Least Known Yet Auspicious Lord Shiva Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Here is the list of Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh that are little known but have wide Puranic history. In these temples, Shivalingam is consecrated in various forms and have great significance associated with the legends in Puranas and local religious history. The list includes – Siddheshwara temple at Hemavati in Anantapur, Kapotheshwara Temple at Kadali in East Godavari, Mukteshwara temple at Muktyala in Krishna district, Lingodbhava temple at Chandolu in Guntur, Uma Koppu lingeshwara swamy temple at Pulivela in East Godavari, Shibi Kapotheswara temple in Chejarla in Guntur, and many more.

“Shivaratri rithikhyathi thithireshaa mamapriya”, means – “Today is most auspicious day, and is my favourite day. Now onwards this day will be celebrated as Maha Shivaratri.” The above are the words of Lord Shiva according to the Shiva Purana. In Andhra Pradesh, Lord Shiva consecrated in various forms with various significances.

Shiva lingas in rare forms

  1. Sri Siddheshwara Alayam – Hemavati (Amarapuram) in Anantapur district
  2. Sri Kapotheswara Alayam – Kadali in East Godavari district (Shivalingam is associated with the story of a pigeon)
  3. Sri Muktheswara temple – Mukthyala (Jaggayyapet) in Krishna district
  4. Sri Lingodbhava Kshetram – Chandolu in Guntur district (Shivalingam is associated with the Lingodbhava)
  5. Sri Uma Koppulingeshwara Swamy temple – Pulivela in East Godavari
  6. Sri Shibi Kapotheswara temple – Chejarla (Narsaraopet) in Guntur district (Shivalingam is associated with the legend of King Shibi and a pigeon)
  7. Sri Agastheswaralayalu (Trilinga Kshetram) – Kolakaluru, Nandivelugu, Eemani in Tenali, Guntur district (These temples are consecrated by Agasthya mahamuni)
  8. Sri Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara swamy temple – Chebrolu in Guntur district (Shivalingam is in the form of Chaturmukha Brahma)
  9. Sri Muktheswara Swamy and Kaleshwara Swamy temples – Kaleshwaram in Karimnagar district (Two Shivalinga Panavattams)
  10. Sri Veerabhadreshwara swamy (Akshaya Jaladheeshwara swamy, Swayambhoo lingam, Siddha lingam, Yogalinga) – Duddeda (Kandapak) in Medak district
  11. Sri Dampatya Dakshinamurthi Temple – Surutupalli (Nagalapuram) in Chittor district (Shivalingam is worshipped for better married life and for children)
  12. Sri Someshwara temple – Gunupudi (Bhimavaram) in West Godavari district
  13. Sri Parasurameshwara temple (Mukhalingam) – Gudimallam (Renigunta) in Chittor district (Shivalingam is installed by Lord Parashurama)
  14. Sri Shakteeshwara Alayam – Yanamadurru (Bhimavaram) in West Godavari district

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