Lalbaugcharaja Ganesh: Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati in Mumbai

Lalbaughcharaja Ganesh (Lalbaug cha Raja Ganpati mandal) is most popular Ganesh pandal in Mumbai and even in India. Lalbaug cha raja Ganesh has a great history.

Lalbaug Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav mandal was founded in 1934 when the local fishermen and vendors were allotted some land to build Lalbaug market in Mumbai.

The first Ganeshotsav in Lalbaugh was celebrated on September 12 in the 1934. Lalbaug Ganesh mandal is celebrating its 80th Ganeshotsav in 2014. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations will start from Augsut 29 and ends on September 8 with Anant Chaturdasi festival puja and Ganesh visarjan.

It is estimated that in a day several lakhs of devotees visit Lalbaug Ganpati idol during Ganeshotsav or Ganpati Navratri in 2014. Lalbaug Ganesh Pandal committee provides every facility to the devotees who visit the idol. They supply water and prasad.

Lalbaugh cha raja Ganesh is also called Navasala Pavnara Ganpati as he fulfills the wishes and desires of the devotees who visit and prays to him. Lalbaughcha Raja Ganesh is adorned with a golden crown which is of 2 kgs and golden bracelets and other golden ornaments.

Official wesbites of Lalbaughcha raja Ganpati mandap:

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  11. Nice to darshan of Ganeshji ideals but irequst u to improve some systems in quee Seniou Citizen & Handicapped people allowed for direct for stage darshan.This time Black Sheela (BLCK STONE KEEPT THEIR ) not put inside the hanuman temple is very sad. every pople who is stand in VIP q putting their legs on it or heated by legs, i hope that u will keep in mind next year. Tommoowo is last day and i feel very sad for that. Bappa will go away from us for another 355days and we have to wait for the same to cheer up for the same. aany how GANPATI BAAPA MORIYA> U all Committimember as well as Karyakarta is doing all good afforts for ur devotees pls keep it up. One More Sugesstion is thast please issue SevaPasses to all devoties who comes over their after ganeshotsav also to preay that sheela for whole year they even not able to come for preay in this 10 days without any influance. waiting for positive answer by mailfrom ur side.

    By Rilesh at September 10, 2011 at 8:04 pm
  12. Ganesh Utsav in Maharastra is heavenly time not only Maharastra’s people but for all Indians.Ganpatiji is lord of Bidya,Budhi and Samridhi and he is devoted in all over India.But most famous puja is held in Lalbaug,Maharastra.Lord Ganesha’s most famous temple is Siddhi Vinayak Maharashtra.

    By Birendra Mishra Kolkata at September 17, 2010 at 6:56 am