Kumbha Rasi 2014-2015 Predictions, Aquarius Moon Sign Vedic Astrology Predictions

Kumbha Rasi 2014-2015 Predictions, Aquarius Moonsign 2014-2015 predictions, Kumbh Rashi predictions, forecast, Kumbha Rasi rashipalan 2014-2015, Kumbha Rashi Rashifal, Rashiphalalu.

Kumbha / Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius moon sign or Aquarius zodiac sign) is the eleventh among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Dhanishta Nakshatram 3, 4 padas (charans), Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Purvabhadra Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 Padas are categorized under Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius moon sign.

Those who born between January 21 and February 19 are the natives of Aquarius Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

As per Hindu calendar (Panchangam), the year 2014-2015 is Jaya Nama Samvatsaram. It begins on Ugadi, March 31, 2014 and ends on 20 March 2015.

In Sauramana calendars of Tamil Nadu, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka, and some other calendars, Vijaya Nama Samvatsaram begins on April 14 and ends on April 13, 2015.

Graha Sancharam in 2014-2015 for Kumbha Rashi

1. Effects of Brihaspati (Guru) on Kumbha Rashi in 2014-2015

Since March 31, 2014 till 18 June 2014 Guru will be in 5th house. It may result in fame and name in professional front, growth in wealth, family pleasures, friendship with good people, advantages with officers, benefits in terms of land and house, etc..

After June 19, 2014 Guru will be in 6th house. It may result in various types of disputes, worries related to children, fears from thieves, government and fire, suffering from debts, suffering from enemies, etc..

2. Effects of Shani (Saturn) on Kumbha Rashi in 2014-2015 

Since the beginning of the year (i.e. March 31, 2014) till 1 November 2014, Shani will be in 9th house which may result in – worries in career front, loss of peace due to children, loss of health, gain of little money, etc..

From 2 November 2014 till the end of the year (20 March 2015), Shani will be in in 10th house which may result in – hard work, loss of job, worries in professional front, loss of fame, interest in bad deeds, loss of peace, etc..

3. Effects of Rahu on Kumbha Rashi in 2014-2015

Since the beginning of the year (i.e. March 31, 2014) till 12 July 2014, Rahu will be in 9th house. It may show possible effects such as – journeys, hurdles in works, disputes, loss related to vehicles, bad news, etc..

From 13 July 2014 till the end of the year (20 March 2015), Rahu will be in 8th house. It may show possible effects such as – loss of health, loss of peace, unwanted journeys, accidents due to vehicles, little money by hard work, etc..

4. Effects of Ketu on Kumbha Rashi in 2014-2015

Since the beginning of the year (i.e. March 31, 2014) till 12 July 2014, Ketu will be in 3rd house. It may show following possible effects – defame, disputes among brothers, loss of peace, loss of courage, etc..

From 13 July 2014 till the end of the year (20 March 2015), Ketu will be in 2nd house. It may show following possible effects – auspicious events, fame, prosperity, success in all fronts, disputes due to over enthusiasm and bad mouth.

Kumbha Rashi Monthly Predictions 2014-2015

Monthly Predictions January 2014

High expenditure makes you fall in loses. High stress unsettles your health issues. Due to improper planning, you will lose your self respect.

Monthly Predictions February 2014

Attention towards health should be maintained. Economic issues should be handled carefully.

Monthly Predictions March 2014

Students have to work hard for good results. Government employees has good chance of getting promotions.

Monthly Predictions April 2014

Teachers and Educational department employees will have to be careful with transfers and legal issues with officials.

Monthly Predictions May 2014

Improved relation with family members will create some trouble in your professional life. It is better that you stay unnoticed with some issues that happen in your life.

Monthly Predictions June 2014

Unnecessary travelling creates more economic problems and more physical strain.

Monthly Predictions July 2014

Participation in receptions, weddings and parties will increase your fame and it will allow your family understand you better.

Monthly Predictions August 2014

Don’t try too hard for loans, indeed if you get offers alsop try to avoid them. They will create unnecessary Problems.

Monthly Predictions September 2014

Family remains joyful, Doctors have good time and Employees will have expected transfers.

Monthly Predictions October 2014

Travelling makes you feel tired. Health issues remains to be a major concern. Be careful with your relatives and friends.

Monthly Predictions November 2014

A good news make you feel happy, but relatives remain your main concern. Students have to work hard for good results. Employees will try hard to achieve something, but it will take more time.

Monthly Predictions December 2014

Don’t try to argue with anyone. Arguments will lead to major problems. Health needs some attention.

Kumbha Rashi 2013-2014 Predictions

Chandra is in Karka Rashi (Moon in Cancer) in the 6th house at the beginning of 2013

Be careful about health issues with yourself and your spouse. Enemies might try to make a dent in your reputation with your family. Health issues will keep your mind disturbed in this phase.

Mangala is in Makara Rashi (Mars in Capricorn) in the 12th house at the beginning of 2013

Health will be a cause for concern in the family. Work life will be hectic and there are chances of a scandal or dispute in this period. Finances will also be tough. This is not the phase to relax and you should concentrate on working hard.

Budha is in Dhanu Rashi (Mercury in Sagittarius) in the 11th house at the beginning of 2013

Be cautious about your relationship with your spouse. New opportunities and contracts are on cards. Superiors and influencial people can help you. New partnerships and associations will be fruitful. This will lead to increase in income levels.

Guru is in Vrishabha Rashi (Jupiter in Taurus) in the 4th house at the beginning of 2013

Rewards and recognition will flow your way. Your attractive nature will bring people closer to you. Family life will be harmonious. Your contacts with your superiors will increase and overall this will be a rewarding period for you.

Shukra is in Vrishchika Rashi (Venus in Scorpion) in the 10th house at the beginning of 2013

Association with business associates will improve leading to new contracts. Help is seen from friends and family members. You will have multiple streams of income. Business will be fruitful and you will effectively handle challenges.

Shani is in Tula Rashi (Saturn in Libra) in the 9th house at the beginning of 2013

Help from friends and associates is seen on cards. Enemies will stay away from you. Income is likely to increase. Minor ailments will trouble you. Family life will be enjoyable and overall this is a good period for you.

Rahu is in Tula Rashi (Rahu in Libra) in the 9th house at the beginning of 2013

Your siblings will be supported by you. Your rude behaviour can land you in trouble with friends and associates. Work life will be rewarding and you will perform at your best .

Ketu is in Mesha Rashi (Ketu in Aries) in the 3rd house at the beginning of 2013

Travel will be rewarding and charitable acts will keep you interested in this phase.Work life is rewarding and promotion can be expected. Family life is smooth and income levels are seen rising.

Monthly Predictions for Kumbha Rashi June 2013

It is a good time for your love life. Work life will be easy and you will enjoy the support of superiors at work. Time is apt to make the best use of your talents. You will take part in sports and outdoor activities.

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  1. all predictions has one line in the beginning of the year, but which part of the year is not clear as when bad time and when is good time. please be more precise with the month mentioned as in total there are 8 predictions also cannot distributed in 12 months.