Jamai Sasthi 2013, Jamai Shashti

Jamai Sasthi, also spelt as Jamai Shashti, is an important day for Bengali people. It is celebrated on the sixth day in Shukla Paksha of Jyeshta month. Jamai Sasthi 2013 date is June 14.

Literally, Jamai means son in law. On the occasion of Jamai Sashti, son in law is invited to the residence of father in law and offered special recipes. Preparations for the special day begin a day before. Jamai Sasthi is dedicated to worship Goddess Sasthi who is believed as the protector of couples, children, and the whole family.

After performing all rituals on Jamai Sashti, a yellow thread is ties on the wrist and Prasad is distributed among all. Jamai Sashti vrat katha is associated with a family of three sons and three daughters in law and the main story deals with the youngest daughter in law.

Jamai Sasthi 2012 date was May 27.


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