Janma Kundali in Kannada, Get your online Birth Chart & Astrology predictions in Kannada

How to get horoscope chart in Kannada? Where to get online astrology predictions in Kannada? Here is the solution for this. Now, you can get your complete horoscope details, astrology predictions or Janm kundli in Kannada by just paying nominal fee.

Hindupad introduces a new feature or service through which you can order your complete and full horoscope and get it online.

Janm kundali will be mailed to you after receiving the mentioned fee. There are many special services based on the requirement.

This service is also available in other South Indian languages … Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam; Hindi and English. For more details on Kannada Janm Kundali and complete astrology predictions in Kannada, please visit the Astrology page in Hindupad.

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  1. Namitha says:

    I want to kown my janma kundali 4.10.89 time 2.30pm

  2. 9886743379 says:

    Namaste guruji nana hesaru mahammed rafi nana janum Dina 08-06-1991.1:45am nana bigness & maduve bahvisha hegede hele

  3. Raghu says:

    Guruji namaste nanna hesaru tashath adre manealli raghu antha karitare nanu huttidu 08-02-1993 time 07:01pm ge dayavittu nanna rashi mathu mundhina future hegirute antha tilsthira guruji plzzz….

  4. Pavanitha SP says:

    My Baby Born on 31/07/2014 at 10:15am Born In Bangalore West please send jataka.

  5. Pavanitha SP says:

    My Baby Born on 31/07/2014 at 10:15am please send jataka.

  6. mehak says:

    my DOB is 08-02-1994 ..is their is my marriage or arrange?

  7. vinutha pinky says:

    My name s vinutha my date of birth 29/6/1994 please tell me about my job. future .n Abt marriage

  8. Pavithra Achari says:

    My Name is Pavithra N ,My Place Daparthi in chikkabalapur (dit), Karanataka . and My Dob : 02.08.1993 .Time : 4.30 PM , Day : Monday Please Tell me Future .

  9. xxx says:

    DOB 13/03/1988 05:05 am tell me job and future

  10. jagadish says:

    please tell about my future .now I am planning to study it will be possible

  11. hema HS says:

    Namasathe Guruji.,
    my name is Hame HS, my place is tiptur
    please tell me about for my career, marriage and future details, DOB 27/01/1994,Time 12:10PM

  12. sudhakar km says:

    I am sudhakar km my date of birth 19.04.1989 Time 7.15 pm plz tell me i want know about my carrier and business in feature

  13. harshita says:

    i need my rashi and nakshata i was born in june 05th 1996 mrg 5am

  14. Savita kurani says:

    Savita Kurani. Dob: 9th January 1997 at 10am. Day; Thursday.. I’m studying elecrical engineering 1st year. Please tell me about my future, job,about me, wat i hv to do next, what about my life….

  15. Bipan Chander fotedr says:


  16. Nit says:


    Kindly give me remdy for Guru mahadasha with rahu anterdasha, Iam having health issues one after another . Pls give strong remedies that can work in adverse time like this for health .

    details – Male – 7/feb/1978
    new delhi

  17. prashanti says:

    My name is Prashanti. My birth place is Sirsi. And my date of birth is 14/4/1985 at 12.25 pm. Please tell me about my future, family, money problems, about my marriage problems please tell me reasons..send me my janma kundali in Kannada.

  18. Naveen Gowda C says:

    Namaskara my name is naveen Gowda C, birth date 14th February 1993, time 10.20pm, place :hassan, karnataka, please tell me about my future life and about marriage

  19. rajesh.c says:

    Hello my name Rajesh
    Date of birth 08/09/1986
    Tel me about my future and job ,marriage

  20. Shailendra am says:

    Education and feature

  21. preeti says:

    Dob17 march 9.10pm 2015 iwant the name for my baby boy tell me the first letter we can start from

  22. shivanna says:

    My name is Shivanna s k , my birth place is huliyurdurga and my dob 20:06:1984 please tell me my job, future and my marriage

  23. nagaraju says:

    My name is Nagaraju S G , my date of birth is 20/08/1989 at 7:30 am , please tell me my job and future

  24. Geethanjali says:

    My name is Geethanjali, Date of birth 21st November 1993, timings 6.55am. Please tell be about my future.

  25. susheelkumar joma kadolakar says:

    namaste guruji nanu susheelkumar j kadolakar nanu gvt job tray madta ideni aadre job shigta illa yen madbeku salhe kode p/z

  26. Ramesh B Teli says:

    plz tell me my Rari,nakshaatra

  27. Shailendra am says:

    My name is shailendra born on 19/05/1992 at 19.27hrs in chithradurga . please tell us my education and feature.

  28. Harish R.k says:

    Namasathe Guruji,,
    Naanu Harish.r.k antha.. huttida dinake 10.04.1992
    samaya: 3:45 pm

    nana mundina bhavisya hengirate antha tiliskodivira.. please nimma salahe beku nange

  29. vijaykumar says:

    My name is vijaykumar holagi date of birth 1 June 1988 evening 5:25 plz tell me about my puture

  30. Krupa says:

    Namasthe guruji, My name is Krupa , I have completed my studies in a wonderful way . I need to know my future career and my married life. I was born on 23.2.1991 at 9.10 am in Madikeri kodagu district of karnataka. still I dint get job please tel about it and how will be my future husband?

  31. ramanipushpa says:

    My name is ramanipushpa , my date of birth 12th November 1974, time 9.45 am, please tell me about my future

  32. Shilpa says:

    Namste Guruji..My name is shilpa. birth date 06/05/1989.night 9.10 pm.pls tell me my future and i got a govt job or not tell me

  33. mallikarjuna says:

    Sir.my name is mallikarjuna.birth 20/07/1984.morning 10.30 pls tell me my fuure

  34. divya says:

    I am divya my date of birth is 9/12/87 wednesday night 11:30 pm my questions is how is my future I got job or not tell me

  35. Aliya .r .makandar
    Ye meri. Apa ki daughter hai
    Ishki bhavishya and rashi nakshatra
    Ane wali kal ka kya hoga please help me. SirSirSir

  36. Mahabaleshwar Gouda says:

    My name is Mahabaleshwar gouda.Date of birt 1/11/1981 But it is not tru date birth.so pleas tel me my rashi.nakshatra.janmakundali.my job.marraige.life

  37. PUSHPAVATI says:


  38. lakshmi.n says:

    how will be my future.
    date of birth: 19.4.1985

  39. venkappa says:

    my name is venkappa gouli dt of birth 13/07/1985 i want to know my bhavishya and marriage

  40. shilpa says:

    my name is shilpa my date of birth is may 7 1988 how is my life after marrage and about my

  41. chaithra says:

    iam chaithra born in 1998-3-16.my rashi thula.nakshathra chithra.pls tell me my education,job,marriage, in kannada

  42. shruthi says:

    date of birth 14/02/1991
    time evening
    e date of birth bhavishya heli

  43. shruthi says:

    27 may 1995 saterday at 8.30 am in katapady. Udupi dist. And tq. Tell me about my future. Family life, when I get job etc.

  44. vinayaka says:

    My name is vinayaka birth date is 25-08-1991 sunday at 4:30 tell me about my education,job,marriage,relationship,family life i am at masarkal tq:deodurga dist:raichur

  45. Rakesh says:

    prediction for 2016,job

  46. shreedevi k r says:

    my name is shreedevi kr my DOB 20.8.1986 place karnataka state hiriyur tq please tel me when i got government job,iam a lab tecnition,and when my marriage

  47. vinod kumar says:

    my name is vinod kumar DOB14.08.1993 place karnataka staye raichur manvi tq kavital plz tell me about my love and my job and future

  48. Manushree. U.K says:

    15 October 1990 , Monday morning 7 ge birth agirodu ,please future bhavishya heli

  49. HEMANTH KUMAR N says:

    Please tell me about for my career,financial, marriage and future details, DOB is 12-JAN-1990. Time 3:40pm
    Please reply me

  50. manjula says:

    30.4.1985 11.50 pm

  51. veerprasad says:

    I am born 23 Dec 1984 12.10 am what is my nakshtra and rashi.

  52. sumithra says:

    date of birth 12/04/2015
    time1:35pm madyana
    e date of birth bavishya heli

  53. Geetha says:

    My name is Geetha my child born in 16.10.2014 morning 11.23am please tell me his rashi kundali details and my family life my husband name is Nagaraj


    Hi my name is harshavardhini my date of birth 01.02.1988 time 5.30 am nanna maduve yavaga aguthe tilisuthera

  55. 01-12-1992 says:

    sir nam name manjunath s antha. December 01 12 1992 Tuesday huttiddu.eduvaregu yell jathaka kelilla pls sir tell me sir

  56. Umesha says:

    My date of birth is 1/11/1974 timing is no which work or business has shoot me iam no working

  57. vidyashree.d says:

    my name is vidyashree.d my date of birth 21.05.1989 time 11.30pm nange madve yavaga haguthe tilisi

  58. shivaprasad says:

    Dob 11:05:1992 I want to know abt my job life

  59. Arunkumar says:

    I am arun my date of birth 20-07-1982 wats my pochard life

  60. sandeep says:

    my name is sandeep.k.s(male). my bod
    5/12/1990 . time :-
    7.45am .my birth place in kodagu.(south India)
    my Singh is kumbha rashi
    About my life and job

  61. Ayan rai says:

    My name is chaithra..my son date of birth is 9:8:2015 time 7:35 pm
    plz tell me his future life

  62. Nayana says:

    I want to know about my future life.. pls it’s so necessary for me.. my name Nayana nd 1st October 1992 is my date of birth 7-52 am is my birth timing.. pls tell me

  63. santnu says:

    me apna future janna chta hu orr mere past me jo kuch nhi hua wo kyo hua orr ussse niptne ka kya upay he dob 01/01/1990 birth time 4-5 am ke bitch

  64. manjula says:

    Plz Tel to my … Mu kudali..

  65. rayeshwar says:

    My nema is rayeshwar phadar neme vinayak det 1 1 1978 mela

  66. shreedhar says:

    13/07/1990 meena rashi mane kattuva matthu maduve vichara

  67. hai,my name is manjunath my date birth date is 21-01-1982 plz tell me about future life…….

  68. b k sourabha says:

    my daughter dt of birth 25.03.1990 sunday 1.20pm in mandya pl tell me when she will get married

  69. Shilpa says:

    My name is shilpa, my birth date 17 – 6 – 1984..
    Plz tell me future life

  70. Hi, my name is shilpa, my birth date 17- 6 – 1984
    Plz tell me about future life

  71. Vishwanath Bale says:

    Sir, plz nanna udyoga and marriage bagge thilisi

  72. vidyashree says:

    nan name vidyashree, nan date of birth 21.05.1989, nan madve vicharavage hele nange madve hagutha ole hudga sigthana yavaga madve haguthe atha pls hele

  73. monica says:

    mera birth …1993…ko.18/dec ko.hua h……me.apne date off yr me confused hu 94 h….12 bje aftrnnon ko huyi muze mere life ke bare me janana h

  74. Vidya Rajashekara says:

    Yava work, job madidre valledu north in hublli in karanataka 12/2/1987

  75. Vidya Rajashekara says:

    Yava work, job madidre valledu

  76. pallavi p date of birth 11:3:1992 says:

    pls nan jathaka tilisi maduve vichara

  77. Sachin Ng says:

    my name is Sachin N G,my date of birth 24-08-1993 plz tell me about future life….

  78. shekhar says:

    My name Shekhar, my born in Delhi lodhi raod, my date of birth 13/10/1989, time hai 7.26pm, mujhe yeh jaanna hai kya meri shadi kab tak hogi, love marige hogi ya arrange marige…. Jo bhi saaf app baata dena…life ka sawal hai…meri…thanks. App meri mail id per reply kar dena…our sir ya madam app Hindi main baatana mujhe..

  79. prema says:

    my doughter birth date 25 .10.1989..time 7.25Am.plz tel her birth name letter…nd kundli

  80. manjunathanaik r says:

    sir my own name is shivakumar my date of birth 24/6/1993 time;3 my putetre life

  81. naveen kumar k.g says:

    sir i have to know about my job my date me birth is 7.3.1991 and time 12.02am and my future datails

  82. Abhishek.B.M says:

    my DOB 15/02/1996 time:-12pm
    my future details please

  83. Abhishek.B.M says:

    my future and my job

  84. rudrappa says:

    8/3/1986 shanivar evning 7:15 I want namma kundali

  85. raj says:

    i want work @ abrod can it possibal and how is my life still and 2 times gone to abrod what next? so plz kindly inform me thanks,,,,,,,,,

  86. Atmanand M Patat says:

    MY DOB 20/02/1995
    MY future and job please reply me sir

  87. Manjunatha says:

    my DOB : 23/08/1987
    my future & job

  88. Srinivasa gt says:

    Nanna bavishya thilisi pls

  89. usha says:

    plz how will be my future

  90. pushpalatha s says:

    Birth date 8april 1990 time 12.30 am tell about my dasamukathi and my career and job

  91. pushpalatha s says:

    Birth date 8april 1990 time 12.30 am tell about my dasamukathi and kudali

  92. POONAM says:

    My birth date 06/06/1992 time 12:30am how will be mine career and marriage life

  93. Shwetha n says:

    sir namaste. Nanna dob 22-03-1989 Time 10-15 Pm marriage bagge tilisi sir

  94. Chandrashekar B says:

    Comment my birth date 1/5/1991 time10:10am please tell me my govt or pravit and. my life career

  95. impana.s says:

    4/9/94 time 11.30morning nana mundhina life bagge heli guruji

  96. Santosh Gangammanavar says:

    my name is Santosh, my birth date 12-03-1991 place Aladageri my futere life &kundali

  97. nanda says:

    Nanda July 3 1990 Tuesday 4.30 pm please tell me about marriage life n career

  98. nanda says:

    Name nanda dob July 3 1990 please tell me about job n marriage life

  99. jagannatha G says:

    NAME:jagannath G DOB:1993
    time:2am guruji life nalli thumba nodbitidini. naanu sarakari kelsakke try madthaidini agthailla pls idukke pariyara thilisi

  100. shanmukha H E says:

    Name:shanmukha H E, D,O,B: 13/05/1997 guruji nanna future bagge thilsi, naanu lifenalla enanna saadhisboshu thilsi guruji

  101. Veena N says:

    My date of birth 12 November 1992
    Time: 5:30 to 5:45 AM
    I want know about my career job and marriage life… Please let me know guruji..

  102. rajashekhar says:

    Date of Barth 3/2/1981
    Time 4pm
    Nanna helth &feachar bagge Tilisi.

  103. rajashekhar says:

    Namaskar guruji
    Nanna name rajashekhar
    D.o. b. 3/2/1981
    Time. 4pm
    Nanna helth& feachar Santana bagge Tbilisi plase

  104. s s yogi says:

    name yogi.s.s.
    Date of birth.27.04 .1985.9to 10 pm .namaskara gurugale nanu yava jobmadabaku anta tilisi.govt or pravit. Govt job yavaga sigute hali.

  105. Rajendra prasad V.R. says:

    Namaskara Guruji,
    Nanna Hesaru: Rajendra prasad V.R. My DOB: 30 /10/1997
    Time: 12:45pm
    Hegha Nannu Diploma 2nd year study maaduthidyne please nanna mundena bhavish hegid ata tilishi kodi plz.

  106. Rajendra prasad V.R. says:

    Namaskara Guruji,
    Nanna Hesaru: Rajendra prasad V.R. My DOB: 30 /10/1997
    Time: 12:45pm
    Hegha Nannu Diploma 2nd year study maaduthidyne please nanna vidya bage mundena bhavish hegid ata tilishi kodi plz.

  107. Manjunatha LL says:

    nanna name manjunatha
    DOB – 23/08/1987
    please tell me nanna job , health , marraige & future

  108. jyson rodrigues says:

    namaste guruji my name is jyson rodrigues date of birth 25 december 1979,marriage date is 29 may 2011 i want to know my future and my marriage life and my profission life

  109. shantharaju h.r says:

    shantharaju h.r tell about my future about money marrige and my life

  110. Naveen says:

    Hi I’m Naveen 9/11/1989 5:11 pm nanu Job or business madali tilic

  111. deepak s c says:

    guruji bab name deepak sc nan date of birth30-11-1995 11:30pm nan en madbeku ankobdru yavdu agtilla matge nanig kelsa siguta tilisi gurugale

  112. susheelkumar says:

    Namaskara guruji nan hesaru susheelkumar nan dob:08/02/1994 time 07:05am nanu sarkari hude tray madta edene nange job yavaga shidute ?matu nan munden bhavish hegide ata tilishi kodi p/z ……

  113. shashikala says:

    hai guruji
    nan hesaru shashikala nan date of birth 22 may 1992 time 12:15pm nan bhavisya, arogya mathe ole kade job siguth antha pls tolisi guruji.

    Nan anna na hesaru vijaya kimar Edu nan Anna na date of birth 7 ugust 1989, time 11:45, day Sunday pls nan anna name maduve yavaga agute mathe avara arogya bhavisya mathe job bhahe tilisi guruji pls.

  114. shashikala says:

    Namste guruji
    Nan hesaru shashikala nanu nimage nan magana date of birth kalisutideni dayavitu nan magana Arogya, education, bhavisya agide antha tikisi pls guruji.
    Date 11th April 2015, time 7:26AM, day sat day.

  115. Shruthi says:

    hi guruji
    my name is Shruthi
    Dob :31/10/1990
    I’m in love with one guy…how to convince my mom…I’m searching new job but not getting ..Wt is ur suggestion fr two things

  116. BASAVARAJ NAIK says:

    Please tell me my dob 6 Feb 1986 when my life is good when I got good position and when I have married

  117. ranjini m.l says:

    28-06-1990 night 12.5ge firday nan bhavishya hegidde mirage yavga agute mate leaf agede heli job yavg siguke.

  118. ranjini m.l says:

    28-06-1990 night 12.5ge firday nan bhavishya hegidde mirage yavga agute mate leaf agede heli

  119. Kalpanasri. M says:

    Namaste guruji …..
    Nanna DOB 29 March 1993, 1:30 am
    nanna bhavishya hegide????
    yav tharadh hudga life partner adre olledu…….

  120. Ramandeep kaur says:

    Meri dof 16oct1989 monday time birth 10am .mei future k bare mei janna hai.job kb milegi

  121. varalakshmi says:

    Namste guruji pls tell me future life pls

  122. ramaswamy says:

    Nana life bage thilidukolbeku nana jathaka egede manage purthiyage helli

  123. ganapati malali says:

    Date of birth 4.11.1979
    Star bharani
    Time 5 am

    Please send horoscope in kannada

  124. Shwetha T says:

    My name is Shwetha DOB is 31.12.1988 please give the information kundali

  125. Dhanuja says:

    Tym of birth:10:45am
    Place of birth:Bangalore
    Evara jathaka heli nodi matte evarige
    Yavaga maduve aguthe antha heli adhu e year
    Nalli maduve yavaga antha

  126. rama says:

    namaste guruji .nanna hesaru rama.nanna. huttida dinank.2/5/1986.time.10-30am. nanna .bhavishy tileesi.

  127. priyanka says:

    namaste guruji pls nanna eduction matte maduve bagge heli nanna date of birth 28\8\1995 11.35pm

  128. sanjay ankad says:

    Evattu nann magu huttide belegge 06:04 am 13/06/2015 magubin janma kundali hegide tilisi

  129. pavan kumar hn says:

    Nanna uttida dinanka 19-11-1992 guruvara ratri Nakshatra Uttara kanya rashi Nanna mundina bavishyada bagge tilisikodi

  130. Chandra shekhara KP says:

    my name is Chandrashekhara KP Manna future bagge tilglikodi guruji Date of birth 04/08/1993

  131. Chandrashekara M says:

    My self chandrashekara M, I need deep and detailed information about my son of date of birth is 12/04/2015

  132. shanmuga says:

    Hello Namasthe guruji i am Shanmuga my date of birth is 03/11/1989 9.45 PM and birth place kollegal ,chamarajanagar district . nandhu love marriage aguttha or arrange marriage aguttha pls thilisi guruji

    thanks & regards
    Shanmuga S

  133. Koti Nagaraj says:

    Nagaraj date of birth 16 12. 1991 my future life

  134. santosh says:

    May date of birth 15/1/1985 sir may kudali

  135. shantharaju h.r says:

    shantharaju h.r bangalore date of birth 18;12;1970 timings dont no age 45 running not married tell me married life and my future

  136. Hemanth kumar g says:

    Sir, my name HEMANTH KUMAR G
    Date Of Birth: 12/03/1987(THURSDAY)
    time of Birth: 08:10PM
    Place of Birth: BANGALORE URBAN

  137. ayush bhandari says:

    I want to know my son horoscope, his name is ayush.date of birth- 15tb October 1998 at 5:05 am in Noida -Up india

  138. hemavathi says:

    my son date of birth 03.05.2012 januma rashi jathaka thilisi plz guruji.

  139. LOKESHKUMAR A V says:

    TIME 9.15 AM

  140. shalini g.r says:

    Namasthe guruji nanna januma rashi jathaka thilisi date of birth 16-04-1989 6:05pm bangolre(medamaranahalli)

  141. veena.G.S says:

    My dob:21.02.0189 timings 11:25pm place:bangalore

    want to know about my future.

  142. rishi says:

    My doughter born on date 15-12-2014 at 3:15 p.m

  143. siddesh says:

    namaskara gurugalige my name is Siddesh‚ date of birth is 5:50pm plz tell me my future.

  144. Netra says:

    Namaste guruji .my date of birth is -9-11-1993.timings-3hr59min pm .plz advice me about my future in job &marriage

  145. VEERESH GOUDA says:

    Dear Frnds…………..
    Do You want know about your Real astrology, Kundali…. futurelife…
    just call 7899138340
    and also you will get soft copy to ur email….

  146. satish says:

    My date of birth is 07/09/1981 . please guruji advise me how is my future and carrier as I am facing lots of problems in my life. I am very thankful for your advise and guidance.

  147. Deepika S P says:

    Gurji…. Namskar gulu…. 25-6-1989 evng 7Pm. im faced many more perblmes im tried all this plz…. Guide me….

  148. chandana says:

    helo, am chandana my Dob-20-04-1991,time 11:30am place bangalre plz let me knw abut my future and marriage

  149. ranjankumar bs says:

    My name ranjankumar bs date of birth 16.08.1993 time7.20 Sunday sir mg me my jataka and futur

  150. mohankumar BM says:

    My name is mohan date of birth 27/08/1984 tell me my marriage status and future.

  151. udayakumar m r says:

    date of birth 80 01 1988 time 5.30am in koppa tel about me

  152. Siva Nagendra Prasen says:

    My name is Siva Nagendra Prasen. I born on 09th Nov, 1982 timing:8:45 PM in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh State) and lost hopes on my life and now it’s full of troubles.
    Kindly suggest or advice me what remedies I shall take for a better life.
    Also, let me know whether nanny cha’ve of getting Government Job?

  153. Govindarju t says:

    Sir plz Telme my futcher and my plans and my education sir

  154. pooja says:

    sir, pls tell abt my education my date of birth 13/06/1996

  155. Manjunath says:

    my name is manjunath date of birth 02/10/1983 time 4:26pm tell me my future.

  156. poornima says:

    my name is poornima & date of birth is 06-05-1993,time 05:42PM,pls tell me about future & education

  157. nagaraj says:

    my name is nagaraj and date of birth is -1-2-1993 time -12=30pm pls send me my detailes and tell me my furure pls sir

  158. nagaraj says:

    my date of birth is -1-2-1993 time -12=30pm pls send me my detailes and tell me my furure pls sir

  159. Maniyaanil says:

    My birth date 11 08 1994 plz check my future and reply email

  160. sushanth hegde says:

    my name is sushanth hegde, date of birth 10-01-1997,shravana nakshathra makara rashi.sir please tell about my education .from last june their is no success in my education please tell me about my education and future

  161. mahesh says:

    name mahesh
    d of birth June 10 1982
    please tell me my future

  162. Guruprasad.m says:

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