Managudi 2016 for 12500 Temples in AP, Telangana

Managudi 2016 for 12500 Temples in AP, Telangana..

”The eighth phase of Managudi-the mass temple programme, will be observed in 12,500 temples across the AP and TS states in this holy Karthika month”, said TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao.

The TTD administrative chief took part in the Managudi-VIII sacred Akshata preparation programme held at SVETA building in Tirupati on Wednesday under the aegis of HDPP. Speaking on this occasion, he said, “This year we will be observing this in a phased manner covering all the temples located in AP and TS unlike previous years, where the fete was performed on a single day in over 60 thousand temples. This year this Managudi will be launched on the auspicious Kaisika Dwadasi day on November 11 and conclude on November 14 on Karthika Pournami day covering 12,500 temples. Our aim is to observe this mega religious programme as a regular event involving public but not as a single day activity”, he maintained.

Later Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar said, this time the fete will also be covered in the temples located in SC, ST colonies also in a phased manner. “We are focused in reviving the temple activity including pujas, dhupa-deepa-naivedyam in all those temples and bring back the past glory involving the locals of respective areas”, he added.

The Special Officer of All Projects Sri N Muktheswara Rao later briefed the activities involved in Managudi VIII which includes Deeparadhana, providing puja utensils Pela-Panchapatra to the temples which are void of sacred materials, supplying Tulsi or Bilva plants to Vaishnava and Shaiva temples located in remote villages depending on the importance of the sthala purana of the respective temples”, he added. “This year we will be supplying booklets on the importance of Kaisika Dwadasi, Govinda Namalu, Vishnu Sahasra Namam, Srinivasa Katha etc. along with Akshata, turmeric, vermilion, kankanam packets”, he maintained.

Later the Srivari Seva volunteers prepared the holy Akshata adding turmeric and ghee to rice. This will be distributed to the temples across the two Telugu states along with other sacred material.

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