Meena Rashi Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Astrology Predictions | Chandra Grahan for Meena Rasi

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse August 2017 astrology predictions for Meena Rashi (Pisces moon sign). This Chandra Grahan may bring Good or Positive results for Meena rasi natives.

You will complete your tasks. You would be able to implement new plans. It is a good time to take decisions on pending deals or works. The planetary positions will favor you in finishing the given task.

Take care regarding the issues related to You / Your..

  1. Psychological health and physical health
  2. First and second child
  3. Relation with mother and relatives

There will be a considerable growth in terms of money, career, education, domestic life, etc, according to Chandra Grahan of August 2017 astrology predictions.


Meena rashi natives (Purvabhadra nakshatra 4th quarter, Uttarabhadra nakshatram, and Revati nakshatra natives) need to control their words, otherwise you may have to face troubles. You will desire more than trying to achieve things but it is also a good thing for your goal setting.

You will maintain financial stability in this month. Don’t let your competitors know your professional plans. Adopt strategy of first done and then said.

There are some good points for your during this chandragrahanam…..

Planetary positions will fulfill your expectations. Average growth in business and career front. You will get good time to enjoy with family. You can not enjoy for fullest with your friends. Your enemies will gain new energies to attack you but you won’t give them any chance at all.

Minor ailments are on cards for Meena rashi natives. Take rest after travelling.

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