Janma Kundali in Kannada, Get your online Birth Chart & Astrology predictions in Kannada

How to get horoscope chart in Kannada? Where to get online astrology predictions in Kannada? Here is the solution for this. Now, you can get your complete horoscope details, astrology predictions or Janm kundli in Kannada by just paying nominal fee.

Hindupad introduces a new feature or service through which you can order your complete and full horoscope and get it online.

Janm kundali will be mailed to you after receiving the mentioned fee. There are many special services based on the requirement.

This service is also available in other South Indian languages … Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam; Hindi and English. For more details on Kannada Janm Kundali and complete astrology predictions in Kannada, please visit the Astrology page in Hindupad.

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  1. about education and job opportunity in which i have born on 27april 1996at 1:05(pudhya nakshatra karkataka rashi )

  2. My name bheemanagowda patil date of birth 25th November 1977 let us now
    My marriage
    My financial
    My job

  3. My Name is Shivaprasad H G. DOB is 15.06.1984
    My birth place is Tumkur.
    My question is
    1. My marriage life.
    2. Financial growth.
    3. Relationship with my parents
    4. Carrier

  4. my name is sandeep.k.s(male). my bod
    5/12/1990 . time in between 5 to
    7.00am .my birth place in kodagu.
    my Singh is kumbha
    my question is
    my life
    my job
    my marriage date
    who is my secret life partner
    my love or arranged marriage

  5. sir plz naanu jeevanadalli thumba nondiruve birth date gottilla madve agede nanna name murugesh.r dayavittu heli

  6. My date of birth 09.08.1973 at 09.30PM at Calcutta
    Please Suggest Accurate and perfect Gemstones for me as per my Lagna/Chart.
    Please send it to my email ID, Thank you.


  8. my name is kranthi kumar my birth details 14 march 1993. place nizamabad [andhrapradesh]. time-01;30am. i am facing so many problems in my life tell me i will get government job when coming job

  9. Am Arvind Kumar
    plz tel me know about my education n future
    tel me know my lucky colour n number
    D O B 12/02/1992

  10. My date of Birth & timings :

    08.08.1975 6.20 p.m

    my question is

    my husband health problem
    & my future & my job status

  11. I want to know my future horoscope according to my date of birth 17 march 1986 and birth time 3 25 am

  12. 7/feb/1978
    new delhi

    I want to know by when will i taste success in my business related to under earth materials , iam an agent as a business provider for ironscrap,aluminium etc
    pls tell what to do.

  13. my date of birth is 25/11/1997 at 1:45 in mysore zodiac is virgo about my future
    please send me full details about my education ,marriage ,family

  14. hi
    plz help me sir i am in a problem.
    my date of birth 02 may 1988
    time 12.10 at 1st may night
    plz tell me regarding job and future

  15. i want to know is there any possibility of getting a govt job according to my birth chart horoscope?

  16. 7/feb/1978
    new delhi

    pls provide me some details abt my how will i do in my enterprise related to under earth materials as a business provider ,with a indian & foriegn buyers n sellers, when will i taste some success shd i focus on indian or foriegn buyers n sellers

    thank you
    good wishes

  17. how will be person born in punarvasu nakshatra by astrologer ravishankar guruji zee kannada

  18. my future life in kannada
    name : leela date of birth 19-6-1990 time : 11.45 pm bharani nakshtra tell about the future life (i.e, job & marriage )
    and name : kusuma date of birth 9-8-1988 time : 5.30 am adra nakshtra tell about the future life (i.e, marriage )
    pls guruji & solve my rashi problem

  19. my future life in kannada
    name : kusuma , adra nakshatra time: 5.30am Date of birth 9-8-1988 tell me about my future life (i.e, marriage )
    pls guruji

  20. my future life in kannada
    name :leela, bharani nakshatra time : 11.45 pm Date of birth 19-6-1990 tel me about my future life (i.e, job & marriage)
    pls guruji

  21. 08/06/2013 nanu uttidu
    nana mudina baveshada bage matu nana kelasada bage nana maduviya bage thilisi plz

  22. About my date of i want my future information about my marrage
    and about my life jurney pleas explaine brifelly

  23. dear sir

    i want my janmakundli and proceddings of life health
    date of birth 22 may 1981 at 1.30 afternoon

    with regards

    My name is vasanthkumar.p

  24. marriage life of woman who born on 12 september 1990 with mithuna rasi mithuna lagna and mrigasira nakshatra

  25. my d.o.b-20 march 1994,t.o.b-10.45am….want to know about my future life,marriage,love,job n study.

  26. Guruji my name is Raja Lokanathan
    i need information about my job wealth,future and when i will get married, i can do bussiness it will get success….
    please send the janman kundali

  27. my name is MOHAN KUMAR
    DOB: 14-08-1988
    Time: 9.50am
    i need information about my job wealth education etc…

  28. my date of birth 30.10.1989 time
    12:30 am ,name-rajendra tell me my future and
    government job.guruji pls

  29. My name is vaijayanthi ,born on 06/06/1967 .in the evening Its vrushaba rashi /mrugashira nakshatra ,born in bangalore Please tell me abt my future ,can i own a house and my lucky job ..and for peacful life

  30. My name vishwanath poojary…..
    My date of birth 29.08.1983
    My birth name lakshmana
    Mesha rashi
    Bharani nakshatra
    Guruji please tell me about me marriage…..
    And after marriage life???

  31. my date of birth is 08/10/1989 pls tell me my future and govt job and education fild and my life partner in kannda pls pls guruji

  32. my date of bith is 12/10/1994 pls guruji tell me my future and govt job and educatin fild and my carrer and my life partener how ? pls guruji in kannada

  33. my date of birth is 12/10/1994 may be evening 8 pm i dont knoe clearly pls send my mail id my educatin my hole coming future nd jobs and problems solution

  34. I am vaishali
    my date of birth is 7/9/1985 time 5:10 morning plze send my mail id jobes & house vastu & problems slouations

  35. Dear Guruji

    My DOB:11-09-1985 timings is 4-15pm Pls tell me about my future and also career,and also not happy in family

  36. Namskar Guruji,

    Dear guruji i send you my date of birth & time please tell me about my marriage and further in future,30/9/1972, Time:8.30 am send me details in Kannada language.

  37. Dear sir my date of birth 11-3-1984 time ;5to30pm place:udupi plese telme my future &kundali nakshthra rash&my finacial problem &not my own house plese details of my mail in kannada language sir

  38. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 19/05/1980 Birth time is 6:40 am & place is Jamkhandi.

    Plz predict about Marriage & Married life.

    Thanking you.


  39. my name kumar m k
    date of birth is 21/03/1975 at 9.30 am Aridra nakshatra, mithuna rashi.
    kindly tell me about my govt. job opportunities in my future by mail in kannada language sir.

  40. my name kumar m k
    date of birth is 21/03/1975 at 9.30 am
    kindly tell me about my job opportunities my future by mail in kannada language sir.

  41. Dear sir,
    My name is Anil , D.O.B. 18/10/1976,3.40 a.m. Kindly tell me about my future by mail in kannada langauge.

  42. sir ,
    my name is shwetha
    Date Of Birt is 31/07/1986, at 10-45 pm.Now am in USA sir, married..

    Please nanna mudina bhayishya andare nanage kelasa madalu elli avakasha ediya .allade nanage makkalagutta..nanna husband jote chenagi irtina.nanna maduve agiddu may-23-2012.please nanage heli .

  43. my date of birth 25/09/1974 wednesday nyt 11.00 plz nanna kelsa perment agilla enu kelsa maidru agtilla tavu nange enu madbeku anta tilsi

  44. my name is Gangadhareshwara,L
    Date of Birth 13-10-1986 time -9.10 Pm Monday
    Birth place -Bengaluru

    Kindly tel me about my future send details my email Id please.

    Thanking you

  45. Sir,
    My name is Bhagyashalini.l, My DOB is 30.10.1992, in Bangalore will you please tel me abt my future and send me my kundali. plz plz plz sirrrrrr…………….

  46. Sir My Name is Rohini, My date of birth is 02.03.1992 (Saturday) at 5.30 A.M in Mandya. Sir Will You please mail me or tell me how is my future. Plz Plz………..

  47. Dear Guruji

    my name is Nagaraj Hegde

    my date of birth 09-07-2012 time 01.30 PM please request Janma kundali & job, marraige , future send details my mail ID

  48. Hi Guruji,

    My baby’s date of birth is 2nd Sept 2012 10:25AM, request you to let us know from what letters in Kannada we can name the baby, also provide the Janm kundali and any kantaka’s in future, solutions.


  49. i born on 24 july 1990 but in admition time my parents given 20 july 1990.i completed my diploma in electronics & communication.but still i didnt get proper job,so please tell me about my job,education & marraige.

  50. Dear Sir
    My Name is M SOMANNA
    My Date of Birth is 01/06/1973 & My marriage is 27/06/2002. Plese telme my future & kundali & nakshthra details to my mail

    Thank you

  51. Dear Sir

    My name is Jayaraj

    My Date of Birth is 10th May 1986 at 2:00AM.Pls send What is about my future? & kundali & jathaka details to my mail,
    Thank you..

  52. Raghavendra marry with me his life only one marriage or 2 because raghavendra & my marriage matter dont know his family so asked this question particularly please tell me his birth date 05/08/1982 & marriage date 25/07/2012 6.02 am

  53. my name is Sowbhagya my date of birth is 20 June 1984 2.10pm purvabhadra nakshtra kumba rashi my first husband is not here with me so i am 2 married how is my future his date of birth is 05/08/1982 12.01am that day was raghavendra swamy aradhana his name is Raghavendra H.K so, my 2nd marriage date is 25/07/2012 please tel me his Believable person or not? his good person or not? how his character his life i marriage or 2 please tell me this question is my next future please tell me in kannada language

  54. My date of birth is 14/10/1970 please tel me when i will purchase new house in my life means which age.

  55. my date of birth 11/06/1974 tell me my future and my love about my daughter and my husband and my finacial problem and my own house

  56. my name is shruthi tel me my future education job and marriage my star is shravana birth date.17.1.1991

  57. my name is prashanth kumar plz tell me about my education my date of birth is 17/05/1989 and my star is chitta

  58. my name is megha please tel me my after marriege future…
    my zodiac is libra coz my first name rani.. and my star s swati.. birth date-8.3.1988…

  59. shashikiran.k.Date of Birth 10.12.1986..time 10.59.Am..pls send me our proper janma kundali in kannada.our problem is govt job or getting or tel me sir

  60. Dear sir
    my name-hemanth kumar
    my date of birth – march/04/1985 at 9-35 am
    place- bangalore

    Update how is my career&my janma kundali
    Pls send to my mail
    thank you

  61. birth date 14.6.979.thursday3.20pm marrige date 15.11.2009sunday 9.10am pranitha wife birth25.11.1987 wednesday 12.15pm,life hege eruthe ,send me kundali,futures.

  62. sir, my name is UMESH KUNADR
    date of birth:29th april 1987,1036pm
    send me kundali, n tell me about my future plss

  63. Hi sir my name is chandrachoodab i want my sons kundali&jathaka Date of Birth 30.03.2010 10.20pm kodihalli(kanakapura) 08.06.2012 11.30am madya send to my mail thank u

  64. date of birth-21/01/1994, time 11.26 pm, about my future, education, life ,kundali, & all details send my mail address plz. . . . thank u…….

  65. Dear Sir
    my name is shivaprakaha hd
    my date of birth is 31 december 1981 5.00 ma .
    please send how is my future and my love . she is away from me last 6 month
    she will come or not her name is shruthi H

  66. Dear Sir
    my name is shivaprakaha hd
    my date of birth is 31 december 1981 5.00 ma .
    please send how is my future and my love . she is away from me last 6 month
    she will come or not here name is shruthi H

  67. dear sir,
    my name is umesh
    my date of birth is 4th janaury 1981 at 10.00am.pls send what is about my future ? & kundali & jathaka details to my mail. thank you,

  68. dear sir,
    my name is umesh
    my date of birth is 4th janaury 1981 at 10.00am.pls send what is about my carriar ? & kundali & jathaka details to my mail. thank you,

  69. hi

    my name shubha
    dob 9.12.1983
    place :bangalore
    rashi: shravan nakshatra

    when i get marry
    pls suggest me


  70. hi sir

    my date of birth > 18:05:1970

    Place > Bangalore

    Time > 7.15 PM

    Please update how is my career.

  71. I need my janam kundali & about my future details- job,health,famliy,love & my marriage please tell me.
    Name: Mallikarjun
    Date of Birth : 6/mar/1985
    Time : 8.35am

  72. sandhya ahuja
    D.O.B- 5 sep 1987
    time- 6:10
    day saturday
    place -delhi
    1.i want to know abut my government job ,when i’ll get govt job?
    2.about my marriage ?
    3.pls send me my janam kundali

  73. i forgot to mention time of birth it’s 6;10 pm so please answer my questions which i have asked in my previous mail ,it will be very kind of u.

  74. dear sir i sneha kukade ,my dob is 29 august 1988 at andhalgavn (bhandara) near nagpur maharastra,i m p.g holder with master in computer science i want to know about my cerrar ,job,marriage life ,welth, when i will get good job as per my expectetion plz send me a reply

  75. My name is RAJESH J.S. DOB- 18.12.1981, Time : 05.15am Doddaballapur.
    dear sir,
    Please tell me about my correct rashi, nakshatra, and gemstone which I can wear, and on which name I have look after my astrology, then how my future.
    thanking you sir.

  76. i am prathima my date of birth is 17/02/1987 timings is 12.15Am it was in tuesday place of birth is Bhadravathi (India) i want to know about my job and marriage and future please guide me sir

  77. i want to know my janamkundali please mail me tomy email. date 13/05/1953 at 19.10 hrs. at kolar near bangalore

  78. My date of birth is 27/07/1980 at 9.40 P.M and my son;s date of birth is on 11/2/2007 at 8.26 A.m , Please let me know about my kid’s health

  79. date of Birth:19.031974, makara rashi, uttarashada nakshatra,
    nanage estu prayathnapattaru nanage maduve yagutilla, enadaru tondare agutane irutade, sariyada kelasa sikkila life nalli settle agilla, maneyalli tumb tondare ide nannna jathaka bhavishya hegide tilisikodi mathu adake solution tilisi yava pooje madidare namma familyge olleyadaggutte please tilisi

  80. Dear sir/madam,

    Please send in details about my education, job,married life,financial problems, all about (futures)….. waiting ….

    Name : shilpa Gv
    Date of birth:29/06/1991

    Birth timings i dont know….

  81. hello sir, my date of birth is 12th june 1987, i have angaraka dosham. i have to sri kalahasti to do pariharam, but my marriage is delaying. could you plz suggest me what i have to do in here future. is there any chances of changing the nakshatram.

  82. Sir pls send me my janma kundli . about my marrigeand feature my date of birth is 4th jan 1983 morning 5.30am birth plc tumkur

  83. Hello,Can you please provide me details of my janam kundali and about my future.my birthdate is 29th august 1984,time 5:45 pm(evening) and birth place UDUPI mangalore.

  84. dear guruji, i want to know my JANM KUNDALI. pls send my janm kundali on my mail ID. I was born on 08th Apr 1993 at 05:05AM. pls pls pls send my JANM KUNDALI…..

  85. sir, my name is shankrevva but i change my name (sapna) it is good or bad i don’t know & what is my futher after marriage beacuse my marriage is love marriage plz tell me.

  86. tell me about my carrier and my job. tell me whether god bless is exist on me or not . tell me what that i pray will get success or not . tell me my rasi , star ,gothra and my birth date is 25/10/1988

  87. date-25-01-1979
    i want to know when we get children & grandfathers’ property

  88. sir , i am shantha kumar from davanagere i want to ask u about my future .now i am searching for job .
    rashi : kumbha
    birth place : hale Bullapura
    timings: 6.30 to 8.00pm
    let me about my job n future

  89. I want to know
    my future love health jobs my d.b 21/11/19885. Time 5.42am
    Anupgad sri gangnagar

  90. dear sir , i am vijeth suvarna i am from mulki i want to ask u abt my feature, n idi my bbm but it was incomplet n after that i did animation it is also nt completed n now i dont knw wat to do my age is 22 n i am searching for job m nt getting any job pls help me im am totaly confused n one more ting i like to do some concrate brick factory now my father is going back to do bussines this businnes is sutable for me or can i do some other businnes plzz help me sir m waitng for ur answer..

    vijeth suvarna

  91. Birth date: 09.03.0986
    Birth Place: Madaluru (sira)
    Birth Time: 3.52pm
    I am Handicapted, I am M A completed,
    gov Job, how my Future

  92. Dear Sir,
    My date of Birth is 09.03.1986, sunday, time 3.52pm Please tell me about my correct rashi nakshatra, government job, Marriage, then how my future

    thanking you

  93. rasi:karka
    nakshatra: punarvasu
    birth date: 24-05-1985
    birth place: dharwad
    birth time: 1:40pm

    let me know about marraige..
    thank you

  94. dear sir,
    my date of birth 20-05-1962 time 4am to5am,
    birth day Sunday, please tell me about my rashi, nakshatra, and future life, whether it will considered on birth name vetheraj or running name mallesh inform me which correct.
    thanking you sir,

  95. dear sir,
    Please tell me about my correct rashi, nakshatra, and gemstone which I can wear, and on which name I have look after my astrology, then how my future.
    thanking you sir.

  96. janmakundali, govt job, marriage, problems, love, family, estu varsha baluvudu, amma& appana mele love, munde yava kelasadalli settle, studies hegide

  97. My Date of Birth & Timings :
    30-06-1982, 6.10P.M

    My Questions is-
    1. About my Job in Government.
    2.About my Business i can do now.
    3. About My marriage.
    4. About My feature.

  98. My name is Aruna.K DOB- 24.04.1986, Time : 1.25Pm Bangalore.
    Ple tell me my marriage life & i am searching RRB govt job it is possible to available.

  99. 1. i want now about the my janma kundali.
    2. i want now about my job & my marriage.
    3. i want now about my future.