Krishna Angaraka Chaturdashi

Krishna Angaraka Chaturdashi is an auspicious day which falls on Tuesday (Mangalavara) coinciding with Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, 14th lunar day of dark fortnight in any month in Hindu calendar.

In 2014, May 27 is Krishna Angaraka Chaturdashi.

Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi and Tuesday is a combination which is equivalent to Surya Grahan as a highly meritorious day. Ceremonial bath in rivers and sea is very auspicious on this day.

Even taking bath by chanting the Krishna Angaraka Chaturdashi Sankalpa as ‘Krishnangaraka Chaturdashi Punya Kaale Yama Tarpanam Karishye’ and offer tarpana to Yama Dharma Raja.

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