Kandaya Phalam for all Nakshatras 2016-2017, Nakshatra Phalam

Kandaya Phalam for all Nakshatras 2016-2017, Nakshatra Phalam… Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara Kandaya Phalam (2016-2017 Nakshatra Predictions)..

Kandaya Phalam is an aspect of astrology predictions for 27 nakshatrams in a Hindu year. Here are Kandaya Phalams of all the 27 nakshatra or birth stars for 2016-2017, Durmukhi nama samvatsaram. There will be 3 digits for each nakshatra.

Three digits or numbers indicate the three periods (four months each) of a year. If there is a ‘zero’ in your three digits then the results would be – if there is ‘0’ in first entity it indicates severe disease. Zero in second entity signifies psychological stress, and in third entity indicates bad result or less result in the year. The odd number gives wealth and even number denotes average results.

To know the full-fledged results you need to add three entities of Kandaya Phala and divide the total by 3.

If the remainder is ‘1’ – profit or benefit

If the remainder is ‘0’ or ‘2’ – mixture of results

If the remainder is ‘3’ – not good results

Here is the detailed chart or table of Kandaya Phala for all nakshatrams in 2016-2017

Nakshatram (Birth star) First Second Third
Ashwini 7 1 4
Bharani 2 2 1
Krittika, Kritthikai 5 0 3
Rohini 0 1 0
Mrugashira, Mrigasheersham 3 2 2
Ardra, Thiruvathirai 6 0 4
Punarvasu, Punarpoosam 1 1 1
Pushyami, Poosam 4 2 3
Aslesha, Ayilyam 7 0 0
Magha, Makham 2 1 2
Purva Phalguni, Pooram 5 2 4
Uttara Phalguni, Uthram 0 0 1
Hastha, Hastham 3 1 3
Chitra, Chithirai 6 2 0
Swathi 1 0 2
Vishakha, Visakham 4 1 4
Anuradha, Anusham 7 2 1
Jyeshta, Kettai 2 0 3
Moola, Moolam 5 1 0
Purvashada, Pooradam 0 2 2
Uttarashada, Uthradam 3 0 4
Sravana, Thiruonam 6 1 1
Dhanishta, Avittam 1 2 3
Shatabhisha, Chathayam 4 0 0
Purvabhadra, Poorattadi 7 1 2
Uttarabhadra, Uthrattadi 2 2 2
Revathi 5 0 4


Here is the detailed chart or table of Kandaya Phala for all nakshatrams in 2015-2016

Nakshatram (Birth star) First Second Third
Ashwini 7 1 2
Bharani 2 2 4
Krittika, Kritthikai 5 0 1
Rohini 0 1 3
Mrugashira, Mrigasheersham 3 2 0
Ardra, Thiruvathirai 6 0 2
Punarvasu, Punarpoosam 1 1 4
Pushyami, Poosam 4 2 1
Aslesha, Ayilyam 7 0 3
Magha, Makham 2 1 0
Purva Phalguni, Pooram 5 2 2
Uttara Phalguni, Uthram 0 0 4
Hastha, Hastham 3 1 1
Chitra, Chithirai 6 2 3
Swathi 1 0 0
Vishakha, Visakham 4 1 2
Anuradha, Anusham 7 2 4
Jyeshta, Kettai 2 0 1
Moola, Moolam 5 1 3
Purvashada, Pooradam 0 2 0
Uttarashada, Uthradam 3 0 2
Sravana, Thiruonam 6 1 4
Dhanishta, Avittam 1 2 1
Shatabhisha, Chathayam 4 0 3
Purvabhadra, Poorattadi 7 1 0
Uttarabhadra, Uthrattadi 2 2 2
Revathi 5 0 4

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