Kedara Gauri Vratham 2014, Kedareshwara Gowri Vratham

Kedara Gauri Vratham 2014, Kedareshwara Gowri Vratham 2014 date, when is Kedara Gauri Vratham in 2014?

Kedara Gauri Vrata or Kedareshwara Gowri Vratham is an observance to perform on Deepavali Amavasya. Usually, on the day of Kedara Vratam, married women or married couple worships Kedareshwara, Lord Shiva.

Kedareshwara is another name of Lord Shiva. In 2014, Kedara Gauri Vratham date is October 23.

In some places, Kedara Gauri Vratam is observed from Ashwayuja Bahula Ashtami (8th day in the second phase of Ashwayuja masam) and concluded on Ashwayuja Amavasya (No Moon day of Ashwayuja masam). But, in practice Kedara Gauri Vratham is performed for on a single day i.e. Deepavali Amavasya day.

Devotees perform Kedareshwara Gowri Vratam to get rid of their sorrows and sins and to lead the life with happiness and pleasure. Performing Kedara Gauri vrath gives almost all joys for devotees.

In Andhra Pradesh and some places of Karnataka and Maharashtra, Kedara Vratham is a main ritual for farming communities. Farmers and their families observe the vrata by decorating and worshipping their cattle. Gomata Puja is also observed on this day in some places of South India.

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