cut hair in may 2013 according to hinduism

  200. Tamalika says:

    ascpious date for first tonsure as per telegu

  201. Ratanjali says:

    first haircut ceremony hindu auspicious date and time

  202. Rishika says:

    auspicious days for chuda removal in may 2013

  203. Shat-manyu says:

    good dates for baby hair cut in june 2013 in telugu calendar

  204. Nishant says:

    when to do the baby boys first tonsure as per hinduis

  205. Satyavati says:

    subh din in june 2013 for baby born

  206. Chandraaditya says:

    auspicious day for removing hair in may 2013

  207. Visvayu says:

    good day in month of june 2013 for mundane

  208. Lakshmigopal says:

    what is the procedure of baby girl hair mundan

  209. Pradhi says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for mundan ceremony

  210. Heramba says:

    mundan datesw in may for july born baby

  211. Sateendra says:

    good day for head shave for baby in 2013

  212. Aaradhak says:

    auspicious days in july 2013 to remove baby hair

  213. Milap says:

    best hindu temple for kesha kandana in usa

  214. Goral says:

    date of hindu mundan sanskar in january 2014

  215. Preetish says:

    may 2013 calendar munden sanskar date and time

  216. Krishnachandra says:

    mundan dates in 2013 acc to hindu calender

  217. Vibhavari says:

    which places in uttar pradesh where did mundan

  218. Priyaank says:

    which day is good of the week is good for mundan

  219. Alankar says:

    shubh muhurat for mundan in 2013 in may

  220. Jagvi says:

    can i do mundan for my son who is 18 month old on akshaya tritiya in 2013

  221. Sarala says:

    good day for kesha kandana for utthara badhra pada nakshatra in may 2013

  222. Keshi says:

    auspicious day to carry tonsure of hindu baby boy

  223. Ekantika says:

    shub mahurat date for mundane in may 2013

  224. Kintan says:

    how to conduct mundan of a violent child

  225. Dattatreya says:

    giid dartes in april for mundan in april 2013

  226. Pival says:

    mundan date by hindu calender in may june

  227. Aanandita says:

    childs mundan date in the month of may

  228. Ruhi says:

    good days in may 2013 for religious function for hindu

  229. Mriganayani says:

    want to know the mundan dates by date of birth

  230. Hindola says:

    how to see good day for first hair shave hindu panchangam

  231. Hind says:

    is there any mundan dates in may 2013

  232. Lokajanani says:

    date for mundan sanskar in 2013 with timing

  233. Jahnavi says:

    auspicious days in may 2013 for children mundane

  234. Basant says:

    Mundan dates in may 2013 in uttar pradesh

  235. Ramkrishna says:

    is it ok to perform child mundan in shirdi

  236. Shoor says:

    Hair cutting muhurtham as per telugu panchangam 2013 for meena rashi

  237. Medhansh says:

    when is the mundan done in bihar hindu

  238. Trishulini says:

    best day in may 2013 for kesha khandana

  239. Shari says:

    auspicious dates for baby first haircut (mundan) in 2012

  240. Navita says:

    mundan sanskar for boys in october and november 2013

  241. Natesh says:


  242. Shree says:

    good days in august 2013 for first haircut

  243. Ruchir says:

    suitable days for mundan sanskar as per jyotish in 2013-14

  244. Sannigdh says:

    Subh Date for mundan sanskar in apr may 2013

  245. Martanda says:

    mundan days for 28th july 2010 born boy

  246. Shvetavah says:

    vidhi for mundan for 5 year girl child

  247. Saruprani says:

    shubh days for mundan in may 2013 in vrindavan

  248. Talika says:

    when baby hair removal ceremony according to hindu calendar 2013

  249. Dhuha says:

    auspicious day to shave head in may 2013

  250. Mamta Tripathi says:

    My son DOB is 13/06/2011 birth time 8.55 am place kota (Rajasthan) pls tell me Mundan Sansakr suitable dates

    Thanks & regards

  251. Padmayani says:

    13th may akshay tritya subh muhrat for mundan

  252. Jinabhadra says:

    what is the best day for getting mundan ?

  253. Girilal says:

    good day for baby hair cut in may2013 month

  254. Yajat says:

    i can go june 17 for my son kesha khandana

  255. Talika says:

    4 5 may2013 accurate dates for a boy mundan ceremony by hindu astrology

  256. Sreya says:

    mundan sanskar for boys right date mey 2013

  257. Vivan says:

    born in aug 2012 when to perform mundan

  258. Vipaschit says:

    most auspicious day for baby boy mundan ceremony in june 2013

  259. Keva says:

    is april 21 2013 good day for baby first haircut according to hindu calendar

  260. Bhanusri says:

    What is The best time and date Chol mundan of may month 2013

  261. Pranita says:

    auspicious days in 2013 for mundan of a girl child

  262. Reshmi says:

    The best time and date Chol mundan of may month 2013