Mulugu Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF in Telugu, Mulugu Ramalingeswara Prasad Panchangam 2014-2015

Mulugu Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF in Telugu is here to download for free. Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad is a famous Telugu Astrologer and Panchanga kartha based at Hyderabad. He wrote and compiled Shubhathidhi Panchangam 2014-2015 of Sri Jaya nama samvatsaram in Telugu.

In this Panchangam, you will get Shubha Muhurtham, Dur muhurtham time, varjam time, sunrise, sunset, rahu kaalam, and Yamaganda kaalam of each day in Kharanama samvatsara calendar year. It also listed out the Telugu festivals dates in 2014 & 2015 calendar year.

Click here to download Telugu Calendar 2014 PDF for free

Here, you can download Mulugu Panchangam 2014-2015 PDF in Telugu for free.

Mesha Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Vrishabha Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Midhuna Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Karkataka Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Simha Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Kanya Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Tula Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Vrischika Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Dhanussu Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Makara Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Kumbha Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

Meena Rashi 2014-2015 Predictions

You can also download the panchangam from the official website of Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad Siddhanthi.

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    Birth date: 13/12/14 night 1.38 am ( 14/12/14)
    Birth place: SRIKAKULAM,Andhrapradesh,532001
    Longitude 83:52 E
    Latitude: 18:18 N

  4. Namaste sir,
    My son date of birtth 12-10-1998. Nakshtram punarvasu. Next year he will go to college. Whi ch field is good for him and how is his future . Could pl email your suggerstion . Thankyou.

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  6. I saw a telugu calendar in net in USA in which it is written vijaya nama samvatsaramu october2014. How neglisence it si this is jaya nama samvasram.similarly many purohits donot know the difference between sukls and bahjla pakshas they use very freely sukla paksha. These people think mm others donot any thing of these.

  7. A telugu calendar and panchangam in USA showed octo b er 2014 as vijayanam samavastram a high negilisence and people recklessley write like this saying b they predicted this mm or that Many calendars did not report solar eclipse mm of 23rd oct 2014.

  8. Dear sir,
    I am working as a Computer Operator in Horticulture Department under SHM Scheme since 6 years. But I have not regularise the services. Please give suggestions for regularisation. I belongs to Vrushabha Rasi, Mrigashira Nakshatram 2 padam my place is Nizamabad. Please give some suggestions to my life. My date of birth is 30-08-1973 as per record, actuallly my date of birth is 30-12-1973.

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    i dont have date of birth,so, could you please suggest me the correct date of birth.

  16. sir.. can i know whether barter system of marriage will have any bad effects for both the couples.can barter marriages be done??.

  17. Br. Sri.Sidhanthi garu predicted the formation of Telangana state a certain. Today Sri Sri Sri Swarupanandendra Swamiji told that Telangana would not happen. Is that his prediction on jyothishyam or it is his own version of understanding of the circumstances? Sidhanthi garu may clarify please.

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  20. find the tithi and paksh masa for myfather who expired on 6th november 2006 from any marathi panchang

  21. how is 21st aug 2013 for girl student with karkataka rasi according to telugu panchangam by sankaramanchi ramakrishna sastri


  23. what is the astrology of a girl whose name is Preyashi birth date is 1st feb 1994 zodiac sign is virgo ?

  24. free download mulugu varaprasad siddhantis astrology cancer zodiac and scorpio moon sign for the year 2013 for free

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  43. I use to observe the predication of Shri. Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad and found that 90-92% predications are accurate. We eagerly wait for every Sunday to watch his predication.

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  81. namaskaram swami my name is sowmya DOB 07/03/1987 nenu married na marriage aye 3years autundi na married life and na future gurunchi chapandi financial position kuda me veluvaina suchana kuda evaandi enka na bhaveshatu gurinchi

  82. Namaskaram Swami. My name is praneeth kumar DOB 01/01/1989. morning 8:30…….. nenu govt job chestuna. nenu group I/II success avutana?. Naa life bagundataniki tagina suchanulu ivvagaluru.

  83. Namaskaram swamiji my name is ratna kumari my D O B is11/06/1977 .I have any chances to get gov job piz tell me sir

  84. Namakhram swamy….. I lavanya kumari DOB:- 23/7/1987 timings 12:38 Afternoon… from Visakhapatnam. Plz tell me on my futher …. Iam completed BE. When will be my marriage plz send to my email id. Plz guruji plz we requried fast

  85. swami naperu ,sk.sanheera tara,d/b:30.4.1992,time:12.10 minutes night,wednesday,place of birth:gudur nellore district ,naku vivaram ga na chaduvu patla telapandi ,job a year lo vastundi telapandi,na peli gurinchi kuda telapandi,iena valatho peli jaruguntunda lekapotey paraevalatho na na peli jarigaydi a dikuna untaru nanu vivaham adapoye aatanu ,a year lo marriage jarugutundo spastam ga vivarinchandi

  86. swami naku na peli vivaralu kavalenu ,na date of birth:30.4.1992,time:12:10minutes a.m wednesday night,place:gudur nellore district,a year lo na chaduvu purti avtundi ,job vastunda leda nenu b.b.m degree final year epudu jarugutundi,a year lo na peli jarugutundi ,adi iena valatho na lekapotey paraevaluna adi kuda telapandi,nenu twaraga reply pampalane prardistuntanu swami na mail ku pampandi vivaram ga

  87. namastey !!ma sister ku peli apudu fix avtundi adi a year lo jarugutundi ,banduvulalona lekapotey paraevaluna ,tana date of birth:12.10.1991,time:8.15pm ratri,gudur nellore district,maku twara ga reply cheyandi swami ,vivaralu ee mail ku pampandi

  88. na peru p.gopal reddyna DOB3.4.1968 na marrieage 22.04.1992naku son and daughter son DOB 14.06.1994
    B.TECH first year SRINIDHI COLLEGE C.SE branh.
    daughter DOB 26.08.1996 Bi.pc first year narayana jr college,
    resi dencial uppal

  89. sar namaste na d.b 22.09.1982 11;30 pm narasi meenam nenu waparm chestunnanu waparamsarigaledu eppudubagavuntundo vivaralu teliyacheyndi

  90. namaskaram andi na peru krishnaveni nenu sep 2nd na 1991 na madyahanam 1.45 min lo jan minchanu na raasi vrushabham nenu ipudu mba chadavanukuntuna vidya jivitham gurinchi telusu kovali anukuntunanu daya chesi na vivaralu chada galarani na pradana swami na peli epudu kanunado kuda kavalanu

  91. Namasthe swamy,
    naa peru k madhavaiah naaD O B 02-10-1975 time above 12.30 AM place tirupathi. naa jathakam telusukovali naa ku marriage iendhi naa wife peru swarna latha maa pappa peru bhavana nenu arthikanga chala nastapoyanu epudu naa kastalu eppudu theruthai nenu arthikanga setelavali

  92. namasthe.please naa jathakam gurinchi cheppandi. naa BOD 19-07-1970.TIME-8;30 am sunday.PLACE HYDERABAD
    star : uttarashada 2 padam

  93. Namashte Swamigaru, My name is B.V.S.N.Murthy,D.O.B is : 13-11-1968, 11.40 A.M at Chittoor,(Andhra Pradesh ).When I will be free from financila problems, please check and inform me.

  94. Hello Sir,
    This is swetha,dob:22-05-87 time 11.20pm born in hyderabad,Im working in wipro company but im not at all satisfied with my job.
    Sir i have given a government job exam on june 17th 2012(Assisstant Director in economics and statistics)
    Do i get dat job? Do i have a government job in my career?
    Could you please let me know regarding this.Please do the needful

  95. Namasthe sir this is prudhvi my date of brith is 21-06-1991 friday 9.15 pm sir tell me the my personal hygroscopy plzz sir plz

  96. Namasthe Swamy,, my D:0:B; 8 march 1990, between 6:00 to 7;00 am, bellampalli, adhilabad dist, sir i my studing MBA II yrs. I want how my study? what about my futre? and when will be my marriage, plz tell sir , plz tell me sir,plz tell meeeeeeeee

  97. Namasthe Swamy,, my D:0:B; 8 march 1990, between 6:00 to 7;00 am, bellampalli, adhilabad dist, sir i my studing MBA II yrs. I want how my study? what about my futre? and when will be my marriage, plz tell sir , plz tell me sir, plz sir pl sir

  98. Namasthi swamy my brother name is Sri Mani Arunkumar;D.O.B:26/01/1992;time:between 04:00 to 04:30 am;kakinada;what is his nashathara and which padam,present he is studying
    CA from 2009 he completed only first enterance of it and second he was not able to completing it but he is reading still,shall we continue him to study CA or not ,if not next what he must study,how his future will be.

  99. Namasthe swamy my name is Chandrakalavathi;D.O.B:27/09/1990;time:08:11pm;kakinada;
    i want to know that, i completed my,and next i want to do civils,shall i do that,if not what to do next.and when will be my marrage proposal must taken.

  100. Namasthi swamy,my name is Chandrakalavathi;D.O.B:27/09/1990;kakinada; i want to know that i had completed my,and next i want to do civils,is it sutes for me or what to take next step,and when to do the marrage.

  101. Namasthe swamy,my date of birth is 21january1985 ,06:10am.i want to know about that when i will settle in my job and i want to know about my future.plz tell me,if there is any sugession tell me.

  102. Sir, my son name Turaga Purna Prabhakar. D.O.B 12/12/1979, Pace of Birth Khammam. Uthara -2nd padam. we want know about my son’s marriage when will be in future.



  105. sir this is my life and death question please give me the solution to my liife
    My date of birth is 3rd dec 1990. and time is 7.30pm. I am breakup with my love 8mnths back but really i don’t want loose her in my life am trying a lot to convience her but she is not looking to me from 8mnths am suffering with this problem sir i have no other option except her in my life sir please tell me is she come back or not into my life if not what can i do for her to come into my life as my wife.

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  107. naku asahanam ga unti endukukante nenu em anukunna pani kavatledu ento badapaduthunna daya chesi future cheppandi

  108. My name is Chidella Durga Bhavani. My Date of Birth is May, 17th, 1987, time is 8.03pm Nenu anukunnavi evi jaragatledu Please tell the future Naku marraige avutunda leda

  109. My name is Chidella Durga Bhavani. My Date of Birth is May, 17th, 1987, time is 8.03pm Nenu anukunnavi evi jaragatledu Please tell the future

  110. sir i want to know my zodiac sign and other details
    my date of birth is 07-11-1982. I was bornin sunday at 2.30 afternoon in vijayawada

  111. My dob 29-06-1987, time 6 to 7 pm.Past one year iam in search of job. am i going to get the job or not.pls help me out.

  112. sir,
    i am harshita studying 2nd year correspondent and also studying icwai. but i wrote icwai foundation exam3 times. actually i am from mpc . for 1st time i couldn’t clear up accounts, 2nd time i passed all exams but couldn’t get aggregate. now i am waiting for results. my dob is 11-4-1992, time of birth early morning 2:45, place of birth kharagpur. please tell future.

  113. sir,
    my date of birth is 08-09-1965, night 11’o clock.i want to know my nakshartram and raasi .please tell me my future.

  114. sir na date of birth 19-03-1988 time 05:32. my marriahe date 09-02-2011. plz tell me my future. and i am waiting my is long prosess …….

  115. sir am original name is santhipriya. saiprasanna is my present studying ca. I am finish my first year sucessfully.but 2year i face many problems. some body telling me this profession is not sutable for me is it right? pis tell me my future? my dob;28-8-1991 time of birth 6;16 am place of birth karvetnagaram

  116. sir, i am prasanna kumari . my DOB: 10/03/1982, time of birth 5.20am.
    place of birth-Machilipatnam, i am working as teacher at warangal please tell my raasi and nakshartram and please tell me that how is my future when i am entering in to politics

  117. sir i’m saikumar, my DOB: 15/08/1989, time of birth-12.55pm. place of birth-hyderabad, iam studing chartered accountancy course and please tell me about my future sir. please tell me my rashi and nakshtra.

  118. sir i was born on 13.10.1973.time of birth 10.30morning. birth place MAHABUBABAD A.P my marriage date is 12.12.2005.till i have no children when i get children.and how is my future sir

  119. sir i was born on 10-11-1961 my name is not according to the nakstram i was born at visakhapatnam i am a govt employe i am waiting for promotion since a long time please tell when i will get it .i joined in job 1985.

  120. hai sir my name is ranadheer my date of birth 19 july1984, time between 6pm to 7pm plz tell me my futher sir job amd marrige plz sir

  121. Sir,I am Krisna and am married, unexpectedly i got married her name is Suma latha , but i call sindhu only, we married 11 Nov 2011 night 9.35pm pls tell me our future (my dob 8/7/1984 1:15am My wife dob 21/1/1983).

  122. Dear sir,
    Am krishna my Janma namam ROSHAYYA,Swathi nakstram date of birth 8/7/1984, time between 1am to 2am (i think 1.15am).Still am searching for a job, please tell me my future i’l get future r not.
    thank you.

  123. Sir, I Was Born on 18-10-1986 At 6.00am in Mahabubnagar, andhrapardesh, please tell me my marrige and job, any solution

  124. sir my birth time is 11.44pm 28-8-1986, plese tell me about my marrige and job. present my situation is very bad tell me any solution.

  125. Sir my daughter is born on April 7th 2010 in chennai T 9.30 am. can u pls tell me the rasi ad nakshatra and also the starting letters of her name.

  126. My date of birth is 04-07-1984, meena raasi,born at Aakiveedu near bhimavaram Please tell me about our wife husband relation and job opportunities ,Thank you

  127. sir,
    my date of birth is 08.01.1992, 3 padaam, kumbha raasi, born at Gopapatnam, Visakhapatnam, please tell me about my education and employeement, as i am studying engineering

  128. Hello Sir this is kiran, My D.O.B is 21st June 1983 @ 2.50pm,
    Cast – Vaishya
    Gothram padigashila & gadhashila
    Swathi nakshatram .
    My Birth Place – Godhavarikhani

    Please let me know when should I get marriage as per astrology.

  129. hi sir

    my dob 26/03/1979, in early morning between 600-700 hrs.vijayawada-krishna dristic. please suggest mee about my future and carrerr. please kindly sent to my 2012 panchagam or my cell 9030381233

  130. Sir/madam date of birth is 16 july1988 at 12.45 am …kya mere govt job lagegi or agar lagegi to kaun se year mai lagegi ..pls tell me pls pls pls

  131. hi sir my date of birth is 07 june 1987 .. night 11 35pm. i have completed my msc microbiology i want to do work in USA… can u plz suggest mee about my future and carrerr….

  132. ravi date of birth 26/3/67 time-26 night 12.30to1.00p.m.pls tel me my iam in realestate is it suit my star

  133. date of birth 07/09/1984 time 7-04 a.m friday what is my future and marriage and life settlement and government job

  134. date of birth 7/09/1984 what is my future iam suffering from family problems and life problems

  135. swamy my name is puli rama mohan rao my date of birth is 21-6-1963 place narava village giddalur mandal prakasam dist. birth time morning 5-10am. please send my jathakam to my email .

  136. sidhanthi garu,
    i was born 8th may 1969 5.45am at iwant to purchase land or plot.which facing is best for me? please mail me

  137. hi sir my D.O.B: 17-10-1987 at 12.45am at guntur. i am looking for a job when i will get job and when i will get marriage . arranged or love marrage. please tell me when i will get job . i need job. thank u sir

  138. Sir, My date of birth is 02.10.1981 at 4.30 am at Perala (Chirala), Prakasam District. My marriage was performed with S.Nageswara Rao (DOB 25.12.1979 4.00 AM at Inkollu, Prakasam District) on 06.05.2007 at 8.15 AM. Please tell me when I will get job, I am trying for court master job and when I will free from debts.

    Please give me a solution.

  139. Dear sir,

    My health every month porblem my D.O.B:09-07-1974.Any problems is there my health side&Job side still not setteled.

  140. sir october15 1985 this is my date of birth 9.30pm time in hyderabad when i will get job sir how is my feature plz inform me sir

  141. My daugther name is S.sampurna D – O – B 5-10 -1986 @7-45 A.M,When she will get marriage how will be her marriage life

  142. sir,
    i was born on 10th september 1978 at guntur…how is my job and mainly my health conditions bcz i suffer from diabetes and about my children and wife

  143. i was born on 19 th october 1986, at 7.36 pm in ponnur at guntur dist, please tell me when i will get the jod and children and my marriage date is 2nd dec 2009 at 12.17 pm

    thanking you

  144. hi sir iam unmarried girl. my date of birth is 02/10/1973. 6.30 A.M., groom date of birth is 07/03/1973. revathi nakshtram, meena rasi. this is suitable to me or not. how is my married life. plz tell me.

  145. Hi sir my name is madhavi. mu date of birth 2/10/1973. iam unmarried. last week one match is come. groom date of birth is 07/03/1979. this is suitable to me or not. how is my married life. plz tell me. my ph. no is 9701956499. plz tell me.

  146. Sir ,
    My name is usha and D.O.B is 7/12/[email protected] AM , CHITTOOR . When will i get marriage ? how is my marriage life?

  147. sir,
    my date of birth is 07.12.1984 @ 3.50 am . Birth place is chittoor.when will i get marriage . plzzz tel me sir

  148. My name is mallikarjuna.a D.O.B-3-10-1964 @ 3.45A.M. please I sold my financial problem to do my cloth business. because there is no source to invest money. Debts are there. please help

  149. Sir,

    My date of birth is 03.06.1968 at 10.30pm. Birth place is Guntur. When will I construct/buy a house for me. Kinldy suggest a suitable remedy, if necessary.

  150. my name is sri venkata suresh kumar I born on 16-101969 morning 07.00 am sir i had some problems in finance positions which i am doing whole sale bussiness of cloth which was started in 10-8-2006 on 12-16 pm in bza. so please give me solutions in the future for better results i had two childern also.

  151. dear sir,my name is sanjeev.i born in 1972-03-24,early morning at 4.00am..sir i have some problems that wat ever i do,all it finish in the looking this frm last 15 my age is going on up side and im afrid of my feature,that wat will happen in my next life,sir i request you please give me the right solution which will make my better feature..plz sir i beg you

  152. sir plz its an urgent to know about my life and my parents are eager and anxious.i am chandana dob 1988 dec24 marning 5:30am

  153. sir i want know about my future from date of birth to 100 years. as i am studying final year. 1988 dec24 mithuna rasi.according to my job marriage,love,studies freinds relatives etc

  154. sir my date of birth is 11th january 1991 by 1.36pm at visakhapatnam. shall i get govt.job or private and shall i select through compus recruits. what is the good time for my marriage and how is my marriage life.

  155. sir my date of birth is 30 september 1989 in visakhapatnam at 7.05pm. how is my studies, shall i get post graduation seat in medicine and how is my marriage life and what is the good time for marriage

  156. sir, my birth date is 19th January 1991 at 5:30a.m.just i want come to know that my marriage is arrange or love and when it is my future,i will govt or not.say some words about my studies also, which field is suitable for me.

  157. sir,my birth date is 7th august parents wants to do my marriage,but i want know that is love or arrange and when it is and how is marriage life.i will get govt job or not.

  158. my date of birth is 16th October 1976 between 6.30am to 7.45am at Kothagudem, Khammam District.

    Respected sir, plz tell about my future in respect of family and job.

  159. sir,my birth date is 4 july 1991 at 1.25pm my parents want to do my marriage i want to now about my marriage whether it is love are arranged plzzzz sir

  160. my bate of birth is 31 october 1986 in 3 to 3.30 afternoon at narasapuram west godavari district. sir plz tell about my future, job

  161. sir,my date of birth is 4th oct.1980, at 1.30am, sec-bad. My husband wants divorce. Case in court since 2009. will he compromise and join the family. please advice what to do compromise or divorce.

  162. My date of Birth is 18-May-1986 between 9.00 to 10.00 am .
    for the past three years i am trying for job.Sir plzzzzzzzz help me out in regard to this.

  163. my birthday was 1969,December 2nd,4.30a.m at Guntur (d.t) bodipalem(village). pl tell me my rassi, star. what type of stone i have to wear.

  164. Sir
    I was born on 9 october 1973 .I am trying to get job with good package and prospectus,but with no success. please intimate when my desire get fullfilled

    srinivas baruri

  165. ir i want to know my zodiac sign and tell me how this year is going to be for date of birth is May 6th 1986 in b/w 4.00 to 4.30 Pm

  166. We are getting “This Account Has Been Suspended” message when tried to download the Mulugu 2011-2012 panchangam. Is there any other URL where we can get this download?