Lalahi Chhath Puja 2016

Lalahi Chhath Puja is an auspicious vrata observed in Bhadrapada Month in North Indian Hindi calendars. In 2016, Lalahi Chhath Puja date is August 23.

Lalahi Chhath falls a couple of days prior to Sri Krishna Janmashtami. It is the day to celebrate the birthday of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna. It is observed on Krishna Paksha Sashti in Bhadrapad month.

Lalahi Chhath is also known as Hal Shashti Vrat, Har Chhath Puja, etc.. in other places of India.

In 2015, Lalahi Chhath Puja date was September 3.

In 2014, Lalahi Chhath Puja date was August 16.

In 2013, Lalahi Chhath Puja date was August 26.

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  1. seema says:

    what is eat in lalahi chhath plz tell me.

  2. Naresh says:

    story behind lalari chhat brat in bhadrapad in north india