Mooka Pancha Shatakam, Mooka Pancha Shati Pravachanam in Telugu

Mooka Pancha Shatakam or Mooka Pancha Shati is an extraordinary set of five hundred hymns on Goddess Kamakshi.

The Panchashati, compiled by Mooka Kavi (400 AD), contains five sections of hundread each verses – Arya Sataka, Stuti Sataka, Paadaravinda Sataka, Kataaksha Sataka and Mandasmitha Sataka. By the given link, you can download Pravachanam of Mooka Pancha Shatakam in Telugu by Sri Changanti Koteshwara Rao.

Download Pravachanam of Mooka Panchashati by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao garu

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