Kaleshwaram Mukteshwara Swamy Temple, Famous Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh

kaleswaram Mukteshwara Swamy TempleKaleshwaram Shiva Temple, also popular as Mukteshwara Swamy Temple is one of the ancient Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh. Kaleshwaram is a holy place located exactly at the merging point of the River Pranahita (tributary of Godavari) with the Godavari River. Nearest town to this village is Manthani of Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh. Kaleshwaram is also famous as Manthrakuta. Mukteshwaraswamy Temple made Kaleshwaram a sacred place. The temple located in Kaleshwaram (Mukteshwara Swamy) is considered as one of the three Jyotirlingas in Andhra Pradesh and hosts two shivlingas.

Significance of Kaleshwaram Mukteshwara Swamy Temple:

This ancient temple holds a unique significance as two Shiva Lingas found on a single pedestal. Saint Gautama ashramam, the hermitage of Saint Gautama, is well connected from here by road. Bounded by forests, Kaleshwaram is an ideal tourist destination. Mancherial Railway station is located at 40 km from Kaleshwaram. Beside several temples constructed here, one temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma. Sources said that this is the only Brahma Temple in South India. Sri Mukteswara Swamy is known for his miracles as he removes sins of his devotees and make them happy with guiding them towards Mukthi (spiritual life). Thus, the Lord here is called as Mukteswara Swamy. In Kaleswaram, the main festivals celebrated are – Maha Shivaratri, Shiva Kalyanam and Durga Devi Navratri (Sharan Navarathrulu).

How to reach Kaleshwaram?

Devotees can easily reach Kaleshwaram by bus. It is situated in Karimnagar distrcit and at a distance of 110 kms from Warangal and 130 kms from Karimnagar. Kaleshwaram is well connected by road even from Hyderabad as it is about 250 kms from Hyderabad. By train, devotees can reach through Mancherial, which is 40 kms from Kaleshwaram.

Other temples and holy places near Kaleshwaram are:

Manthani – Lord Gautameswara Temple VemulawadaLord Raja Rajeswara Swamy Temple Dharmapuri – Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple Kondagattu – Lord Hanuman Temple.

For the first time, Pranahita Pushkaralu were held at Kaleshwaram officially in 2010.

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  1. Can reach Kaleswaram from the following routes from Hyd:

    1. Via Warangal (total distance: 255 KMs)
    2. Via Karimnagar (total distance: 300 KMs)

  2. River Pranhitha, River Godavari and River Saraswathi (as Antarvaahini) confluences at Kaleswaram.

  3. Please provide the accommodation details at Kaleswaram. Also pls provide the road condition from Karimnagar to Kaleswaram and Warangal to Kaleswaram.

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