Mahalakshmi Vrata Puja Procedure, How to do Maha Laxmi Vrata

Goddess Lakshmi

How to do Maha Laxmi Vrata? What is step-wise puja procedure of Mahalakshmi Vrat? Mahalakshmi Vrata is the most observed laxmi puja in North Indian states. The foremost things to follow during Mahalakshmi puja are taking vegetarian food and neatness.

Women perform Lakshmi puja in early morning taking a ritual bath. After bath, in some places, women tie 16 knotted strings on to left hand and sprinkle some water using Durva grass blades on to their body. Before sprinkling water, the Durva grass blades are kept in water. Mahalakshmi Vrat 2013 dates – Mahalakshmi puja begins on September 13 and ends on September 27.

During Mahalakshmi Vrata, Sun God (Surya Bhagwan) is also worshipped. Sun God is offered water in early morning. Mahalakshmi Vrata in North India is continued for 16 days starting from Bhadrapad Shukla Astami till Ashwin Krishna Astami. As a part of Lakshmi Vrata in North India, Mahalakshmi Vrat katha is recited.

Steps involved in Maha Lakshmi Vrata puja procedure

  1. A pot is filled with water and adorned with betel leaves. Keep a coconut on the top of the water filled pot.
  2. Now dress the pot with red cloth and tie a red thread around the pot. On the pot, draw four lines with kumkum. The four lines indicate the Chatur Vedas. A Swastik is drawn on the pot. Swastik is the representation of prosperity and purity. Now, the pot with all these decorations is referred as Kalash or Purna Kumbh which represents the Universal power (Supreme deity).
  3. Akshata (consecrated rice) are kept and some coins are placed in the water in Kalash. This Kalash or Purna Kumbh is worshipped as Goddess Maha laxmi.
  4. The simple Lakshmi pujas like lighting diyas and deepa are performed. Lakshmi Ashtottara Satanamavali and Lakshmi Sahasranama stotra are recited during Mahalaxmi Vrata.

Here is the detailed Lakshmi Puja procedure

Mahalakshmi Vrat 2012 dates – Mahalakshmi puja begins on September 23 and ends on October 8.

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  1. Do I do this on the first day or the last day? If on the first day do we use the water in the pot that day and put new water each next day? If we keep the water for the 16 days and there is rice inside will it get fermented? What do we do with this water that is feremented Do we drink it, cook with it, pour it on the ground or at the foot of a tree, on the last day?

  2. hi i want to know what to eat and how many times we can eat food during this lakshmi ji 16 days vrat and pooja

  3. how to do the udhyapan of this mahalaxmi vrat pooja,please give me the detailed information regarding this.

  4. how to do the udhyapan of this mahalaxmi yrat pooja,please give me the detailed information regarding THIS.

  5. Mahalakshmi vrata udhyapan is performed after worshipping Lakshmi for 16 days. On the culmination day, offer puja to the Goddess, and also recite Mahalakshmi Aparadha Kshama stotram or just pray the Goddess to pardon you if did any mistakes while puja. And move the Goddess from Puja place. That is the simple procedure of Mahalakshmi Vrata udhyapan. You can also offer recipes, presents (like blouse pieces and kumkum) to fellow women..

  6. how to do the udhyapan of this mahalaxmi vrat pooja,please give me the detailed information regarding the udhyapan procedure.

  7. Please read the comment made before you. That gives good idea of doing Mahalakshmi vrat udhyapan.

  8. The Mahalakshmi festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh with great joy. Actually , we perform puja of lakhmi on elephant made by mud , it have great importance in feastival . We make SURAHA, the sweet snack kind of dishes specially for occasion . The 16 knot scared theard is also have charm of feastival .

  9. Thanks Devashis for sharing Mahalakshmi puja celebrations in Madhya Pradesh with us….

  10. when is mahalakshmi vrat. there is misconception that it fallen 0n 29 or 30 sept somewhere
    we belong to punjab.can u tell me .pls reply

  11. Can u just help me out with the katha please

  12. if in case thre will be 12 days death ceremonery completed and in tht case if we want to start the pooja frm 4th thursday can we do tht or not.

  13. Better not to perform any pujas especially vratas till one month after death in family.

  14. Namaskar and thank you for the details. I would like to ask a few questions:

    1. Does the water in the pot and the coconut have to be changed everyday along wth the decoration of mango leaves and the red cloth? If so how do you do it- I mean how do you dispose these items?
    2. Do you put akshata into the kalash or simple rice grains along with coins and water?
    3. Is it good to use normal water because pure Ganges water is difficult to get?
    4.During udyapan, which articles should be ritually immersed – visarjanam and which should be kept with us?

    This is the first time that I am trying to get the blessings of Maha Lakshmi so please excuse me for asking questions that might seem too simple for a regular practitioner. I hope you will understand and answer my questions.

    Thank you

  15. I have also taken Mahalaxmi vrata of 2011(sep. 05 to sep. 20) but unluckly my mensuration cycle starts from 17sep., so can i do pooja on last day (2 sep.) or not? please suggest me timely.

  16. Avoid performing any puja for those 4 days of menstrual cycle… (not this Mahalakshmi but any other)… Perform the last day puja on the fifth day of your menstruation….

  17. I have no believe in more vrats but I think always do good works with honesty if you can got that you want this will be very good

  18. Hi Deep….I’m from Nepal…..its my third time of Mahalaxmi vrat…..well you can use regular and fresh water in kalash…once its placed it should be worshipped first even before Ganesh…and it should not be moved until 16th day of uddyapan…..on 17 th day of visarjan you can flow the coconut along with the red cloth in river…..and water also in river or on any plants root…..what you keep after visarjan is red silk thread, 16 coins, 16 supari 16

  19. Can we have sex during 16days fasting of Mahalaxmi vrat??

  20. Is it wrong to have sex during Mahalaxmi vrat of 16days …….
    Actually my husband sometimes ask for it……..pls help!!

  21. hii this is ashwini, i m doing this mahalaxmi vrat from last 5 to 6 years. i like do this vrat. but now i m living in hostel, so can i read only mahalaxmi vrat book. ( karan hostel madhe puja mandu shakat nhi me, karan hostel var khop muli rahatat,) please give me suggestion.

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  129. Hi.,
    Mam Apko Kalash Ka pani Peena Nahi hai ek normal kalash sthapna karni h jse navratro me ki jati h….,
    & U can observe it first & Last Day also

  130. Poora Din AAp Falhar Kar Skte Hai Sham Me Normally Ek Anaaj Khaya Ja Skta hai. means ek anaaj ek time wse pooja kar skti h first & Last b Rakhte Hai Log Jinse Poore 16 din nhi rakhkha ja skta

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