Lagna, 1st House: Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Lagna (Lagnam or Ascendant) is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on the earth. It is the most important aspect in Vedic astrology when it is considered in a person’s birth chart or Janma Kundali.

According to Sarvartha Chintamani (Ch. II.5), every house (including lagna) that contains its lord or is aspected by its lord and benefics, or from which there are benefic planets in 5th, 9th, 2nd, 4th, 7th or 10th house and is not influenced by malefic planets, it gets strengthened to yield good result of that house matters.

The aspect of lagna lord, whether benefic or malefic, on lagna is always desirable – states ‘Saravali’.

1st House or Lagna or Ascendant. This is the 1st House in a Birth Chart denoting the rising Sign at the time of birth of the native. This Chart is called Birth Chart, or Lagna Chart. There are some other charts also where other things are considered as Lagna.

Lagna decides your mind, temperament, luck, prosperity, health, brain and the energy to get the things done. Your character and your mental setup are all characterized from your lagna only. In short, lagna is you, your ideas, whether you have the power to drive others, leadership qualities, will you become a leader?, health and all aspects of life.

Generally, there are 12 Lagnas based on the rising sign..

Here is the list of Twelve Lagnams…..

Aries Ascendant sign – Mesha Lagna

Taurus Ascendant sign – Vrishabha Lagna

Gemini Ascendant sign – Mithuna Lagna

Cancer Ascendant sign – Karka Lagna (Karkataka Lagnam)

Leo Ascendant sign – Simha Lagna

Virgo Ascendant sign – Kanya Lagna

Libra Ascendant sign – Tula Lagna

Scorpio Ascendant sign – Vrischika Lagna

Sagittarius Ascendant sign – Dhanu Lagna (Dhanur / Dhanussu Lagnam)

Capricorn Ascendant sign – Makara Lagna

Aquarius Ascendant sign – Kumbha Lagna

Pisces Ascendant sign – Meena Lagna

Effects of Various Planets in Lagna Position (1st House)

Sun in 1st House (Lagna Ravi)

Moon in 1st House (Lagna Chandra)

Mercury in 1st House (Lagna Budha)

Venus in 1st House (Lagna Shukra)

Mars in 1st House (Lagna Kuja)

Jupiter in 1st House (Lagna Guru)

Saturn in 1st House (Lagna Shani)

Rahu in 1st House (Lagna Rahu)

Ketu in 1st House (Lagna Ketu)

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