Manjira Kumbha Mela 2013, Kumbha Mela at Manjira River in Andhra Pradesh

Have you ever heard of Kumbha Mela in Andhra Pradesh? Yes, its true. Kumbha Mela is also observed in Andhra Pradesh that too very near to Hyderabad. Manjira Kumbha Mela is held along the Manjira river bank at Sharada Kshetram in Nyalkal mandal Humnapur and Raghavapur villages of Medak district. In 2013, Manjeera Kumbha Mela has begun on May 2nd and will end on May 13.

About thousand Nagasadhus and some other famous Sanatan Gurus of North India will observe Punya Snanam at Manjira Kumbha Mela. It is estimated that two lac devotees perform holy dip in this auspicious event.

Manjira Kumbha Mela was held in Adhika Vaishakha masam (In 2010) during when Surya Bhagavan enters into Mesha Rashi. But now, in 2013, it is being held during Mesha Sankramana of Surya Bhagavan (Now, it coincides with Chaitra Masam in Telugu Panchangam).

The Brahma Purana has the story and legend of Manjira Rivers birth and the sanctity of its water. The famous Yoga guru Ramdev Baba will visit the Kumbh Mela and take holy bath in Manjira River.

To reach the place of Manjira Kumbha Mela, there are several bus services from Zaheerabad and Alladurg (Medak district). Devotees can reach Zaheerabad and take right diversion to get Alladurg and reach Nyalkal by few minutes of journey.

In 2010, The South Kumbha Mela dates were- May 3rd to May 14.

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