Legend of Hanumath Kalyanam, Why Lord Hanuman married Suvarchala

This article gives us interesting information about the marriage of Lord Hanuman and Suvarchala. Suvarchala is the daughter of Surya Bhagavan. She was born from the luminescence (Varchas) of Surya and the world was unable to bear the luminescence of the Sun. At the same time, Lord Hanuman has accomplished his Vedic studies from his Guru Surya Bhagawan.

Surya requested him for a Guru Dakshina that to marry her daughter Suvarchala. ‘Parasara Samhita’ states the legend of Hanuman’s marriage. Here it is given in brief paragraphs:

“Oh Haunaman! Suvarchala is Ayonija and Surya Varchas Putrika (who born from Varchas of Surya). The world is unable to bear her. Husband is the one who is to bear her, you need to marry her. You are also the Agniputra (Son of Agni). Only you can bear her. This would not disturb your Brahmacharya (celibacy). Along with my daughter, I will give you a boon that you would still be a Brahmachari even after marriage. You are a born Brahmachari and you would continue to be a Prajapatya Brahmachari even marrying my Suvarchala”, said Surya Bhagavan.

He continued, “This marriage is only for Vishwa Kalyanam (welfare of the world). You can continue your eternal celibacy”.

Lord Hanuman convinced with the words of Surya Bhagavan and accepted to offer him Guru Dakshina by marrying Suvarchala. On Jyeshta Shukla Dasami day (10th day in bright half of Jyeshta month), Hanuman married Suvarchala.

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  1. Well hanuman has a son makerdwaj and the mother of makerdwaj is suvarchala

    When hanuman saw mata Sita and burnt Lanka and was on his way back to India

    Suvarchala the daughter of surya was swimming in the ocean between Lanka and India

    And due to the length of distance that hanuman leap and due to the fire in Lanka hanuman swami was perspiring and that perspiration fell into the ocean and suvarchala was in the embodiment of an aquatic animal swallow the perspiration and got pregnant with makerdwaj

    And how hanuman came to know how he had a son is when he went to rescue ram and lakshman from ahiravan in patal then he had battle with his son makerdwaj and learning who was one another he told hanuman the secret of how to kill ahiravan that when hanuman took the form as panchmukhi hanuman

  2. we are arranged solapur sri punchmukhi hanuman temple in maharastra hanuman suvarchala
    devi kalyanotsvam.almost people known hanuman unmarried. pls story in marathi

  3. Fake story – there is no pramaanaa for this. No authentic puranas talk about such a thing. People are making religious places into market places.

  4. Hello Dear,

    Please sent me the details that where you got this information. I mean please tell me the name of this “GRANTHA”

  5. very confusive till today I had a knowledge that Hanumanji is unmarried. Please give the name of books & writer where we can find the truth

  6. But Hanuman Ji is the Vayu putra (Son of Vayu deva (Air)). However, the above story depicts him as Agni putra.
    Hanumanta just got the boon of “Immunity to fire” from Agni deva.