Jyeshta Nakshatram, Jyeshtha Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Jyeshta nakshatra or Jyeshtha nakshatram, you are categorized under zodiac sign – Scorpio. Here are the details of your horoscope predictions, personality and characteristics predictions. Jyeshtha means the eldest one, the superior one, the chief one, more excellent than, preferred one or someone or something supreme glorious and superiority due to age, knowledge, and experience. Here are detailed horoscope predictions of Jyeshta nakshatra natives.

Physical Features:

You have an attractive personality. Your generous nature wins you a lot of friends. Your strong and good physique makes your friends jealous of you. You are known as the person with great stamina, but in your inner self you are different.


The name ‘Jyeshta’ means eldest one, the chief one and superior to rest. As you are a native of ‘Jyeshta’ nakshatra, you are protective of yourself. Some of you may have occult powers. You are wise and knowledgeable person. You can know the absolute way to deal with money and power.

You are the key person to run the show. Some of you may lead simple lives with hardship and poverty. Your inventive thinking makes you to learn deeply about the life. Sometimes you may become arrogant and hypocritical because of your pessimistic thinking.

Education and Profession:

Some of you are excellent in accounts, mathematics and economics. You can complete your higher studies but with some difficulties that arrived either because of your poor study skills or other family reasons. You can lead a good life as an employee in a reputed company.

Careers Ideally Suited For You:

Suitable careers for you are – chemical engineering, media and publications. If you want to start a career in business, you can earn substantially and can become one of the biggest entrepreneurs. Other suitable fields for you are – metallurgy, architecture and construction. As you are a person with inventive thinking, interior designing is one of the most suitable sectors for you.

Family Life:

You may enjoy your life with parents and co-borns. Your co-borns love you very much, but you are not a person to care them. In some instances, they will become key persons for your life. Everyone in your family loves you very much.

You will enjoy your married life. Some of you may adopt children. You will enjoy healthy and wealthy life.

Health Problems:

Some of you may suffer from genital diseases such as piles, fistula and venereal diseases. There is a strong prediction – you may also suffer from severe pain in arms, shoulders and joints.

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  1. Manjunath Swamy says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Jyeshta born at 4th pada and date of birth is 15/12/1982 @12:30 PM afternoon at Channagiri, Karnataka. I am fed up with the No growth in the career despite of the hard work and people around me only do politics to subdue my efforts and de fame my name. Despite of the great leadership ability still am struggling to get growth in all the aspects of career, personal and financial.
    Kindly help me in finding solution.

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