Madhushravani Festival | Madhusravani Puja

Madhushravani Festival or Madhu Sravani Puja is a main festival observed in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and some other North Indian regions. Madhushravani is celebrated in Shravani Month (July – August) for consecutive 13 days and ends on Madhushrava Tritiya.

In 2017, Madhushravani Tritiya vrat date is July 25. In some places it is also observed for 13 days (begins on July 14 and ends with Madhushrava Tritiya).

Madhu Sravani Puja represents the arrival of monsoon season. It is observed by married women. During this festival, women worship Naga devatas (Serpent Gods). Legends and stories related to Madhsravani festival are recited on the first day (Madhushrava Panchami) and the last day (Madhushrava Tritiya) of the puja.

During the Madhu shravana Panchami or Madhushrava Thritiya or during the whole puja days, brides are supposed to stay at their parents home. During the festival, special recipes are sent to brides home from bridegrooms home. Bride is supposed to eat only the food offered from her mother-in-laws house.

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