How to Reach: Mopidevi Temple

Mopidevi is well connected with Road route.

By Air : Nearest airport is Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh. From Gannavaram one can choose to travel by Bus or by hiring a private taxi.

By Train : Nearest railway station is Repalle railway station.

By Road : Mopidevi is in the Vijayawada-Avanigadda roadline. There are number of buses from Vijayawada to Avanigadda. It takes around two hours from Vijayawada in bus via kankipadu, vuyyuru,pamarru and challapalli. Vijayawada-Nagayalanka buses also go through Mopidevi.

Alternatively, share autos are available from Repalle railway station directly to Mopidevi temple. It takes hardly 20–30 minutes (since the penumudi bridge is opened in 2006). This is the best option for those who prefer Train (Guntur/Tenali to Repalle) over bus.

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