Karka Rashi Chandra Grahan August 2017 Astrology Predictions | Lunar Eclipse Results for Karkataka Rasi

Chandra Grahan August 2017 astrology predictions for Karka Rashi natives. This lunar eclipse may bring average results in fact it is a not bad period for Karkataka rasi natives.

Take up the important tasks in the later half of the month. Pending issues related to land properties and other fixed assets will gear up.

Be careful in the issues related to..

1. Personal issues related to father

2. Profession, business, health, house and mother

3. Children of your first child

4. Fourth sibling (brother / sister)

5. Unexpected troubles with brother in law / sister in law.

First half of August 2017 should be preferred for important works. Last week of August 2017 may bring you a good news or a good incident.


Natives of Karka rashi or Cancer moon sign may highly benefited as the Chandra grahan indicates the gain of wealth. As unexpected financial gains are on the cards, you will be surprised yourself. Try to balance your family life with career and job front.

You will likely to experience little laziness at the beginning of the month. But you will harmonize in the later half of the month. You will enjoy the company of your loved ones. Take care of your health.

Health will be good for the natives of Karkataka rashi. There are chances of travel as per the astrology predictions of lunar eclipse.

Those who born in 4th quarter of Punarvasu Nakshatra, Pushyami Nakshatram, and Aslesha Nakshatra are considered as Karka Rashi natives (Cancer sign).

Try to work tactfully during this period. Utilize your social contacts and social status.

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