Jyeshta Gauri Pujan 2015: Gowri Avahan Puja, Gouri Visarjan

Jyeshta Gauri Pujan, Gowri Puja during Bhadrapad month in Maharashtra, is observed for three days – Gauri Avahan, Gauri Pujan, and Gauri Visarjan. Jyeshta Gauri Pujan begins with Gauri Avahan puja and ends with Gauri Visarjan or Udwasan. In 2015, Jyeshta Gauri Puja begins on September 19 and ends on September 21.

Shubh muhurat for Jyeshta gauri visarjan in 2015 is – any time on September 19.

Jyeshta Gauri Puja is celebrated during Ganesh Navratri or Ganesh Festival in the month Bhadrapad in Maharashtra and some Marathi places of Konkan regions.

Jyeshta Gauri Puja 2015 dates

Jyeshta Gauri Avahan – September 19, 2015 (Gauri Avahan muhurat or time: full day)

Jyeshta Gauri Pujan – September 20, 2015

Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan – September 21, 2015 (best time for Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan: After 7.05 AM)

Jyeshta Gauri Pujan in Previous Years


Jyeshta Gauri Avahan – September 2, 2014 (Gauri Avahan muhurat or time: till 6.07 PM)

Jyeshta Gauri Pujan – September 3, 2014

Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan – September 4, 2014 (best time for Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan: till 4.16 PM)


Jyeshta Gauri Avahan – September 11, 2013 (Gauri Avahan muhurat or time: after 7.33 AM)

Jyeshta Gauri Puja – September 12, 2013

Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan – September 13, 2013 (best time for Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan: full day)

In 2012, Jyeshta Gauri Puja begins on September 21 and ends on September 23.

In 2011, Jyeshta Gauri Pujan dates were: September 4 to September 6.

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