Karadaiyan Nombu 2017 Time, Muhurtham

Karadaiyan Nonbu or Karadayan Vritham or Karadayan Savitri Vritham is an auspicious vritham dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. Karadaiyan Nonbu 2017 date is 14 March.

The best and auspicious time or shubha muhurtham for wearing the Nombu charade or the sacred thread is from 4.42 PM to 5.12 PM on 14 March as per the standard Tamil calendars in Indian Standard Time.

In USA and Canada Karadaiyan Nonbu 2017 date is 14 March. Moonjal Saradu Muhurtham time varies from timezone to timezone in USA. You can calculate as per the remaining time zones of USA and Canada.

In Australia and New Zealand, Karadaiyan Nonbu date is 14 March 2017.

It is also observed widely in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and many other countries where Tamil community lives in large numbers. In Europe, UAE & other Gulf countries, Malaysia & Singapore, Karadaiyan Nombu 2017 date is March 14.

Karadaiyan Nombu Moonjal Saradu Muhurtham in USA on 14 March 2017 is

As per PST – 4.10 AM, 14 March 2017

As per MST – 5.10 AM, 14 March 2017

As per CST – 6.10 AM, 14 March 2017

As per EST – 7.10 AM, 14 March 2017

For Singapore and Malaysia the Moonjal Saradu Muhurtham time is on 14 March 2017 – 8.10 PM.

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  2. Sudha says:

    Onçe we tie the the yellow charade we can eat asnormal or continue fasting the whole day

  3. Just reconfirming cos other websites say it's 1:57 am for Canada..have been looking around but no luck…so difficult to get info abt our festivals abroad..thanks

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