Mangala Gauri Vratam (Shravana Mangala Gowri Puja)

Mangala Gauri Puja or Mangal Gowri Vrata is observed on Shravan Mangalvars (Tuesdays during Shravan month). Mangala Gauri Vrat is dedicated to Goddess Mangala Gauri, who is popularly known as Goddess Parvati Devi.

In 2013, as per North Indian calendars, the dates to perform Mangal Gowri Puja are: July 23, July 30, August 6, August 13 & August 20. Mangala Gouri Vratam 2013 dates are: August 13, August 20, August 27 & September 3 as per Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati calendars.

Mangala Gouri Vrat is observed by married women for the good health and long life of the husaband. There is a popular belief that performing Shravana Mangala Gauri vrata or worshipping Mangala Gowri on Shravan Mangalwar gives a woman a prosperous married life and happiness in every aspect of her life. They will be blessed with wealth and good children.

Mangala Gauri Vratam is observed by married women for first five years after their marriage and the final year puja is concluded with Shravana Mangala Gouri Vrata Udhyapana.

Gauri Devi Alankar – Decorating Gowri Idol

On the day of Mangal Gouri vrata, married women sanctify puja rooms and a Gouri Devi idol is made with coconut and decorated with bangles, silk saree, gold or silver ornaments, kumkum and turmeric. This is called ‘Mangala Gauri Alankar. Making of Gauri idol is differed in place to place. In some regions, a face of Gauri devi is made with panchalohas or with silver.

Mangalagauri Puja 2012 dates

In 2012, as per North Indian calendars, the dates to perform Mangal Gowri Puja are: July 10, July 17, July 24 & July 31. Mangala Gouri Vratam 2012 dates are: July 24, July 31, August 7 & August 14 as per Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati calendars.


  1. This blog has all the information about Mangala Gauri Vratham. One who missed the vratha to perform in first year after marriage can start Mangala Gowri vratha in their second year. Mangala Gouri Vratha is performed for 5 consecutive years after marriage. In 5th year, Vratha Udhyapana is performed. First, Ganapati Puja is perfomred and reciting Sankalpam of Puja, shodashopachar (16 steps of puja) is done. Mangala Gauri astottara shatanamavali is recited. Then naivedya is offered to mangala gauri. The day after Gauri Vratham, Goddess is releaved or Udhwasana is done. You can browse hindupad for more results.

  2. Can Mangala Gouri Vratam be started on the second year of married life? I did not know about this vratam in my first yea hence did not perform the same. Can I start it this year?If so where Can I get the book and whats the procedure.. Please advise I have heard about Mangala Gouri Vratam and very much Interested to do the same.. thanks

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